Toddler Ate Play Doh

Updated on March 12, 2010
J.B. asks from New Orleans, LA
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Today was green day at day care and from the look of my 19 month old's diaper tonight -- I think he ate some of the green play doh. I know from looking at the company website, etc that it's non toxic and ok in small amounts. But, is the poop supposed to come out green and sort of the consistency of play doh? Or, should I worry - that that's what happened?

I'm calling the doc in the morning for something else, so I'll bring it up - but thought I'd check.

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answers from St. Cloud on

My sister seemed to have a steady diet of play doh! :) She had no adverse affects. There is no harm in asking the doc. when you call. Don't ever feel silly for asking them anything! :)

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answers from Denver on

I used to eat play-doh alot haha but im fine..

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answers from Austin on

It's gross, but lots of kids eat bits of playdoh. Some like the salty taste. It probably passed through without being digested much. I doubt if the food colorings have many nutrients to absorb. Sometimes it can change colors, like if you eat blue frosting or a purple snow cone it can turn green in your stomach.



answers from Pittsburgh on

There's one in every class...along with a paste-eater and a Sharpie-sniffer! LOL I'm sure he'll be fine but you're smart to just check in with the doc.



answers from Austin on

From my limited experience even a small amount of the food coloring can change the color of their diapers. We had a similar experience with blue and it freaked us out but the doctor said as long as that was the only symptom he was fine.



answers from Des Moines on

my son ate one small sliver of blue crayon and had blue poops for 3 diaper changes afterward. it only take a little bit to change it ;)



answers from Houston on

If it was green day is it possible that they may have also fed them something colored with green food coloring?



answers from San Antonio on

I wouldn't be concerned about it. All 4 of my children have eaten play doh. I have also noticed that their poop changes color when they drink certain kool aids and such. Food coloring added to other foods could deffinately cause this problem.



answers from College Station on

In my experience there is no danger of eating pla dough. I have 4 kids all of whom have eaten pladough and the only thing that has happened is a marti gras diaper the next day. Playdough is non toxic and should come out harm free. But if you are truly worried, don't hesitate to call your doctor to ease your worry.



answers from Tulsa on

grape koolaid or grape juice will turn stools green too. play dough is just water flour and food coloring.



answers from Kansas City on

I agree with Kristen, my dd had very odd red poo once, and we freaked out until we realized she had had an Elmo cake the night before at a birthday party.

Also, as a child, I used to eat playdoh, and it never hurt me. Unless they've drastically changed the formula for playdoh, I wouldnt worry if he had a little, just tell the daycare to keep an eye out for it.

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