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Updated on March 04, 2010
A.H. asks from Garland, TX
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I have a 9 month old son. I go to school on MWF until like 2pm and I watch my son every day except for the time i'm at school. I got laid off like the rest of the world and I really need to start exercising or working out...I don't need to lose any weight I would just really like to tone up but I can't seem to find any time and I can't afford a gym nor the babysitter while I go work out. My mom works 2 jobs so its hard for me to leave him with her she's never free either! Is there something I can do at home maybe while he takes a nap or something I can do with him? I live in Texas...so doing things outside is hard because its about 100 degrees every day right now. I would just really like to tone up my legs and stomach mostly.

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Walking is one of the best exercises and one that can be done easily with a child in a stroller. When my kids were young and it was too hot to be outside, I would head to the mall. I think my oldest son spent more time at NorthPark, than at any outside park. I could window shop and people watch, which made it interesting to me. As the weather gets cooler, then you can go outside in your neighborhood or there are several really nice parks with walking trails in the Garland Area. But before long it will be too cold to be outside, so go back to the mall and enjoy the Christmas decorations. For tummy toning, one of the best exercises is just holding your tummy in. I have back problems and am going to physical therapy. My therapist said to get in the habit of sucking in my stomach during commercials or while sitting at a stop light. Also, just lay on the floor or bed with your son and do stomach crunches and leg lifts. I use to put my sons on my legs and use them as weights. They loved it.

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Get out in the mornings or late afternoons and walk with your son. You'll both love the outdoors.

Our TX temps are going down now and it is not that bad. I walk a LOT, and love the late evening or early morning. You can power walk with a stroller and keep yourself toned. I'm not looking to lose weight, can't afford to or I'd be too skinny but I love walking. I walked all during and shortly after pregnancy. My daughter LOVED the stroller...it was always an adventure.

When my 14 yr old daughter was a toddler, I went to Thunderbird roller rink (in Plano) and for $5 once a week they let moms skate with strollers for a great workout. That was in Plano and I don't know if they still do it but it was fun.

Enjoy your son...they grow up TOO fast!



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Do you have satellite TV (Direct TV)? If so check out channel 162 - Fit TV. I love it! It is all kinds of work outs you can do at home with the guidance of a professional. I like it because it keeps me doing different things in stead of the same old same old each day. Also - check out your local library for DVD's. Stroller Fit is also an option you could do with your child. Look for local classes in your area.

Good luck-- If you want it bad enough you will find a way to do it.



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Go get a workout DVD. I have used them since my kids were born 13 years ago...



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My hubby and I just started the P90X workout at home. We do it after we put our little one down at night (we have a 14 week old). There is an infomercial for it, but we know several friends that have used it and have seen AMAZING results. We have done it for three days and it kicks your tail! :) Each workout is about 45-60 minutes, 6 days a week. There are three diff plans you can do...a lean, a muschle building one, etc. If you are looking to tone, etc I would do the lean one. But the whole P90X package is $120 (can do it in three payments of $40 per month) and you get a whole booklet and booklet on nutrition also. It will make you sweat like crazy. :) It combines Kenpo Karate, Yoga, Pilates, resistance exercises, etc. The lean one is all about cardio, toning the core, etc etc. It has been great so far. I would do that one if I were you. You will need a few things at home with you like a yoga mat and some small 10 lb dumbells or resistance bands, but I think it's worth it. Much cheaper than paying for a gym and convenient. Good luck!!!

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