Tiny Red Dot Rash on Daughter's Stomach - Ideas?

Updated on May 03, 2011
E.P. asks from Mount Joy, PA
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Hi smart Mamas - my 11 year old daughter has some small raised red bumps (like tiny pimples) on her stomach and the very upper parts of her thighs. She has had this happen maybe 3-4 times over the past few years. It seems to pop up for no reason and then goes away a few days later. They don't itch. I have her take some Benadryl and they usually disappear on their own.

My question is - does anyone have ANY idea what might cause this slight rash? I will say that we were at a friend's house last night and my daughter had some snacks/candy that she usually doesn't have but nothing I would consider strange. She doesn't really have any food allergies besides maybe getting itchy in her throat if she eats the skin of a fruit like apples. I try really hard not to give her too many processed foods. I watch additives and preservatives pretty closely but she does still have some foods with those in them. Any ideas as to what might cause the rash?

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answers from New York on

I'm thinking it is prickly heat or a form of heat rash from sweating or having her pants rub on her legs.

My son gets them some times on his stomach and they go away within a day or two.

If she isn't bothered by them and they go away fairly quickly -- I wouldn't worry.


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answers from Chicago on

Sometimes people's furniture has been cleaned with harsh detergents. That's why I don't clean mine. HAHAHA

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answers from Dallas on

Could it be heat related? Ask your pedi.



answers from Dallas on

My son gets the same kind of rash. Our doctor said that most of the mild, nonspecific rashes were generally due to a virus (my son shows no other signs of being sick when his shows up). I would do as the others said and try to get a picture and show it to her pedi or a dermatologist. Best of luck.



answers from San Antonio on

Laundry detergent? My son is sensitive to some kinds or too much detergent. I do an extra rinse in the washer to make sure it's all out of the clothes.



answers from Boston on

My kids get a rash like this and the doctor also said it was probably viral. She also gave me a good rule of thumb that I will pass along, if it is not itchy and it blanches (turns white when you press on it) they it is probably nothing to worry about. Especially if there is no fever. Apparently the most serious reasons for a rash she told me (meningitis, allergic reaction) will not blanch.

but if you are still concerned, call the doctor and ask... doesn't hurt. HTH



answers from Honolulu on

Take a photo of it, when it happens.
THEN show the Doctor.



answers from Dallas on

Could it be her skin simply getting irritated? Maybe, it's from her clothing rubbing these areas? Does she sweat there? You can really get a rash anywhere with a food allergy, but those are not the most common places.



answers from New York on

When I was a child I sometimes got small red dots and my mom and grandmother called it a heat rash (I only got it in warm weather). They just put baby powder on it and said not to wear anything tight over it until it went away, usually only a day or 2.

It could probably be any number of things so I like the idea of taking a picture and showing the doctor.


answers from Tampa on

Are they a dark purplish or pink red? If so that's not a normal rash and is little blood boils which means there was something to cause capillary breakage. You may want to call your Pediatrician and mention it - then ask if you should go in.

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