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Updated on February 07, 2011
E.M. asks from Boulder, CO
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Ok, background--I am 36 weeks pregnant, was just diagnosed with a UTI and was put
on antibiotics (which the doc assured me are safe for baby). Well, the antibiotics gave me a
yeast infection--besides the fact that I have to wear this stupid crotch brace to help with the pain from
the varicose veins in my vulva--so a lot of air can't circulate down there-unless I go bracefree, mucho pain. I am an itchy, bulgy mess. It is safe to use Monistat when you are pregnant?
Of course it is Sunday night so I can't call the doc now but I am in agony. I don't know whether to cry or laugh
at the absurdity of the siutation. I am in misery but I don't even want to whine to my husband about it. TMI! Thanks Ladies!

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So What Happened?

The Doc said Monistat is fine. I totally spaced on buying the yogurt/probiotics at the store the other day because I had my two year ol with me and she was pitching a fit the entire time. I should have been more proactive--I just totally forgot. Honestly, I feel like Murphy's Law is in full effect in the crotch area these days. It's a blessing I can't see down there.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Why can't you call the doc? They always have an OB/GYN on call.

But I would go to the Pharmacy and talk to the professional. They know meds and their side effects way more than docs do.

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answers from Denver on

If you go to a health food store you can get tea tree oil suppositories. They work better than monistat, are safe for baby, and stop the itching pretty quickly. Also, take a full spectrum pro-biotic.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Call the advice nurse for your hospital. They can either tell you to use the monistat or have you come in.
I feel your pain...sort of like when a guy watches another guy get it in the boys...this would be the girl version. I hope you get some relief soon!

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answers from Philadelphia on

You absolutely can call the doctor! You do not have to suffer! OBGYN's are on call anyway for woman that go into labor. End your suffering!
Also a pharmacist maybe able to answer your question.

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answers from Minneapolis on

The good news is? You're almost there.

I really hope you've called your doctor. Don't suffer, they get paid LOTS of money to be on call.

Yes, it is safe to use monistat and I did so a few times as I had one constant UTI my entire pregnancy. That said, I don't know if you have any complications or anything so you should consult with your physician before doing so. You can try some acidopholous which is supposed to help balance your own natural bacteria.

One of the things I found really helpful is an oatmeal bath. Colloidal oatmeal in a nylon stocking, in a warm bath. There are also bath packs from Aveeno, etc. Make sure there's no fragrance.
an be really awful. I hope you get some relief. Hang in there, mama!


answers from Houston on

As all have said call the on call dr or nurse if you have one available! My dr said it was fine and I used it several times my first pregnancy and I think once my second. Good luck!!



answers from Philadelphia on

well i just wanted to u i feel bad for u. i know eating yogurt will help with infection.



answers from Columbus on

I had yeast infections the WHOLE TIME I was pregnant with my second. I know how miserable you are. I also found that I was allergic to over the counter products, Monistat, etc. SO, if I couldn't get the doctor on a Sunday or late at night, I would do a sitz bath with a TON of baking powder. It helped the immediate itching.

Some people commented that you can't use Diflucan while pregnant. I did, my doctor prescribed it for me and it was all that helped. I took it every week-two weeks throughout my last 3/4 months of pregnancy. I hope you were able to get the itching to stop last night.


answers from Fort Collins on

Monistat is fine to use. Also eat lots of yogurt with active cultures. Serioulsly eat a yogurt with every meal. You'll feel relief after a day or two!

Good luck



answers from New York on

it is not uncommon to have yeast infection when you are pregnant.. this occurs usually on the third trimester.. adding to your problem is the crotch brace, you are right there's no enough circulation down there but you can remove the brace when you are not standing because there is no pressure on the vulva when you are lying down..

antibiotics did not gave you the yeast, there are many reasons to it, might be increased blood sugar, ph imbalance and so on...

do not take anything if you cannot contact your doctor right now...



answers from Houston on

takea baking soda bath cut out the sugar andstarches and call doc tomarrow a uti untrated will cause a miscarriage



answers from Salt Lake City on

yes over the counter yeast medications are fine to use in pregnancy, but not sure about mixing that with your antibiotics.



answers from Atlanta on

My doctor always told me it was fine.



answers from Chicago on

Call your doc's answering service, that is what they are there for! You might also try your insurance company, many times they offer a 24 hr nurse hotline. As a last resort, you could just call the hospital and speak to a triage nurse. Hope you get some help soon!


answers from San Francisco on

Natural yoghurt on the area will ease the itch.




answers from Denver on

definitely call your dr first. You can always call your pharmacist, either retail, for over the counter meds or can call one of the hospitals, ask for inpatient
pharmacy, ask for a pharmacist, and have them look up that specific drug safety in pregnancy, which they have special resources to look up in.
good luck.



answers from Seattle on

You get the 'Title Award' for the day ;) Oy.

Your delivering hospital should have a 24/7/365 nurse advice line.

You're probably already taking it but just in case... Don't forget tylenol!!! Which is good for pains lower than the neck as well.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Re: monistat - my doc cleared me to use it while pregnant, and it should bring relatively quick relief - a few days at most. You cannot use diflucan (I think that's what it's called - the 1 dose pill for yeast infections).



answers from Charlotte on

I hope you already got help!

Good luck!

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