Tips for Growing Out an Angled/stacked Bob??

Updated on February 25, 2011
T.M. asks from Raleigh, NC
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Hi Ladies,

I am in the process of trying to grow out an angled/stacked bob haircut. It has reached the really ackward icky stages, where all the layers in the back flip out and the sides just sort of hang limp! I really don't know what to do with it as of now? It takes my hair forever to grow so I am really hesitant to get any thing more than a trim done.
Any advice would be helpful.


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So What Happened?

First of all thank you ladies for all of the great advice. I bit the bullet and went to the salon last night. I had the longer side pieces cut to be even with the back, and I also had the layers in back "cleaned up". It looks alot better now that it's all one length, so now as it continues to grow out it will be even! I am def going to do the hair accessory thing, and the curling iron style as well.

Thanks again!!!

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Time to run to the dollar store, grab boxes and bags of barrettes and go to town. Have fun! Pick color schemes -green for St. Paddy's coming up for instance. Pull it up in a swansy tail (we called it something like that) sides up and behind the ears. Don't cut it, play!

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answers from Indianapolis on

I've grown the same haircut out in the last 6 months. Have you seen how everyone curls their hair with a curling iron or flat iron? I do that now because my ends are the same, they want to flip up and it looks like the 90's "Friends" haircut. If you haven't google, "curling hair with iron or flat iron" and you'll see what I mean.

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When mine did that, I straightened the back and flipped the front longer pieces up until it got long enough that I had them even it out a bit and add some layers, It's better when the flips look like they are on purpose! My frined is letting hers grow out and what she does is straighten the long piece inthe front angled toward her face and then curls the rest toward the back. She had side swept bangs cut in and so when you look at her, the whole thing is very flattering. Straight in the front and soft bouncy curls in the back.

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I think we have all had that hair cut. :P

I had hair down to the middle of my back that I donated to Locks for Love ( I grew it out for 3 years just for that purpose) - then wound up with chin length in the front, angling up to the nape of my neck in the back and stacked. Growing it out was horrible - I worked with my stylist and as it grew she just kept reshaping it until the back was long enough to cut the front to match.

I learned to clip the front and sides up in hair combs and barrettes when it all began to look scraggly.

Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and have it cut in order for it to grow out more evenly and neatly.

I now have shoulder length hair and just love it. So much more versatile.



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OMG, are you ME? Am I YOU? I could have written this word for word! Can't wait to see what answers you get because I am in the EXACT SAME situation. I'm just about to chop it all off again because the crazy flip in the back is driving me insane...


answers from Houston on

I have the same hair cut, i tame it with a chi, but mostly i rock the short ponytail because it mostly looks hideous. I think i am going to go back to a shoulder length cut, i dont have time to get my hair cut every 2 weeks!


answers from Eugene on

It's winter buy a beautiful hat and wear it at all times when out even at other people's homes.
I have a growing problem too just now and I use a purple hat. It feels great and looks lovely. I have brimless hats only for the cover-up.



answers from Cincinnati on

I do this every yr because I cut it in a angled bob for the summer and then grow it out long again till the next summer. when it is at that length take a large barreled curling iron and curl the ends (roll the iron all the way to the scalp. when the hair is cool take some wax or pomade and rake your fingers through your hair. the limp pieces will now have a cool flipped out look. this will only work though with a large barrel curling iron. otherwise you end up with a bunch of curls in front


answers from Chicago on

I have the same cut and when it starts to grow out and I can not get it trimmed I curl my hair by wrapping it around the curling iron (do not use the clamp) and it makes pretty waves that look nice and help mask the icky stage.



answers from Los Angeles on

Have it evened out and the layers will fall more nicely and not flip.

ps dont do that 50s flipped out B52s thing, its way outdated...ill leave it at that and be nice.

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