Tip the PeaPod Driver?

Updated on September 27, 2011
A.V. asks from Silver Spring, MD
5 answers

If you get groceries delivered (by anybody, but we used PeaPod), do you tip the driver? For starters, our delivery was hung up in traffic so they were more than half an hour late. I signed but did not add an additional tip for the driver and his partner and was frankly surprised to see the tip field. They already get a delivery fee and fuel surcharge.

Was I wrong? The last time I used PeaPod was about 3 years ago to help a friend. We just ran out of time this weekend so we went online.

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So What Happened?

Interesting. Now I feel silly. I was really caught off guard because I don't remember a tip field before. Good to know.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Yes I do!

Peapod gets a fuel surcharge and a delivery fee - not the driver. He's prob. minimum wage, so I feel tips are helpful. It's a service just like any other service you tip for. I give them about 5 bucks regardless of how much my order is. Some tip peapod drivers 20% of their order - which I just cannot afford, nor do I think that's appropriate.



answers from Milwaukee on

I would have tipped. I have BIG love for delivery people. It's NUTS out there with all those cell phone talking people and "driving."


answers from Chicago on

I usually tip them $10. Our orders are always around $200.

Their drivers are paid very well, and compensated to be courteous, however, the dlivery fee and fuel surcharge is not part of their compensation. (I've met with the CIO of Peapod for business.)

I consider it good manners like any other service of that nature. I also live in Chicago, so things like traffic hangups are a very big part of life here. I tend not to fault them for that stuff.



answers from New York on

I give a tip. So I hate to use pea pod cause it gets so expensive. The fee plus the tip can be like $12 and I can buy meat with that.



answers from Philadelphia on

I do not use Peapod but I have done grocery shopping online thru Genuardis (Safeway) and I do not tip. At first, I tried to tip a few drivers but they all told me that they are not allowed to accept tips. There is also no tip field on the delivery form that I sign.

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