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Updated on January 07, 2010
S.B. asks from Omaha, NE
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I'm in need of a new 4-slice toaster and was wondering if anyone had suggestions of good ones and/or ones to stay away from. Color is not an issue b/c we don't keep the toaster out on the counter, but would like something that toasts bagels, as well as bread. Our toaster gets used lightly (mainly for waffles/Toaster Strudel once or twice per week) so I'd like to stay in the "under $50" range.

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answers from Fargo on

We just bought a new 4-slice toaster and so far have been pleased with it. I think we've only used it like 2 times, but it seems to do the job well. We got a basic white 4-slice Sunbeam toaster that has a button to push if you're putting a bagel in it (it adjusts how it heats I guess). We bought it at Menards for like $15-$20!

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answers from Minneapolis on


I love our Black and Decker 4 slot toaster from Target. I think I paid $30-35 and it has been working great for over a year now. Our toaster makes waffles weekly and toast several times a week for a family of 6 and it holds up really well. It has frozen food and bagel options. Nothing has ever become stuck in there or cooked unevenly. It cleans up nicely. I highly recommend it.


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answers from Minneapolis on

Avoid stainless unless it's "cool touch". Ours gets flaming hot, as does our stainless crock pot, and is a burn hazzard.
Happy shopping,
Mother to 4, plus 4 foster :o)

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answers from Milwaukee on

We have a 4-slice RIVAL stainless steel toaster and we use it every day - sometimes more than once. It has a bagel button, defrost button, reheat button, and a cancel button. These all work beautifully and have come in handy for the purposes intended. It was under $50. We received it off our wedding registry at Target, 4 years ago. It's awesome! Still in perfect condition.

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answers from Green Bay on

Hi S.,
We like Black and Decker. Would not recommend the Gourmet brands. Make sure it's really a toaster and not an oven. We bought a Large toaster oven that won't toast but it's great for pizza. We lover our toaster over, wouldn't trade it for a slice toaster ever. It's great for warming up things instead of a microwave.
Melaleuca Mom,



answers from Cedar Rapids on

I have a toaster oven I would recommend against. It is the Hamilton Beach Toastation, which we purchased upon the recommendation of my MIL, who has the same one. We don't like it at all. Bread curls and burns, and anything more than about an inch thick doesn't cook right in the toaster oven part. Stay away from this one!



answers from La Crosse on

I finally broke down and tried a toaster OVEN... Love it!! Not only can I do more slices of bread (no matter how thick), I can do all sorts of other cooking. We make french fries, re-warm leftovers like pizza so it isn't chewy or soggy, Chinese food like the frozen Sweet & Sour Chicken, and anything else you usually throw in an oven. It was $30 and we use it ALL the time.


answers from Wausau on

I like our toaster oven a lot. It can be used for more than just toast. Someone gave the toaster oven to my husband in 2003, so I don't know how much it cost, but it still works great.



answers from Minneapolis on

I've never had a toaster, only toaster ovens. I would never live without a toaster oven. My old one finally crapped out after nearly 10 years so we now have a Chef something or other from Target. It works just as well as my Black and Decker that died. I'm not sure how much it cost as it was a gift, though.



answers from Minneapolis on

I have a Black & Decker toaster and I really like it. We use it alot and it is still holding strong after 5 years. Only came in black when I bought it, but may have more choices now :) It's a 4 slice with oversized slots and a frozen option. I think I paid $35 or less for it.

Good luck :)

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