Thyroid Medication and Bloodtests During Pregnancy

Updated on July 20, 2015
B.B. asks from Bedminster, NJ
6 answers

Hi Everyone,

I have been on thyroid medication for about 4 years, all different types and doses. In January I switched from Armour to Levothyroxin and the 125 mg works great for me. I got pregnant in early April and have not needed to increase my dose but my doctor wants to check me every 4 weeks with a blood test. If you had a thyroid condition during pregnany, what was your dose and how often did you get tested? Did it ever change in frequency if the numbers were good each time? I am thinking of asking to go every 6 weeks or perhaps more since I am in my second trimester now.

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answers from Norfolk on

I was diagnosed hypothyroid 4 years before we got pregnant with the help of a fertility specialist.
I was on synthroid at the time.
They upped my dosage a little bit about a month before IVF and then they kept me at that dose through pregnancy and beyond.
I don't remember them testing my thyroid levels while I was pregnant.



answers from Raleigh on

I have had hypothyroidism since my early 20s and I'm in my late 30s now and was medicated through both of my pregnancies. My baseline dose was 125mg of Levoxyl before pgs but increase to 150 mg each time. I honestly don't remember often I was tested but I know quite often later in my pgs.

Congrats and Best of Luck!


answers from New Orleans on

I had hypothyroidism before I became I pregnant with my 4th. I got pregnant in November 2012, found out in December we were expecting. My obgyn said I need to still followed up with my doctor who handles my thyroid. I think i went in February 2013 and my levels were good. He kept me on levothyroxine 75mg. He wanted me in May to rechecked my levels but had to cancel due to kids sick with a bad virus. I had a normal and healthy baby in august. When I went back to my doctor after my baby was born probably in September my levels showed for Mays good still. He did ordered current bloodwork but had to drop my meds down to 50 mg.



answers from Dallas on

I think I had mine checked at least twice. I've had hypothyroid for 25 years. It did fluctuate a bit during my pregnancy and took time to regulate after.

You do need to get tested through the pregnancy because the thyroid regulates everything. I'd ask why the doctor wants to check every 4 weeks. Every six might be fine.


answers from Chicago on

I've been hypothyroid since my first pregnancy. I did not need my levels adjusted during my second, but they did check them monthly. My dosage .88 of levothyroxine.


answers from Boston on

Every 4 weeks seems excessive. I think I was checked once during my pregnancy, and my dosage didn't change then or since. I can see testing once after a dosage change or medication change, but I don't know why they would need to test so often.

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