To Boob or Not to Boob? That Is the Question.

Updated on June 06, 2010
E.M. asks from Boulder, CO
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My older has four kids and breast fed all of them. She got a boob job about 7 years ago and has been thrilled with the results. She went from full Cs to empty plastic baggies with nipples. I've breast fed my 2 girls for a total of 42 months. HOLY COW! Pun intended. ;) And yes, I've also been left with pancakes with nipples. She has offered to pay for my younger sister and me to get boob jobs once we are done nursing. I had never really thought about it before--but then, no one had ever offered to pay! And now I am seriously considering it. I wouldn't want to look ridiculous, mind you. I'd just get the ol' girls puffed back up to nice little B's like they were before. I really don't want any lectures on vanity or whatnot (but if you must, you must) but I am wondering a) would YOU do it? b) what is recovery like afterwards? Are there any serious risks these days? From what I understand, it seems pretty safe but I want to be well informed before I make any decisions. I do have a 4.5 year old and a two year old, no housekeeper, no nanny etc. I am full-time SAHM except for after work and weekends when my hubby is home.
P.S. My husband has never said anything either way--he likes them the way they are and has never had any complaints. He probably would be worried about the surgery and recovery but would be supportive if I choose to do it. I just feel like clothes look better when your chest isn't competing with your muffin top.

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answers from Denver on

I don't have advice for you one way or another but I just have to say that I LOVE the way you wrote this! Well said!

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answers from Medford on

Better not to have surgery unless you have to. Recently a lady died after having a carpal tunnel done.

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answers from Waco on

I'm pretty small chested....and have been breastfeeding as well for 26 months. While I love the IDEA of having nice perky boobies, the risk of the surgery and other complications outweighs it for me. I worked for a physician that handled the medical side of a major breast implant lawsuit and the photos of those poor women were pretty horrendous. I'd rather stay the way I am then have to go through life being disfigured from that. Just something to think about! :-)

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answers from Fayetteville on

I found this online and I hope it helps. This about the recovery time. And yes if I had the chance I would soooo do it. I am 22 and went from nice plump C's to really saggy DD's.

And this one is all the risks. Hope it doesn't scare you out of it because most surgeries include these risks. I have had teeth surgery and they had the same risks. So don't let it scare you. Your DR will talk with you about it. But other wise it is a fairly safe procedure and is widely practiced now'en days. lol good luck. :)

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answers from Denver on

I have implants and I have to say that I do love them. I got them in 1995, and after nursing 2 kids, they still look amazing. The recovery time was about a solid 3 days of nothingness...meaning you will have to get someone to assist with your kids, no question. Yes , as with any surgery there can be complications, I did not experience any and have no regrets. Husband loves them, and so do I.

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answers from Dallas on

I breast fed for 6 months.
I was flat chested before having my daughter.
Then I got pregnant and got full c's/d's and then breast fed for 6 months.
After loosing weight and stopped breast feeding I lost all of my lovely boobies that I had grown to like so much.

I got breast implants when she was 2 years old and it was the best self esteam booster for me and I don't regret it.

I got my implants under the muscle so if I do have another child we can still breast feed.

I totally say go for it if its what you want and if it will make you happy. But do not do it if someones just offering to do it. Only do it if you really want to in your heart. Getting implants is a big desicion..... You will also be in pain for a little bit. But worth it!

Hope that helps!

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answers from Dallas on

I am on the opposite side of this - bf 3 children for over 4 years total - left me LARGE and saggy - and out of proportion to the rest of my body. I had a reduction several months ago. It is a much more invasive surgery with longer recovery. But I am soooo glad I had it done!

Do your research - meet with several plastic surgeons and go from there...

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answers from Rochester on

I certainly wouldn't complain if mine could be a little less pancake-like (thank goodness for good bras!). I would research the medical end of the risks and discuss them with my doctor. If you think you might want more children, I would recommend waiting. It can be difficult to nurse after having work done (augmentation or reduction). I would also check with my husband. I'm sure a doctor could make you look more natural for your frame and pre-baby size. I always wanted a reduction before I had kids, but nothing could compare to being engorged with 38G breasts, and I will never complain about being a D again. I don't think I would want implants just because I would be uncomfortable with something foreign in my body all the time like that. On the other hand, if I ever have to have one (or both) removed for medical reasons, I will definitely be having surgery to get them back! That is really very nice that you have a chance to have that paid for.

There are always risks, no matter what kind of procedure you have done. Find out a lot of information about the hospital and doctor you consider.

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answers from Dallas on

I think I would do it for the self esteem improvement. I would prefer be natural, rather than have a foreign object in my body but if my boobs looked bad after nursing it would make it worth it to fix them. Does that make sense? I have A's, nursed for 18 months & they look the same as before, still A's.(I took a picture of my breasts before for comparison.) The fact that they are small doesn't bother me. If they were sagging that would make me feel bad & I'd want to change it. But we are lucky if this is the only problem we have in life, right? This offer from your sis is a great opportunity if you are sure you will have no regrets.

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answers from Ocala on

You do it mama. You deserve it.
Go for a full C.



answers from Portland on

I say as long as you know 100% that you are done having kids, then DO IT! :)



answers from Dallas on

No question in my opinion. I would do it in a heartbeat. I am due with my second anytime and plan to give myself a nice birthday present in the next year or so (after I loose the weight) and have a boob job. My husband to doesn't really say either way, he says he is happy with the way they look and worries about surgery. But honestly what guy woudn't like fake boobs?!! Especially if they are going to pay for them. That is awesome. You should take them up on it. I kind of have the same situation. I had a deal with my dad about a tummy tuck. I helped to talk my mom into getting one and he said he would pay for mine. So I am a little less apt to go for that kind of surgery, but maybe I can talk him into just giving me money to get a boob job. HAHA. Good luck with your decision.



answers from Atlanta on

If it will make you feel better -I say go for it! Getting mine enlarged isn't what I want, but I am planning to have the "mom special" next year -a tummy tuck, breast lift (mine have always been saggy and different sizes) and having them made the same size and reduced just a bit. I'm adding an underarm lip with it because all of my life, no matter how thin I was or how much I worked out (and I used to have really cut arms) -I have this dibble of fat under my arms. SO -I'm having it all taken care of!

The biggest dangers of plastic surgery are being put under anesthesia -really not a terrible risk, but sometimes people have reactions, etc. and getting a staph infection. These things are pretty rare.

You'll also probably need a week or two -and you're not going to be able to lift for a little while.


answers from Kansas City on

it would be a whole different ball game if someone actually offered to pay - i just might do it! i have acquaintances who live paycheck to paycheck and have small children, who have had it done, and so obviously i have hangups about that. but i really think my only gripe is them using money that could be used to take care of their children. if it was a free pass and someone really offered to pay for mine...i honestly think i would do it. and don't worry, there's nothing wrong with going a little bigger, AS LONG as it looks proportionate not ridiculously big. i think boobs are great, i'm not ashamed to say :) and pretty boobs would be so awesome. i say if you want to, go for it. of course there are risks in any surgery, so that is something to consider. it all depends on how badly you want it...



answers from Boston on

My two cousins got them after nursing.......WOW......they look fabulous! They love them!



answers from Denver on

Girl...I'd do it! I know TONS of women that have had it done, and as long as you go to a reputable doc you should be fine. I helped out a friend during her recover (single mom!) from an augmentations, and she was on pain meds for 2 days, then regular Advil for 2 more. Not a HUGE deal if you have help for 2 days or so so you can have meds :O)
If you decide against it & your sister is a generous soul who REALLY wants to pay for SOMEONE'S boobs, lemme know (I have those "empty bags w/nipples after nursing my lovely kiddos!) ...:O)
Good luck in your decision!



answers from Seattle on

My nipples still have a direct line to god... so I'm hesitant about messing with those nerve endings... but quite frankly, if I had the money I'd do some serious thinking about it. Mine would be a breast reduction, however, which is a different kind of surgery entirely.



answers from Milwaukee on

I say do it. You're asking so you clearly want to. Its 2-3 weeks of not lifting the kids. It's a quick recovery (although doesn't seem like it in the moment). There's very low risk. Find a good Dr and ask all the questions and ask to see his pictures of his work. You'll know he's really good with his recostructive pics.


answers from Spokane on

PUMP THOSE BABIES UP MAMA! I would totally do this if I had the opportunity. I don't think that the recovery would be any worse than that of childbirth, and then sleep deprivation on top of that, and you've been throught that twice. Who cares if you're being vain or not?! We have a right to look how we want, and for body parts that cannot be repaired through diet and exercise, there is plastic surgery. I say go for it. You probably won't regret it. Good luck :)




answers from Chicago on

As long as you go to a reputable surgeon, I say go for it. I'm actually having mine removed in October (I just posted a question on here in regards to that). I went to someone who I could afford at that time 6 years ago, and my only regret is that I didn't do my research and find a better surgeon.
So many of my girlfriends have beautiful augmentations, and of all of them, I'm the only one who's had any major problems. You can read things on the Internet about the pros and cons til you're blue in the face-- everyone's different. Getting a boob job these days is like getting a root canal, it's so common. Odds are you will be very happy with them. If mine had turned out the way they should have, I'd say that the pain would be 100% worth it.
Good luck with your decision.



answers from Savannah on

I've been wanting to do the same thing. I was only able to nurse both of mine for 3 months each. My youngest is 4yrs old and I hate how I can lay flat on my back in bed and my nipples go side ways!!! I just want to perk them back up, nothing crazy, just some life back in them!!! My hubby hasn't said anything either way either. I think he would be just as happy with mine the way they are but I'm sure he wouldn't complain if they were a happy B instead of a flat B! lol

So I'm in the same boat as you and I'm curious as to what other mom's have to say as well!

Good luck in what you decide :)



answers from Tampa on

I would do it, in fact I just got mine done on 4/30 and I absolutely LOVE them. I needed my husband to do a lot at first but I've been able to do almost everything for the past few weeks. Granted I'm still a little sore (mostly under my arms were the incisions are, it feels tight and uncomfortable when I stretch) but between being mostly healed and my son (born 9/08) being able to climb in and out of his car seat and in and out of his high chair with only help balancing, we're doing well. It stinks having to make a million trips back and forth carrying smaller things, or not being able to carry some things at all and having to ask for help, but like I said, it hasn't been that long and I've been feeling pretty damn good for the last few weeks. I took the percoset the first few days but didn't come even close to finishing it. The worst thing, pain/discomfort wise, for me was having to sleep on my back, I am NOT a back sleeper. It was also really hard not being able to pick up my son, I felt horrible when he'd come up to me and want to be lifted but I couldn't. I am able to crouch down and give him hugs but it just isn't the same. Just within the last week or so I've been lifting him on a very limited basis and I get him to put his arms around my neck and hang on tight so that most of his weight is there and not on my arms and chest muscles. I should also mention that my son goes to daycare and I work but am able to do light duty - so that makes a difference. You WILL need help, at least at first, so that you don't knock things out of place and end up having your implants do something totally undesirable, like end up too high or something else weird and just so you'll be able to heal properly and not constantly reinjure the incisions etc.

There are ALWAYS risks with anesthesia - it is possible to die. This is why you want to make sure that where ever you go for surgery they have a doctor trained specifically in anesthesia. Not a nurse, a doctor. I was just digging around for the list of risks they gave me at the surgery center and...
Here it is, the super scary list of things that can go wrong (and this is just with the implants themselves NOT including anesthesia):

Rupture/leakage - possible with both silicone AND saline and require further surgery

Capsular contraction

Hypertrophic scaring - irregular, visible scar

Asymmetry - one "settles" and one does not



Wrinkling of skin over the implant

Incorrect size

Unanticipated shape

Changes in nipple and breast sensation - increase or decrease

Hematoma/seroma - build up of blood or fluid around the implant

Calcium deposits in the tissue around the implant

Extrusion - implant actually comes through the flesh (more likely in relation to implants after breast cancer and in conjunction with radiation)

Necrosis - flesh dying

Delayed wound healing

Breast tissue atrophy/chest wall deformity - pressure from implant causes breast tissue to thin and the implant becomes visible and palpable.

Lyphadenopathy - chronic enlargement of the lymph nodes

Connective tissue diseases - lupus, scleroderma, fibromyalgia and rheumatiod arthritis.

And my personal favorite: "other complications not mentioned here."

Another thing, breast implants are not considered "life time devices" they say to take it as a given that you will need to have revision surgery at some time in your life and that the above risks are more likely with each surgery.

Go for a consult with a reputable surgeon in your area. Look at as many before and after photos and you possible can and ask LOTS of questions.

Feel free to message me.

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