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Updated on November 08, 2007
A.C. asks from Monrovia, CA
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Can a mother get thrush if she is only pumping and not nursing? I seem to have all the symptoms, but my son only has a few.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Definately, it is extremely contagious. It cans spread to other areas if you don't catch it. I would definately go see the doc if you have ANY symptoms of it.



answers from San Francisco on

Dear A.,
I have a slightly different approach to Thrush. I treated my nipples with diluted Apple Cider Vingar after each feeding. I soaked a cotton pad and wiped them clean. Also, I washed my nippels with warm water as often as I could. I kept breat feeding, even though it was painful. I discarded all pumped breatmilk, due to cross contamination.
I also gave my baby powder acidophilus on her tough 2-3 times a day. I got the brand HMF NATOGEN by Genestra Brands, which I got from my Natropathic Dr. I also used some homeopathics. I alternated Sulphur and Thuja Occidentalis, 5 little white pills under the tough 4 times a day for 10 days. So sulphur for a day then thuja. I also gave the baby one table in her mouth once or twice a day. She was only a couple of weeks old, so that was enough. We didn't take any perscription meds and it finally cured itself. You can email me if this is the route you want to take. I can give you more info.
Nature can cure stuff as effeciently or sometimes even better than Medicines. Trush is too much yeast and not enough bacteria. Our bodies usually have a balance of Yeast and Bacteria. So, it is all about getting you and your baby back into balance. Not getting rid of the yeast all together...
My baby and I came down with thrush after a bout of Mastitis, which we also treated homeopathicly with Phytollaca. You can see that we were totally our of balance. EMail me with anything else!

[email protected]




answers from San Francisco on

My daughter never seemed to have any symptoms, but I certainly did. My breasts burned all the time until she was 6 months old. You can nurse through it and I think many women here have some good natural solutions. Nothing seemed to work for me, but it did go away on its own.



answers from Sacramento on

I believe it is possible if you have any open sores on or around the nipple. I had gotten thrush from my daughter I had to stop nursing at 3 weeks because of it. it is just an infection. a yeast infection at that. when you pump milk is still getting in the open wound causing the infection to form. but you can always go to to verify. I used and over the counter treatment that the doctor recommended called Gentian Violet (1%). you can by it at walmart or any drug store. here is some info off of WebMD about this...

Gentian violet (1%) for thrush
Gentian violet (1%) is a dye that kills bacteria and fungi. It can be an effective treatment for thrush.

The product label states that gentian violet is not for internal use, but it is safe when sparingly applied directly to infected areas in the mouth. The patches should be coated with gentian violet 1 to 3 times daily using a cotton swab



answers from Sacramento on

Oh my goodness yes!! Call your doctor right away, that is extremely painful! And like Jules said it IS EXTREMELY contagious!!

Also, make sure you are sterilizing your breast pump, as well as any bottles or nipples.

I had the same situation with my second son. I pumped alot with him. When I got thrush, my nipples hurt so bad! My son had a whitish tongue. I didn't even know what it was!

My dr had given me this cream ointment to put on my nipples, and I believe my son had to take some med too. It worked wonders!!! After that I washed and sterilized everything... pumps, bottles, toys, anything and everything!! I did not want to get that again.

Sorry to hear you may have thrush, I know how horrible it feels. DEFINATELY call you dr asap! Good luck!!

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