Tips or Recommendations for SeaWorld and San Diego in General

Updated on August 31, 2010
M.J. asks from San Jose, CA
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My son (who is a big Giants fan) is going off to college so, as a last hurrah before he goes on to the "next chapter" of life, I'm taking him to a Giants game... in San Diego ('s a surprise) . I don't have a bunch of money to spend so I'm really trying to plan this down to the dollar (if that is even possible). Any money saving tips would be great for the area. We will have my 3 y/o with us so I also want to hit SeaWorld while we're there since as I'm sure she'd love that. Has anyone been there recently? How much money did you spend on food for the day? I see on the SeaWorld website they offer an "all day dining" deal for 30.00 per adult and was wondering if it was worth getting. Planning on being there from 10a - 730p and even though we could technically eat breakfast before we get there would lunch and dinner cost more than the deal? Also any suggestions on discount admission tickets would be great. Would love to hear about fav hotels, restaurants, beach spots, etc. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you all! :)

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answers from Phoenix on

Sea World also has that special where you buy an adult ticket and you get a childs for $5. Here is site to get that

Here is a list of places we eat and to check out when you go, my husband made this for all our friends since we lived there for so long.

Places to Eat and Visit in San Diego

Pacific Beach
Filipe’s Pizza Grotto ###-###-####
Great pizza, Lasagna and Antipasti salads. They do not deliver, but you can order take out.
Located on the North West Corner of Garnet and Cass St.

Kabuki Sushi
Sushi is prepared in small portions and placed on boats that circle the bar. You pay by the plate.
Located on the Southwest corner of Garnet and Mission Blvd (behind the Sketchers store).

Mr. Frosty’s
Good sandwiches, ice cream and shakes.
Located on Garnet Ave and Haines

Taco Surf
Great carne asada and other Mexican eats. This is a taco shop with 20+ surf boards hanging from the ceiling. I have been eating here for over 20 years!
Located on Mission Blvd north of Emerald St. on east side of Mission Blvd.

Hennessey’s Tavern
Good breakfast and dinner spot. K. loves the Breakfast Bagel.
Located on the North west corner of Emerald St and Mission Blvd. Taco Surf is just across the street.

Good breakfast spot that you order and then sit. Great view of the surf, and there is a deck located behind the shell shop. We usually walk to the end of the pier after eating here.
Located at the end of Garnet Ave next to the pier.

Good breakfast place, same menu as the Good Egg on 83rd ave in the Sam’s parking lot (Peoria).
Located on Mission Blvd just North of Pacific Beach Dr in the Promenade.

World Famous
This is little more up scale but you can get away with dressing casual (shorts, flip flops, etc). Great fish dishes, steaks and pasta’s. Menu’s are printed new every day. Prices are around $20 per plate.
Located on Pacific Beach Dr on the boardwalk.

Cass St Bar and Grill (Ages 21 and Up)
Great food, with featured fish dishes daily. Reasonable prices, and good beer selection.
Located on Cass St just North of Felspar St.

Crest Liquor
Great sandwiches! No place to sit down, this is a liquor store. I recommend the Veggie sandwich on Sourdough with a side of Ranch.
Located on the corner of Ingraham St and La Playa Ave.

Ocean Beach
This is a burger joint that embraces the Ocean Beach lifestyle. If you like burgers, you need to go here! I don’t recommend the double, unless you have an extremely big mouth!
Located on New Port Ave just South of Bacon St.

Old Town
Old Town Mexican Café
Good Mexican food, great Carnitas and Carne Asada. Tortillas are made fresh. Get here early as the wait is sometimes long.
Located in Old Town on San Diego Ave.

Places to Visit

Mission or Pacific Beach - Enjoy the sand and the sound of the waves. Remember no glass or alcohol.

Birch Aquarium -La Jolla

Balboa Park - San Diego Zoo, Museums, Botanical Garden, Disc Golf and more.

Mission Beach - Roller Coaster and amusement park, lots of little shops and wave pool.

Bike ride around Mission Bay - about 10 miles

Ocean Beach (New Port Ave) - lots of little shops and some good places to eat.

Pacific Beach Board Walk - sit on the sea wall and watch the sun set.

Mount Soledad - Great view of La Jolla and Down Town San Diego

Old Town - little shops and good Mexican food.

La Jolla - Shops, restaurants, scuba diving, watch the sea lions at the children’s pool.

Sea World

San Diego Zoo

Coronado - You can drive, but for a couple of bucks you can take the fairy from Seaport Village to Coronado. Lots of little shops, Coronado Hotel and a great place to ride bikes.

Useful Websites: - San Diego Union Tribune via the internet. - Great way to check the tides and surf conditions.

Also depnding on how long you are going to be there check out prices for rentening a beach house instead of hotel room (you can cook and it is usually cheaper after labor day then room rates). Here is where we rent from every time we go

Hope this helps and if you have any ?s feel free to mess me (we lived in PB for 5 years my hubby grew up in Mission Beach.)

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answers from Las Vegas on

Buying the $30 dining bracelet is definitely worth the money. You could easily spend what you pay for, for the all day dining bracelet, on just one meal. There are also internet deals for Sea World. My husband found one where the adult tickets were $59 each and you get 1 free kid per adult ticket. I think all you need to do is google "sea world coupons" and see what comes up for you.

When we are down in San Diego, we always love paying a visit to La Jolla cove or Coronado Island. If you don't feel like doing Sea World, you can always do the zoo and the wild animal park. Both are really fantastic.

Enjoy your vacay.

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answers from Phoenix on

We went to Sea World a year ago with our 2.5 year old. We got deli meat and some side dishes, put in a cooler and went out to our car to eat lunch. They have several picnik areas at the entrance so you could take your cooler there to eat. We also took in a few little baggies of nuts and cheerios for our son. Our whole lunch cost us about $10. We also bought a couple ice creams in the park. Unless you are going to eat a lot, the band is probably not worth it. You have to pay $12 to park, so keep that in mind.

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answers from St. Louis on

You MUST have breakfast on the beach at the Hotel Del Cornado (sp?). It is awesome. Another place in La Jolla Beach about 20 min up the coast from San Diego they have a ton of cool little shops and a really nice beach. The Zoo is free and then there is the wild animal park. OMG I just love San Diego. On either Sat or Sun nights they have concerts in the park on Cornado Island that are free. You just take you blanket and (for us) it was a bottle of wine and some cheese. It is a family environment that is enjoyed by all. I hope you enjoy it!

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