Tiny Black Bugs

Updated on September 26, 2008
J.D. asks from Lake in the Hills, IL
4 answers

We have these tiny black bugs all over our screen windows and doors. They just seem to sit on the screens - on the inside! It's not a big deal right now since we've had the AC on and the windows closed, but it's going to cool down soon, and I don't want to pen the windows with all the bugs! Does anyone know what these bugs are and how to get rid of them? There's hundreds of them... it's so disgusting...

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answers from Chicago on

I used to live in Bartlett and for some reason, at my townhome there, we always got these weird bug/spiders in the summer/fall. They looked like small black spiders or large ticks. It was horrible. I could never open my windows, but somehow they got in. I would find them walking along my wall and once or twice on my bed. Do they hop? It took awhile for me to see that they hopped, but they did.



answers from Bloomington on

I was sitting outside at the nursing home today at work and all of a sudden they were everywhere....and biting! I had never seen them before...maybe the farmers are stirring up something in the fields??? (I was in a small town surrounded by fields).




answers from Augusta on

I don't know if it is what you are describing but we and our neighbors had something that started with snap- and I can't remember the rest. They looked a lot like fleas. A pest control service spraying once took care of them. Good luck.


answers from Chicago on

A woman that I know was asking her father about these... there is a technical term but they are also known as "corn bugs". They come around this time of year, TONS of then and then go away in about 2-3 weeks... and they pack a punch for a little bite too.

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