To Combine Parties, or Not to combine...THAT Is the Question!

Updated on November 07, 2010
R.M. asks from Albuquerque, NM
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My daughter will be making her First Holy Communion on either May 7 or May 14 of 2011 (we'll know for sure which day it will be on as we get closer). Her birthday is on May 10. Now my dilemma I have two separate parties? One for her First Holy Communion celebration and the other for her birthday? Or do I combine the two occasions into one party? If we decide to do two separate parties, how far apart should I plan them? A couple of weeks apart? First Communion celebration in May and birthday party in June? Her birthday parties are family parties, so, for the most part, it will be the same people attending each one. I think May is a busy month for people in general with graduations, First Communions, the end of the school year, etc, so I want to try to make this as easy as possible for us to plan and for the guests who will attend. We keep going back and forth on what we want to do. I know that we've got time to decide, but was hoping to get some suggestions.

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answers from Dayton on

I'd combine them. The people coming will enjoy coming to one, but may be annoyed having to carve out another weekend day so close together.

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answers from Charlotte on

Kids don't expect a party for communion. But they do dream of birthday parties. It doesn't bother me to have one party. I DO think that the communion party should be the same day as her communion, so make the communion date as close to her birthday as possible. And send out "save the date" cards or emails for family and close friends for it.

Just know that not all the friends who are not part of your faith will necessarily come to the the communion. But make sure they know they are invited if they would like to come.

Have fun, and all my best for her communion.

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answers from New London on

any excuse to combine a party is great. My son turned 3 and my daughter had her baptism that day and we just combined the party. I would have been silly to invite the same people for another family party so soon after. We have a big family with lots of cousins and lots of siblings so we need to combine parties for convenience or we would have a family gathering practically every weekend.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Definitely combine the parties since they are family only. Its a busy time of the year and you don't want to take up 2 weekend days from people. Plus-it will be much easier for you! Do it on her communion day. If you want to celebrate her birthday also why don't you do a small one with some of her friends.



answers from Detroit on

I would separate them. I just do not think it is fair to have 2 such special and different events combined. Another person posted that it may be an inconvenience for others, but if that is the case, it is up to those invited to decide.
Celebrate her blessed Holy Communion separate from the miracle of the day she was born :)
Good Luck!!



answers from Chicago on

yeah, definitely a great idea to combine them. weekends are such precious times for so many families, so it is really a lot to ask for 2



answers from Phoenix on

My first thought was to seperate them and have the birthday party in April but then I read your whole post and noticed that both parties would be family only so maybe combining them would work. I think if you combine them then each event wouldn't be as grand (for lack of a better word) as it would otherwise be. Each celebration wouldn't get it's fair hoopla. I like the idea of brunch for the communion (you could go right after church and I'm assuming all the family would be at church with you) and do a dinner or lunch for the birthday on another day. Everyone has to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day anyway. :-)



answers from Springfield on

Two parties, at least 2 weeks apart.



answers from Los Angeles on

I would combine the parties if you plan to invite the same people to both. Since it is such a busy time of year, people probably won't have time to commit to two events for the same people so close together. Plus, you will save a lot of money and stress by combining them. Make one big party and make it extra special. Congrats on her birthday and communion.

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answers from Phoenix on

I would only separate them only if I'm going to celebrate them differently. In my family, we would celebrate a First Communion by going to Brunch with our family (and maybe some very close friends) right after the service. A birthday party would be a kids' party.



answers from New York on

Hi- I went through this dilemma with both my kids actually! - they are both May babies. In the end I decided to do 2 separate parties for each of them (thank goodness there were 4 years between the two, because it was exhausting!) The reason I did that is because we have a pretty small family, and also because my kids didn't want to forego having a birthday party with their friends. Looking back on it, I wish I had combined the two occasions, it would have been alot easier. I did end up doing a smaller kids party than usual, but it was always very important to my son and daughter that we celebrate their birthdays on the actual date. Since you mentioned that, for the most part, the same people would be attending both events, maybe it would be better in your case to combine the two. May is, indeed, a very busy month for alot of people, and my guess is your guests would probably appreciate having to plan for just one event. Have you talked to your daughter about it yet? I have a couple of friends who did combo parties and their kids were fine with it. Hopefully your daughter will be, too, and she will be doubly excited to celebrate 2 events in 1 day! :)

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