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Updated on July 21, 2011
S.T. asks from Liberty, MO
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so i was recently on bactrim for a staph infection, which caused a really bad allergic reaction, they thought i had MRSA. ended up in the hospital on IV vancomycin. one of the nurses told me that both of those antibiotics could cause yeast infections. My question is, how do i know if i have a yeast infection??? I have never had one, but am having a little irratation and very minor itching. like I said, sorry about the TMI, but i dont know if this could be a yeast infection. and if so, what do you do? do I have to go to the gyno or is over the counter stuff okay and if yes what kind??? sorry!!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone, I think I will try the yogurt first, I am just so sick and tired of meds. to top it off, hubby had to take our 2 year old to urgent care this afternoon, he has an ear infection, sinus infection and strep throat. and I am having all the symptoms of the same, back to the doc for me tomorrow. At Dawn B.- the infectious disease doctor said that I am allergic to sulfa drugs, and told me very enthusiasticlly to never again take any drug with sulfa in it.

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answers from Omaha on

You would know if you had one. You have the urge to scoot across the carpet on your arse, sort of like the dog does! LOL They are awful! I actually always got bacterial infections instead of yeast infections, but they basically have the same annoying symptoms. I skipped the OTC meds and went straight to my doctor for flagyl or diflucan. It couldn't hurt trying the OTC meds to see if it will work for you, but if not I would call your doctor for a prescription. I eat lots of yogurt as a preventive measure. It has live active cultures in it to keep the natural yeast and bacteria in your body in balance. I also find relief from drinking lots of water to flush out the system. Good luck and I hope you find some relief soon!

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answers from Raleigh on

I took three months of strong antibiotics for mrsa after my daughter's birth, and ended up with a yeast infection. Eat lots and lots of yogurt while taking the antibiotics. That's what I did, and my yeast infection resolved itself without medication.

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answers from Nashville on

I had MRSA and was on the same antibiotics, I hope you get well soon, that is VERY serious. It does sound as though you are getting a yeast infection. It does start with minor itching, sometimes it doesn't smell nice down there, your pee might be cloudy, once it gets worse you will have an off white discharge...catch it before it gets worse, I have had them so bad that I could not sleep, it itched so bad that I scratched it raw. Ouch. I was young then, now I know to get it fixed first.
You could get an over the counter, get a 3 day cream, the longer ones aren't very strong and the one day ones don't always work. Personally I would have the doc that is giving you the antibiotics call you in a Diflucan pill. It is one to two pills that you take orally and the yeast infection is gone within two days. Eat lots of yogurt to counteract your symptoms but get the pill asap.

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answers from Kansas City on

Usually, yeast infections come with some discharge and major itching. I saw a test kit at Walmart in the personal care area. It was about $14. I would give it a try (it's less than a co-pay to the doctor).

Since this is your first one, you may want to call your doctor and just "check in" to see if he/she wants to see you. The nurse at my doctor's office actually told me what he recommended and said I didn't need to come in, just go to the store and get the treatment OTC.

Good luck. These things are yucky. Hopefully it won't happen too often!

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answers from Detroit on

Sorry about your situation, S.T.! While it's true yeast infections usually include some discharge, I've never actually had any. Yes, while my doc has found some "inside" me, I've never had any outside. Just that really annoying itch!! Sure, like the previous poster said, you could always get a test kit on your own, or just start using the Monistat (or whatever it is you're going to use). If it doesn't go away in a few days, then call your doc. The one important piece of advice I can give you is, when you buy the Monistat, buy the name brand! I usually give generic brands a try and the last time, I tried the generic and it didn't work well at all! With Monistat, even though you're supposed to continue using it 3 or 7 days (or whatever kind you end up buying), the itch usually goes away after a day or two with the anti itch creme. But not with the generic, I was itchy for the entire 7 days! Good luck to you!

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answers from Dallas on

I think it might take a lot of yogurt?! I have never tried that BUT if you need a fast solution, call your DR and ask them to call in a difucin prescription. It will work within a day or so. Yeast infections are no fun. Sorry you are going through all this.

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answers from Washington DC on

when I have had them (only had 3 I think, ever) I get horrible itching and burning down there. Also the discharge is really thick. I have gone to the store and bought monistat (the 1 time only treatment) and it's much better with in a couple days. My best friend has chronic yeast infections. They are just awful for her. She now has to watch her sugar and drink lots of water. Dr's don't even know what to do anymore with her.

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I had a bad allergic reaction to sulfa also, and it started by me thinking I was starting to get a yeast infection since it started itching down there a little (I always try to catch it early, it's horrible if it gets too bad). Anyway it turned out that the "yeast infection" was just the allergy to sulfa, which for me was just horrible itching all over (including my eyeballs and scale and inside my ear!) and a bad rash. Once I quit the medicine and got on the steroids and antihistamines, the "yeast infection" went away with the rest of the itching.

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answers from Seattle on

LOL... I've never gotten an antibiotic triggered yeast infection, although I've been on some hefty antibiotics over the years (it only happens to some people). But I do occasionally get yeast infections (the wrong kind of toilet paper will do me every time!).

SOME but not necessarily all symptoms:

Bright red skin
A "fresh baked bread" smell / sweet smell ((dead fish smell is from vaginosis which is a bacterial infection))
Discharge that is thick, clumpy, colored, or super watery

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answers from Kansas City on

Acidophilis works great to prevent yeast infections especially when on antibiotics. Try those, you can find them at any pharmacy in the vitamin section. My mom had MRSA and took that while in the hospital and at home to prevent yeast infectio. Good luck and God Bless.

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answers from Kansas City on

I would definitely go with the yogurt (as plain as possible & with active bacterial cultures) and/or the acidophilus capsules. I had a yeast infection after being on antibiotics back in 1985 (haven't been on antibiotics since then & will hopefully never have to be on them again). The yeast infection was disgusting, and the treatment was just as disgusting. I know now that if I do ever have to be on antibiotics again, I should use the yogurt & acidophilus. My midwife advised me to use these when I felt like I had the beginnings of a yeast infection while pregnant with my first child. I followed her advice, and the symptoms went away.

By the way, why don't doctors advise people to do this anytime they're on antibiotics? It's unlike me to be cynical, but this seems to be either a sign of ignorance or a sign of greed. After all, the doctor increases his/her chances of additional office visits if the antibiotics cause a yeast infection that needs treatment. Hopefully, there are some doctors out there who are advising their patients to use yogurt or acidophilus when on antibiotics.

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