Tips for Feeding Rice Cereal to Five Month Old

Updated on July 09, 2008
M.L. asks from Arlington, TX
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Need some tips on how to get five month old from tongue thrusting or spitting cereal out of his mouth . He has only taken a few bottles and is mostly breastfed. I have a three year old and don't remember it being as difficult. Thanks for any ideas.

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answers from Dallas on

I have a 5mo also, and we have been giving her her cereal (per doctor's orders) with her formula (look for Y-nipples for your bottles). He may not be ready yet to eat cereal from a spoon - what does your pedi say?

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My daughter hated rice cereal, so we tried mixing it with breastmilk and a tiny bit of applesauce for flavor. That helped a little, but she still didn't dig it. So, the pedi said that we could go ahead with the 1st foods, and we did. She loved them and we just mixed in rice cereal with it so that she got her iron. She never knew or cared. Still doesn't. She's on table food now, but I still buy the yogurt with grains or cereal in them and feed her oatmeal. She loves it!

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is there a reason the baby needs cereal? for purposes of food allergies and risk of type 2 diabetes, pedi's now recommend waiting longer than that usually... the first few bites for any baby are typically gonna be the tongue thrust thing. unless there's a reason he NEEDS the cereal, i'd wait til 8 or 9 months. good luck!



answers from Dallas on

The 1st few attempts with my daughter weren't very successful either....lots of tongue thrusting and spitting it all out. We decided to put the spoon away and try again in a few weeks. She did much better. So maybe he's not ready yet? Don't force it on him or he might make a bad association with all baby foods. Good luck and just enjoy nursing your little one. My daughter is 13 months and still going strong :)



answers from Lubbock on

IMO 5 months is to young for cereal. And also I think it's a waste of time. There's no nutritional value in it. Never ever give a child cereal by bottle unless it's medically necessary!! It causes them to overeat and they need to learn that spoons are for food and how to move their tongue around.

My advice would be to put the spoon up until he's a little older! He will definitely let you know when he's hungry!

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