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Updated on March 10, 2010
H.H. asks from Plano, TX
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My 9 month old has had several bouts of thrush (yeast infection in her mouth) and we've tried several different treatments, but nothing seems to clear it up. It comes and goes. My other 2 kiddos never had thrush, so I'm just curious as to why baby #3 is having such a hard time keeping her mouth "thrush" free. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Wanted to add that she was exclusively breastfed up until about 2 months ago. And I was treated for thrush as well so we wouldn't pass it back and forth (also sterilized all bottles, pacifiers, etc. at the 1st sign of thrush). Now she's on table foods and lactose-free formula.

Thanks in advance.

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answers from Dallas on

When my daughter had thrush, the only thing that got rid of it in her mouth was Gentian Violet. I swabbed her mouth with it once daily for 3 days. It looks really awful, like a clown mask gone wrong and it stains so use clothes and bedding that you don't mind staining. As for me, I had to go on a 2 week regimen of Diflucan because I was apparently harboring it. I wonder if your pedi could do something like this for your little one. Maybe worth asking. Good luck



answers from Dallas on

Has your baby been on antibiotics right before the thrush starts? Antibiotics can cause that!



answers from Dallas on

You may already know this, and if so, sorry for repeating the obvious. Thrush is a yeast, as you know, and yeast feed on sugar. They are typically an overdevelopment of something that is already on our body surfaces, a benign...if not helpful, organism that does daily battle with the bacteria to keep them in check. But they LOVE sugar. If she or you either one has had a recent antibiotic, that might have caused an imbalance in her chemistry that allowed yeast to predominate. So now, you might look at the formula ingredients list and be sure there isn't too much sugar. And be careful about the sugar for the rest of the family so that when she becomes table-food exclusive, she doesn't get it there. (She may be sensitive to it for some reason.) And ALL of us get too much if we eat those factory-produced foods. They put it in everything, hidden as other chemical names, to enhance taste, counteract the lack of taste if it's a lowfat product. Just stay with whole foods that don't require labels, and your whole family will benefit over their lifetime. See Dr. Oz's website, Dr. Mercola's, Dr. Weill's...all give evidence of the negative affects of sugar in the diet.


answers from Chicago on

Thrush is the worst. I've personally been battling it since my son was 8 weeks old (he's now 2.5 years old). I cannot get rid of it, though it left my son's mouth after a while. Nystatin doesn't work because thrush is caused by Candida (yeast), which is fed by sugar. Nystatin has TONS of sugar in it to make it palatable for kids/ babies. First, make sure you are not giving your baby sweet things like juice or fruit. They will only help the yeast continue. Next, give your baby a probiotic from Whole Foods or another health food store. They have powdered probiotics that you can put on your finger and have them suck off, or add them to food. I would not give your baby yogurt with sugar, because it cancels itself out as being beneficial. You do need to treat yourself too- cut out sweets/ sugars, take probiotics (a nutritionist suggested switching probiotics every week), and look into seeing a naturopath or wholistic doctor who can help you kick your thrush issue too. As I mentioned, it might not be easy, but it's worth a shot. You might be able to kick it better than I have. I hope so!

Good luck to you. Do a search online for Candida infection and you'll get lots of tips.




answers from Dallas on

My son was the same way. Sadly the only thing that worked was to throw away everything he chewed on and rebuy. This includes bottles, pacifiers, non-metal baby spoons and any toys I wasn't 100% sure was clean enough. We tried the boiling method and it never worked. I even tried boiling after each feeding! Boiled the pacifiers each night and nothing! After I threw it all out, it never came back.



answers from Dallas on

pro-biotics---check out primal defense for kids made by garden of life

Mom to 8
Neurodevelopmental Specialist



answers from Boise on

There are a lot of things that can help thrush. It is a persistent lil bugger, so you need to be persistent when attacking it.

Raw virgin coconut oil has caprylic acid in it which is an antifungal. It is very good and safe, not only to put it in the babes mouth, but also for him to swallow it! They put coconut oil in some formulas.
Magnesium is antifungal. Milk of magnesia painted on the tounge with a q tip would work. Or paint on Raw apple cider vinegar.
Liquid zeolite is antifungal because it gets rid of any trace mercury from shots . Mercury allows fungus and bacteria to thrive. It is very safe for babies.



answers from Dallas on

I was going to suggest yogurt. But someone already said the sugar in most flavored yogurts keeps thrush thriving. How about unsweetened, organic plain yogurt. Wipe it across baby's tongue, and you start eating it. If it is too sour for you, perhaps sweeten it with honey. I use local, raw, unfiltered honey for everything. I do not know how thrush reacts to honey. ?????? Anyone know?

NOTE: Do not feed honey to children under 1 year of age.



answers from Dallas on

Have you tried giving yogurt daily with live and active cultures? It helps to restore the good stuff in their system... If you haven't I would try that 2 to 3 times a day. Also, if you are nursing, you can have thrush, also and be giving it back and forth to each other. You don't have to quit nursing, but you do have to be treating both yourself and your infant, so you can both get rid of it together. My first two babies had thrush while I was nursing, but the doctor just had me treat myself and the baby with the medicine and it cleared up. Hope this helps!

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