Three Month Long Periods? What's Going On?

Updated on September 03, 2013
D.M. asks from Kennesaw, GA
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I am 53 and thought I had entered menopause last April. When my period ended, I didn’t have another. Then in November, I started (bummer) and it lasted through January, off another couple of months and then non-stop bleeding. It's like a regular period, mostly not too heavy. I am not anemic and feel ok otherwise. Being uninsured, I go to the health department. I recently had a transvaginal ultrasound which was normal. The nurse practitioner wants me to have a uterine endometrial biopsy. She ordered a compete physical including a colonoscopy and bone density. We are talking close to 10,000 for the tests for out of pocket costs! Does anyone know less expensive avenues to get screened? Anyone ever had the uterine biopsy or the issue with bleeding?

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answers from Atlanta on

When paying cash, many offices offer lower/better rates. NEGOTIATE!!! Call around!!
You can find decent rates for these things by letting Drs know up front you will pay cash..... they will discount the charges..... Just call "shop" around and see how well you can do!



answers from Jacksonville on


I'm a PA, but speak here out of friendly educated advice, not professional advice. Talk to your own provider for that!

You HAVE to get the endometrial biopsy. Abnormal bleeding can be a sign of something serious, and you have to make sure that's not what's going on. This is the most important test right now.

The colonoscopy and bone density tests are recommended screening for someone your age and should be done, but should not take precedence over the biopsy at this point.

Hope this helps you sort things out. Best wishes.



answers from Los Angeles on

you can go through the FSH test where they determine the estrogen levels. The lower levels of estrogen indicate you hit menopause.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi D.,

Sorry to hear you're having those problems. I am also 53 and last December I had the same thing to happen. My doctor did do a biospy while I was bleeding and found nothing. She said this would probably be the last I ever see of it. She said if not, then we'll do a histrotomy. Unfortunately, I really don't know of a less expensive way of being tested. My insurance paid for everything including the bone density. They did discover I have severe bone loss and am now on medication for that.

Hope everything will be ok for you!

Take care,



answers from Atlanta on

Just something to consider before going in for all of these tests- even though you thought you had started menopause, maybe you really didn't. When I started perimenopause almost three years ago, one of the symptoms was a period that lasted 2-3 months. It might be something as simple as related to that and I would discuss trying something less invasive and costly than that- maybe some type of hormone regiment. I ended up having to go back on the pill just to regulate everything (including those awful mood swings) and it's been great!
Good luck to you.



answers from Atlanta on

Sounds like your ultra sound came out fine. What about being put on progesterone for 10 days out of the month. 3 days after you start a period and it keeps you regualr. I would not do all the testing. Thru public health care your mo. meds would be fairly cheap. Just a thought.



answers from Atlanta on

D., I have not experienced that as of yet (menopause)but I am having stages of premenopause. My niece for reasons of period being too long at a young age has had the ultrasound as your and the uterine endrometrial biopsy. She of course had insurance. I do know this about not having insurance. My brother in law had a heart attack (no ins) needed a heart defib the doctors office helped in fill out papers to get one. Most hospitals have something called uncompensated services (folks without ins) it's money that is grants, private donations and other ways the hospital covers your bill even the doctor doing the work. You may want to talk to the doctors office or the hospital first about uncompensated services. There's paper work to fill out and no it's not medicade either and you don't have to apply for medicade most folks are considered to rich for it to get that. I can say this my first experience with uncomp services was 4 yrs ago I was admitted for one week in the hosp (no ins) had pnemonuia. Hope this helps some and you can get some help with something that sounds very much needing investigated.
Many prayers for you.

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