Tips on Using a TODDLER "Leash"

Updated on February 06, 2012
L.A. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Our DS is 15 months old, and can not only walk, but run. After a recent scare where he bolted away from me in the supermarket, through the automated door and onto the sidewalk. We are trying to introduce the toddler leash. I put the monkey knapsack on him this weekend, and he screamed and protested like I had doused him with hot oil.

My MIL had bought it for him, and would put it on him when he was 7/8 months old without any trouble. At that point it was to help keep him in the stroller, when she would let him surf in there standing while she would push along.

I'm guessing like everything else, it will just take some getting used to. Meanwhile, if you have any tips to make it more pleasant for all involved, I'm all ears.

Fanged Bunny

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answers from Chicago on

I used it at home first for a while, I also let my son cuddle with is monkey and play with it. He is 5 and found it recently and it is added to his night time collection of bed culddles! My son understands that monkey = safety and safety = momma love! I would put the monkey on and have him walk around the house praising him for walking well, then we would go for a trip to the mail box, took it off and let him play with it if he wanted (tail off). Then I would go for a short walk down the the street and again give them bonding time - after about a week of this he was asking for monkey and handing me the tail to hold!

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answers from Lincoln on

Is there an animal that he would like better than the monkey? I got my son's online when he was little before we went to Disneyland and he chose his animal. He chose a cow! Of course he's too old for it now, but I still have kept it. He wanted to wear it at Disney b/c he was interested in it and he chose it.

I don't know why he is disliking it, but maybe he knows it will restrict him? Good for you though... I know some people think they are mean, but it's not always handy to hold their hand and it's not like they are wearing it tied up in the backyard! haha

Hope some other Mamas have some good ideas! Good luck

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answers from Chicago on

Maybe try putting something fun for him in the napsack? Or a treat he gets to have it he wears it for you (he can have it once he's home) a special surprise?

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answers from San Francisco on

You might try getting some sort of backpack for yourself and then put yours on and see if he might be willing to wear his. He might like it better if he feels like he's "being like mommy."

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answers from Dallas on

If he wont wear it don't let him down! I didn't give my boys a choice to wear it if they threw a fit I would take them to the rest room and give them somethign to throw a fit about. I swor I would not use a leash before I had kids cause I had seen a friend jerk her son around wiht his and his was a wrist one. But when we went to Fiesta Texas when my oldest was about 1 1/2 and he bulted into a crowd luckly the had some that you could buy there. He did ok with it most the time. My youngest didn't like he as much cause he wanted to run all the time and we woudln't let him. Keep using it don't let me be in control!!
Good Luck and God Bless!

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answers from Houston on

I bought one for my son... tried to use it while walking at an open mall in Cancun, my son kicked and screamed like I was killing him! everybody and I mean everybody looked at me like I was a monster and was treating my son like a dog, putting a leash on him.... never tried again.


answers from Los Angeles on

It may be because he hasn't worn it for awhile, but I would make it clear to him that if he doesn't wear it he doesn't get down but go in a stroller, no if's, and's, or but's. Let him see you put a treat for later in it, a small juice box or a small toy he likes. Toddlers love their freedom but your job is to protect him while he enjoys that freedom, so don't back down and hang in there.



answers from Cincinnati on

I did two things with mine; first, I got Elmo instead of a monkey or something because my son knew who Elmo was and got excited. Then I put it on him and he just wore it around the house for a while. I would put it on him and then immediately do something fun, so that he forgot he was wearing it.

I have to tell you, though, that I never found it to be very efficient. I've had a lot more luck carrying my kids in back carriers like the Beco Gemini - they seem to like it more than the leash, and I had both hands free to do what I needed to do instead of just one.

Good luck!

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