Tippy Toe Walker

Updated on April 15, 2008
K.S. asks from Billings, MT
8 answers

Sometimes my 2 year old walks around on his tippy toes. I have heard negative things about that, but he doesn't do it all the time. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the encouragement from everyone on the tippy toes problem. Seems like its more common than I thought. I'll confirm with my dr. during our May visit. Thanks!

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answers from Lancaster on

K.. as long as he is ok and developing well, dont sweat it. i am a mom of 2 biological and raised 3 step children. my one step daughter did it for some time and so did my 6 year old. i cant answer why they did it but they did. they outgrew it and are now walking fine. i would not pay any attention to it and make no fuss of it and eventually they will realize that every other child walks on their feet and they will too. hope this helps. K.



answers from Washington DC on


As long as he's otherwise developmentally on target and exhibits no "strange" rhythmic and/or repetitive movements (hand flapping, for example) or odd fascinations (movie credits, subway maps, etc) its probably a 'feeling taller' thing or a muscular issue.

My 2 year old toe walks because she thinks it makes her big.

Check with his ped. Most likely, it's passing.




answers from Philadelphia on

Hi, K.,

I would check with your pediatrician. It may be normal, just having fun with walking different ways...or it may not. My friend's son, who is 9, still walks a bit on his tippy toes, although he has had PT for years and the specialists have been wanting to break him of the habit. I forget all the details, but there is a strength issue involved, as I recall.

I had a roommate in college who walked on her toes. Before I knew her, I remember thinking how strange that girl looked, walking on her toes. By the time we became friends, I didn't notice it anymore.

Good luck, and hopefully it's just a passing, fun phase!



answers from Philadelphia on

I have 3 1/2 yr old twins and they sometimes walk around on their tippy toes. It's very common. My son does more than my daughter. I don't think it's anything to be concerned with.



answers from Philadelphia on

Does he sometimes march around too? I wouldn't be concerned about it. My son is a little younger than yours, and he plays around by walking different ways. I think they're just seeing what they can do, and I also figure it's good exercise for muscles that don't get stretched so much through regular activity. As long as he can walk normally, I'd say he's just enjoying shifting his weight and feeling taller, and maybe a little wobbly, for the fun of it.



answers from Philadelphia on

My son did the tippy toes thing as well. It is common around 2 years old. Sometimes it indicates a problem, but usually it is sensory issues that they outgrow. My son did have P.T which helped his gross motor skills and make him stronger. Does he flap his arms when he does it? My doctor wasn't concerned but check with your dr.

L. S.



answers from Pittsburgh on

all kids do that at some point if he does it a lot his muscles may be tight but if it just sometimes then he just learned something new to do. if you think his muscles are tight definately talk to your dr as soon as possible.



answers from Philadelphia on

my sisters son had that problem. one thing she did was to get him into Birkenstock sandles. for whatever reason, they helped him keep more flat.
but she also had him doing various exercises during the day (cannot remember what) and gave him a treat for completing them (especially in the beginning) until he was doing them daily. then she had to remind him every time he was on his toes to walk on teh heals. and he was also told my a physician that the only way to correct it is with some kidn f braces and/or surgery. so reminding him that he did nto want surgery also helped him commit to the exercises.

hope that helps!

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