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Updated on November 04, 2012
T.F. asks from Troy, OH
6 answers

Hello, I recently bought concert tickets from the web site stub hub. I was able to print the tickets from my printer. The tickets have someone else's name on them. I know that they came from someone else but my question is where are the original tickets? Does this person have the original tickets and when I get to the concert is this person going to be sitting in my seat? Has anyone purchased concert tickets through stub hub and had any difficulty with it? I hope I didn't just waste my money because these tickets were not cheap. Thanks,

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answers from Dallas on

There is usually someone else's name on the tickets but not to worry as it has never been a problem. Just take all info including receipt so you can call if there were a problem.



answers from Salinas on

We use Stub Hub all the time. You won't have a problem or they wouldn't be in business.

Have fun at the show!



answers from Albuquerque on

I've never had a problem with StubHub. They're one of the more reputable online ticket brokers. Bring the ticket you printed out and whatever receipt you have and you should be fine.


answers from Dallas on

You should be good to go. Correct... They do have someone else's name but its the SKU that is scanned.

We've bought numerous tickets from StubHub from minimal $$ upwards to $700 per ticket.

We've never had an issue with the many times we've used them. I do take ALL paperwork with me to the event just in case of an issue so the trail of documentation is proven but I've never had to use it.

Have fun!



answers from Chicago on

No problems when we used them, just make sure to take all your paperwork and receipt just in case.


No problems when we used them, just make sure to take all your paperwork and receipt just in case.



answers from Cleveland on

We buy from stub hub all the time. And have never had an issue just bring everything with you.

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