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Updated on September 26, 2008
A.S. asks from Litchfield, NH
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My 6 week old keeps throwing up her formula and I'm looking to see if anyone else has experienced this and if she is either just a normal developing baby or might have acid reflux.

I have a 3.5 year old who never threw up so this is new to me. My 6 week old has what I call good weeks and bad weeks. Some weeks she only spits up a little bit, other weeks she throws up a lot after each bottle. I burp her often, feed her sitting up, I started on Soy formula, then when to Similac for babies that throw up but she got very constipated, then went to Similac Sensitive and she threw is up, then Enfimil without Lactose and she threw it up. My last hope is Nestle Good Start with comfort proteins.

Any opinions on if this sounds normal is helpful. Oh, she is not losing weight and while her stools are lose they are once a day (which is good) and she is not dehydrated.


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My son went through the same thing. It ended up that he was allergic to Lactose and a few proteins found in milk based, and some soy based, formulas. We put him on Neutramagin and that worked. As he got older, we found out that he definitely had some food allergies, but at 4yrs, I am now happy to say that he has outgrown some and the rest are controlled by medicine.
Good luck!



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Hi A.,
I dealt with a "spitty baby" as well. One of the first things you want to avoid is changing her formula anymore. Sometimes their GI track needs a few days to atleast a week to get used to the formula. I think in a effort to make her happy, you may have been switching formula too often. If she's only six weeks and you've tried 4-5 different formulas, her body hasn't had enough time to settle on one of them. My sister-in-law just found out that my niece can't tolerate any formula, so she's had to exclusively breast feed until their appt. with the GI specialist. After seeing a GI specialist they decided, to put her back on a Enfamil-Gentlease for Sensitive babies. But his concern was in continually switching formula, it's too much for their little tummys to acclimate to! Many times REFLUX babies, won't comfortably lay down,they arch their backs and they scream after spitting up because of the acid in their throats, and they just continue to want to eat to squelch to burning in their throats and it turns into a viscous cycle of spitting. Good luck! I hope this helps!



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I went through the same thing. it was acid reflux for her after many dr. visits. you could see the baby would be hungry would take a sip of her bottle and push it away cuz it would hurt her and continue with the cycle til the bottle was empty. she spit up all the time.. i also went through a bunch of formulas. the prob is their systems arent developed yet so it takes a week or more for they're systems to get used to each one before any change will take place (if they can handle that type of formula) my dr told me to try to stay with the same brands. emfamil prosoybee ready to feed worked for me. she couldn't do powder cuz her system couldnt handle it.
i hope that helps. good luck ..



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Hi A.,
I had a similar problem with my son..He is now 2.5 but his problem started at 5 weeks.. I think your daughter might have reflux. From the time my son was 5 weeks until about 4 months we went through All powdered...Similac.. Similac soy, Nestle good start, NGS Soy, back to similac alimentum. Everyone thought he was lactose intolerant!! Not he case...SO I was at my witts end!! I finally went to Ready to eat Enfamil Lipil.. The RTE formula is thicker than the powders.
I had also started cereal early, back when he was about 7 weeks.. just alittle bit and it seemed to bring down the throw ups not spits.. throw ups.. Which proved that he had reflux.. Doctor put him on Ranidatine(sp)and he did awesome.. when he would have break through, we upped the dose.. He had it bad.. But outgrew it.. In my opinion, and I am not a doctor, she has reflux. If you want to start with a Ready to eat formula.. They are more expensive but it works.. My SIL, tried half and half and it still didn't work.. she didnt want to spend the money. But it really worked.. A friend of mine had a similar problem.. first time mom, and I suggested the ready made and it worked as well. Along with the medicine.

Hope this helps. sorry if it is a bit jumpy.. My 1.5 and 2.5 children are yelling for me..

Totally understand how you feel....
~J. M

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