Tips for Trip to Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, TX

Updated on July 17, 2008
D.E. asks from Dickinson, TX
4 answers

I've never been to Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels and was wondering if there were any tips that would enhance our family trip coming up this week. We're arriving on a Sunday and leaving on a Tuesday. I have a 3 year old boy and a 6 year old girl and want to maximize our "fun factor". Any suggestions are appreciated!

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We usually go every year....get there early....stand outside and wait for it to open if you want a picnic table. You are permitted to bring coolers and food. No glass is permitted thought (given). Get a table on the deck under the trees. I would go online to look at their park maps. There are 2 parks there. Good Luck & Have fun!

They have life jackets to borrow...but I take my own for our children.



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The person who responded before me, Lisa M., hit it right on the nose. I just wanted to let you know that the Wal-Mart in New Braunfels sells those waterproof necklace things that she was talking about. We were just in New Braunfels a few weeks ago and they have an isle at the front of the store that has those waterproof things and the straps that go around your neck to keep you from loosing your sunglasses and they have floats on them. We were on the river and they really kept our sunglasses from floating away when the rapids knocked them off. If you buy those things at the park you will spend A LOT more. You also want to remember to wear water shoes due to the ground getting so hot.



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I'm not sure where you are staying,but we always stayed in the park. The tickets were discounted and the park opened earlier for those that stayed at the park. Get there early and get a table in the shade so you have a place to put everything. Pack a lot of snacks and take juices, bottled water,etc. Have fun!



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**The best part about all the Schlitterbahns is that you can bring in your own food and drink.

**Get there early (as close to opening time as possible) to get the best choice of picnic tables. Remember to check how the sun will move. Just because the table is in the shade when you get it, doesn't mean it will be all day.

**We left towels, food, drinks, sunscreen, shoes, etc. at the picnic table but got a locker for money, car keys, cell phones.

**We went to Disney last year and I bought one of those water proof necklace holders. It's wonderful. I can keep a few dollars, spf chapstick, driver's license in it.

**The park has life jackets free for use.

**The Schlitterbahn in NB is actually 2 different parks. You can take a shuttle between the two. We went a few years back and got the 2 day ticket. Traveling were me, my husband, son, my step-daughter, and her friend. The kids were 3 and 16 at the time. We spent the first day at one section and the second day at the other section.

The "older section", I don't remember the name, but is the west one has a nice children's area, but the other side's is larger. The older section has a few kiddie slides and a play area.

The newer section has a much larger children's area with a pirate ship, which is circled by a "lazy river". This section also has a structure with bigger slides, but still for children (adults can easily ride with small ones). I call this part the "medium" section.

My son, eventhough he was only 3, still went on some of the big, adult water slides with us. He has always been a water rat, thrill seeker, so he loved them.

Since the newer section (the one with the water coasters) has the better children's section, I am glad that we chose to go to that part on the second day.

We live in Galveston and get season passes to the Schlitterbahn here every year. It's a great water park, too.

Have fun. Put on sunscreen as you get dressed in the morning so you have a layer already soaked in before you get there. Then I would suggest applying more every couple of hours or so.

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