Tipping/Gratuity For Children's Parties?

Updated on June 23, 2010
K.W. asks from West Chester, PA
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Hi Moms! I just had my first all out non-family birthday party for one of my kids yesterday at a sports themed place and had no idea how much to tip the two young guys who ran the party. They did a fabulous job with the kids and everything but the actual cake was provided for us at the place plus they did all the clean up. There were 11 kids at the party mostly around 6 years old and the party package itself was very reasonably priced but I know gratuity wasn't included and I wasn't quite sure was the norm was so I erred on the side of generosity...so now, the day after, I was wondering what most people do? Thanks in advance!

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My first job was at a party place as host. I did everything and worked my butt off. Most the party captains like chuck e cheese make minimum wage. At the time I made $5.75. I depended on those tips and would have not stayed if I did not get them.

On avg I made $30-50 a party but like I said I worked my butt off. I wrote names down for presents, cut cake, served food etc... It is pretty much expected to tip.

We go to about 2-4 parties a month. Most kids now a days dont "work" the party and I see most parents tip them about $25

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If they did a good job, you were happy with their services, and you know that tip is not included why do you think that being generous to them was an error? The way I look at it when I have a party for my children and I am happy with the services, is to give them as much as I can! Usually these are kids that are working because they need the money and if they do a good job why not give them a good tip? On the same token, if I am not happy with the services then they get no tip! If I see that they did absolutely nothing other than taking the food order I give them no tip! as the same applies at any restaurants, their service is what merits their tip.
So, if you were happy with their services I see nothing wrong with you being generous! :) I would actually do 20% of the bill or more if their service was outstanding!



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I would say a 20% tip - more if the kids really trashed the place, or the boys gave extra-great service. Also, I would absolutely make a point of letting the manager know what a great job they did and how happy you were with them!



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When I used to do gymnastics parties, we had 2 coaches and 10-15kids usually. Tips were not expected, but many families did and it was always a wonderful surprise. It was usually $5-10 each if we were tipped and sometimes up to $20. The little bit of extra was always really nice and I had a great time with the kids. Parties were 90 minutes each- 60minutes gym time and 30 minutes for cake, presents, etc that the parents brought. The birthday kid or kids also got a tshirt from the gym. We were payed hourly and it was around $8. I'm sure the two guys really appreciated the extra and being rewarded for doing a wonderful job. As much as gas is these days and doing anything it will give them some fun time or a little towards savings if they are going to college soon.


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I do believe in tipping for good service, not just for food service.

We have a lot of parties and I usually tip 20%. The last big party we had was at the country club and I tipped the DJ 20%, each server got an extra $20 because gratuity is also included in the bill, $25 for the off duty police officer.

In the past, we've had limo parties (tip the driver), magician (tip), performers (tip)

Yes, I feel if you get good service to tip those who went all out for you. I always err on the more generous side vs less. ALSO, you are remembered if you are one of those who tip well for good service and happen to have another party at that facility.



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when you schedule the party, you might inquire how the party hosts are compensated. If they do a great job, I would tip them. If they go "above and beyond" I would tip them more! I think I would give them each an extra $5 an hour for each hour of the party-rounded up.



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I'm surprised gratuity wasn't included in a package deal. 15% is usually what they'll take out if they do it for you. Remember, they do get paid by the hour and I know many who don't tip at all for parties if it's not included, depending where it's held. 10% though would be the lowest to tip.

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets

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Maybe it's just me, but I don't believe in the tipping thing unless out to eat or getting my hair done by someone who really goes the extra mile. I don't tip at birthday parties! Those kids get paid and you are paying a fortune for the party! If the employer is not paying the party people enough, that's between them!



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When I was in college, I taught gymnastics birthday parties. This was in the mid 1990's, so I don't know how much things have changed.

But, a party would cost $65 for up to 10 kids. $5 for each additional kids. I cleaned up when they were done with the party space. I was paid $25 by my employer for the 120 minute party

Usually, I'd receive between $10-$20 tip depending on the family and the size of the party. The hardest one I ever did was 10 children with varying degrees of Autism. I received no tip for that party to my knowledge.

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