Thrush - How Long Does It Take to Go Away?

Updated on February 04, 2009
R.R. asks from Seal Beach, CA
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Hi Mamas!!!

My 6-month old son was diagnosed with Thrush last Wednesday. When the doctor saw him that day, the white spots only seemed to be on one side of his mouth. He started antibiotics that night. Within two days, the thrush was on both sides of his mouth. We've been giving him the medicine 4 times a day, as instructed. Today is the last day.

My son definitely seems to be feeling better. He is sleeping better, eating better, nursing better......all the signs that he's getting better. However, the white spots are still on both sides of his mouth and don't seem to be going away.

How long does it take for thrush to clear up? Does this mean he'll probably need to continue on the medication? Or does it just take a long time to go away?

I have continued to sterilize his nipples and pacifiers almost daily since this happened. And, I'm also very careful to be cleaning his toys after each play session. Is he still contagious?

Please help.

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So What Happened?

Thank you, Mamas, for your feedback! We're finally making some progress. Based on the feedback received, I did contact our peditrican again. They refilled the nystatin for aother 7 days of treatments (4 times a day). As one of the mamas suggested we've been using a Q-tip saturated in the nystatin to apply to the inside of his cheeks so that we're sure to get the medicine directly on the white patches. After we've done that, we give him the recommended dosage through the dropper applying as best as we can on each side of the cheeks. AFter 3 days of doing that, we're FINALLY seeing results. Its almost cleared up. I do'nt know why the doctor didn't recommend doing that, or the pharmist. It was such a great suggestion.

Thank you so much. I hope we don't have to experience Thrush again.

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I've dealt with thrush myself with my daughter...and it was horrible. It wouldn't totally go away until I used genetian violet. Ask your doctor about it! It's messy but works fast! I also got it in my milk ducts...which was very painful! I treated myself too....worked great! It's over the counter and cheap!
Everything is purple...but worth it!
Good luck!

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If you are breastfeeding, you need to treat your nipples too, in tandem with him.

I would tell your Pediatrician it is now on both sides of his mouth. And besides, you should go in for a follow-up, and Doctors usually will tell you this.

It should have subsided by now... at least with my daughter it did when she was a baby. But, I have heard that it can take awhile to go away. Try looking online...

If the Thrush is still evident in his mouth, then he still has it. Thrush is a yeast infection... oral type.
Tell your Pediatrician... and they probably will prescribe another course of treatment.

Does he also have a yeast infection/diaper rash type on his bottoms? Sometimes this also happens.

As I mentioned, if nursing, you will need to treat your nipples too... ask your Pediatrician. They should have told you this. They can recommend something for you too.

All the best,

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You can also give him acidolophis to help rebalance the good yeast. If the nystaten doesn't work completely they can take dyflucan (flucanazole) which is a full antibiotic and will clear it up in a matter of days. It doesn't sound like you breast feed but if you do make sure you get treated too!



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I've dealt with this issue with my last three babies. By baby #3 I learned to get Diflucan right away for me and my baby. I was nursing, so I took 1 pill and gave my daughter liquid diflucan. It's the only thing that worked, but you need to do it right away. Nystatin oral suspension never worked for my babies, so ask your pediatrician about Diflucan for your baby and your OB/GYN for diflucan for you. God bless you!



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This problem comes and goes and may have it for a while off and on. I found that giving my baby "baby probiotics" really helped. You can get them at Lassen's vitamins. It's from a yeast problem in the body from my understanding. If that doesn't help ask Kim at the Wellness center next to Valencia Pharmacy for a homeopathic. She recommended something for my daughters baby and it cured it really faces naturally.
M. R.

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