Tip Chiropractic Massage?

Updated on August 08, 2011
J.P. asks from Schaumburg, IL
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I recently got a Groupon for a massage in a chiropractic office. I know tipping is customary for "regular" massages, but in the few times I've been to a chiropractor, I treat it like a dr's office and never tip. What should I do in this case? I've never been here before and don't know if a chiropractor or masseuse will be doing the massage. What do you think?

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answers from Santa Barbara on

It's probably a massage therapist in the office so I would tip and at the full price it would have been, not the discounted price.

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answers from Phoenix on

I just got a medical grade massage at a chiropractor's office & it was performed by a massage therapist, so I did tip.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I was once told by someone that specifically worked in a Chiropractic office that you are NOT suppose to tip. it's considered a medical office and therefore, you don't do it..
In that case, I also noticed that they had a sign up that said, although they appreciate our patron's business, there is no tipping allowed in the office. Now, I don't know if this is specific to doctor's offices or the idea that they wanted to keep it as professional and doctor like as possible and hence, no tipping..



answers from Seattle on

Usually it's a massage therapist and tips are never expected, always appreciated!


answers from Dallas on

I don't think it is expected there. I give my masseuse a gift card at Christmas.



answers from Gainesville on

Yes, tip! It will be a massage therapist doing the work.

I just had a massage yesterday at the chiro's office and almost died because I walked out and forgot to tip her. I turned the car around and drove back to give her her tip. And yes, tip on what would have been the actual amount not the groupon amount.



answers from Chicago on

A certified massage therapist should always be used for a massage(masseuse is an older term associated at least for me as one who is not certified and also may perform other favours ewww), anyway I would contact the office through which you do chiropractic as many are different and will let you know if the therapist is getting a "living wage" or a service wage. A living wage means they earn at least minimum wage and a service wage means the office almost expects you to tip and they keep most of the money and yet others charge a fee and pay a "rent" for space back to the office. Find out which yours is, while you don't need to know specifically what they earn it is a guidline of whether the actual person putting in the labor is getting compensated. As always if you feel someone deserves a tip give it to them, but if you are using a coupon(groupon) and getting an extreme discount, both the office and therapist are seeing a reduced revenue to entice you to become a permanent patient/customer. They can't ask for a tip, but if you do receive a good massage a tip for that kind of physical labor is a reward and if you return they will remember and give you good service in the future, they may also remember if you did not.



answers from Chicago on

As a massage therapist who used to work in a chiropractic office, probably a little more than half the people gave me tips when they just came in to receive a massage. I never expected a tip, but it is always appreciated.

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