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Updated on May 27, 2008
B.T. asks from New Braunfels, TX
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Hello All!! Yesterday I noticed one small white bump on my son's gums. He is 3mo old and I think too young to get a tooth. My daycare provider mentioned "thrush". There is only one bump and nothing else(that I can see). Can anyone give me advice on what to expect/do? Is this thrush? Thanks for the help/support!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for your help. I think you guys were right. It has been 4 days and no other signs of thrush. I think it is just a calcium deposit. Makes me feel good & more secure that I can come to you all for help.

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I'm with Abigail. My son had a hard white bump on his bottom gum which turned out to be a calcium deposit and it went away after about 2 weeks.



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If it were thrush it would be all over the mouth, tounge side of cheeks and all. I would definately rule that out unless is gets to that point.. Hope that calms your fears!



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Hi B.. I'm also a first time mom to a 3 1/2 month old and she has a white spot on her gums. My pediatrician told me its a calcium deposit and will go away. It's nothing to worry about. He didn't say much more so that's all I know. Hope that helps a little.




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Hi B.. I would agree with some of the other mom's that it is Calcium. Thrush is mostly on tongue and cheeks.



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Hi B., I have a new grandbaby she just turned 2 months and we recently incountered a problem with thrush it was horrible but we did not want to give her medication so young, so I search the internet and discovered an all natural supplement called Acidophilus which you can find at GNC and we put it in her bottle twice a day and it's a wonderful all natural product is worked in only days....So it you incounter this problem and want to use a natural medication for your baby you will be happy with the results.

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