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Updated on December 30, 2007
A.W. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I think my newborn may have thrush. I'm wondering if the gum area of the roof of his mouth can normally appear more white than pink in comparison to the rest of his roof of mouth though. I do plan to head to urgent care today but just wondering if anyone has noticed this on a newborn when thrush is not present.

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Are you breastfeeding? Thrush will appear as patches of white, normally on the gums, tongue, and insides of the cheeks.

If its thrush, I wouldn't bother with the prescription that docs will give you, Nystatin contains sugar and that will only make the problem worse. Get Gentian Violet at the pharmacy, and go to and type 'Gentian Violet' into the search you'll find out how to use it. Its the only thing that worked for thrush for us.



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My daughter had thrush almost from day one and honestly I didn't even know it was thrush until my sister who works in a clinic told me when she was a month old. I know sometimes formula leaves a residue, but this was more than just a residue.

We brough her in and it was thrush. She was prescribed a swish and swallow medicine, but it didn't do anything for her. 2 weeks later we were given another medicine that she was to use for 14 days. We were at day 10 and it seemed to get better. However I think that maybe it cleared up on its own. My doctor said that it usually clears up around 2-3 months, but the medicine probably helped!!

Good luck and I hope everything goes ok..



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We dealt with thrush, and two rounds of Nystatin didn't work for us. He also had a yeast infection on his bottom, and the doctor determined he had a systemic yeast overgrowth (that we also happen to believe was interferring with his development at the time, similarly to the way yeast affects austistic kids) and prescribed diflucan. That was the only thing that worked for us because it was a bigger situation than something topical could treat. Good luck...thrush is persistent stuff!



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My son had a totally white tongue and mouth when he was little (for the first month or more - he was 100% breastfed). My Dr. said she thought it looked like thrush, and she would have treated him, but I was not exhibiting any symptoms, it eventually went away.

Make sure that you don't treat him unnecessarily.


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