Thunder over Louisville, for Kids

Updated on April 17, 2009
T.W. asks from Louisville, KY
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We are new to the area, from Bedford, IN, and would like to attend with our 3 year old. Can anyone suggest the best place/area to watch it from that's kid-friendly. We've heard stories of drinking, drugs and pickpockets. We need to be on the KY side.

Thanks so much,

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The best place to go is at the Downtown Skatepark in Clay St. and Witherspoon. There are thousands of children and the place is so perfect, not as crowded as the actual Thunder site but you will really have a wonderful experience looking at the fireworks at the same time your kids will love watching kids skateboarding. Make sure you get there early for parking. You won't have problems about pickpockets and drinking because all the kids have their parents with them and a bunch of teenagers who are just having fun skateboarding. Another good thing about it, there will be not much traffic leaving, there are cops everywhere and traffic will not be as bad as the other side of downtown where the Thunder is. You will get a full view of the Thunder over Louisville in the skatepark and I am sure you will be glad you went there. And by the way, if you need refreshments, you can just go to Andrenaline Zone Skateboard shop just across the skatepark and they have drinks and other stuff on regular price without the expensive Thunder over Louisville kiosk prices. Alcohol is not allowed in the Skatepark.

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Thunder really isnt about a good time for a 3 year old. its more of a teen/young adult event. This close to the event you really wont be able to get a good place. you can try waterfront park of the great lawn but its pretty much insane. NEXT year try louisville slugger field (where we go its awesome!!!) the science center (costly but you get in to the bat museam too) then of course their is always buckheads in jeffersonville. joes, tumbleweed on the ky side. the show from the indiana side is awesome!! I would suggest waiting to take him tho we took our then 4 year old and she passed out before the fireworks and slept right through it! good luck with whatever you decide
(ps the drugs and drinking is not wide spread and its derby time baby!!!)

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You should see about getting tickets to the Bats game. You attend the game and then stay in the ballpark which has a playground and carousel to watch the air show and fireworks. Good luck!

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As harsh as it sounds, I recommend watching from home. We also live in the Louisville area. I have not been to Thunder since the first few years due to what you described. During the day for the air show is fine on the waterfront, but after the sun goes down, things get a bit more out of contol. I have family who live just across the bridge, last year what normally takes me 40 minutes, took me nearly 4 hours to get home from there.

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