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Updated on March 28, 2008
A.S. asks from Hoschton, GA
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I have a son in the 11th grade, who seems to make bad decisions A LOT. He is so smart and now is with a group of friends who are not the best. He doesn't hang out with them outside of school. It's just before and after school he seems to get into trouble. He has also been caught skipping school twice this year. His grades are bad. I am thinking of pulling him out and home schooling, but I don't know the first thing to do.

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for responding. It's so hard wondering what is the right thing to do. His attitude has been bad. He says he hates school! The last time he was caught skipping school he had marijuana on him! We attended drug and alcohol classes after that and a week later my daughter heard him talking on the phone telling a friend he wanted to sneak out his window that night and take my van. He said, "I can drive when I'm high." He doesn't have a drivers license, I have taken things away from him, he has been grounded. He has a job now and works every weekend. I've talked and talked to him. He is so convincing that he is going to make better decisions and then something else happens! Anyway, it seems like I am giving all my attention to this child and I have 3 others who are hardly getting any!

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I'm really close to you...I'm in Auburn!

You'll need to find out how to withdraw him...I've never done that, so I know nothing about that. Just call the Gwinnett County School system. As far as forms to fill out to homeschool, they are really easy. You can get them from your school system or get them online at a couple of different places. One is You'll need a letter of intent and of course an attendance form. You should be able to get these forms from your local school system too.

American School, James Madision, Faith Academy, just to name a few for high school. Or you can now (new this year) do K12. It's like public school at home and I believe it's free. I don't know what route you are wanting to take, but the others up above that I mentioned will cost money/tuition. If you want to do it on your own, you'll be buying your own curriculum. There is a big curriculum fair on May 2nd and 3rd. I usually just go on the friday and get my materials for the year.

Your other option would be for him to get his GED and start junior/community college. Maybe he'd be excited to do that and feel like he is getting a head start with college before others are. College can also be done through correspondence if you want to go that route.



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Just an Idea. Go surprise him, check him out of school when he least expects it. This will make him leery of cutting. (Also set the stage for the rest of the crew not to cut). And give you and him some one on one time. 16 year olds still need to have some fun with Mom or Dad. Do a favorite thing, he would love to do. Opens up communication too. Setup dates of learning to drive as a reward for a good grade, mmmm
maybe 30 minutes of drive for every good grade. Focus only on good. He will figure it out.

Good luck



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I think home school this particular child is a bad idea. This young man needs to learn how to do the right thing at the right time. Taking him out of the situation gives him an out and doesn't teach him anything.



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Just go to the Gwinnett County School Board and they will have the information for you to home school. You can also check the website

If you google homeschooling there will be info on there that will give you several options, pros/cons, etc. You will also find other people in your area who are homeschooling and many times you can trade off with different subjects so you won't have to teach your child all subjects. Keep in mind that your son will have to still pass the Georgia High School Graduation Test in order to get his high school diploma.

In Gwinnett they also offer online classes now.

However, I really would re-think homeschooling because school is out in May and next year he will be a senior (proms, parties, etc.) Kids seem to mature each year over the summer perhaps he will mature for next year because graduation and college is looming. If he has enough credits you may consider 1/2 days at school where he leaves to go to work and that may help with keeping him out of trouble. Frequent drop-ins to the school and constant contact with his teacher's also deters some of that behavior. Good luck, I hope the info helps.

I am a teacher 10 years and have taught in Gwinnett County. SMILE!



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Hi A.,
I think homeschooling would be great and I know you can do it. Also, have you heard of Masters Academy in Dacula? It meets at Hebron Baptist church every Fri and it also has some classes other days of the week. This is a help for homeschoolers in that they offer history, music, art, and some other academic classes. It is not associated with Hebron, but it does teach from a Christian perscpective. If interested, I can give you the ladies name to call. We have been homeschooling for the last 5 years and love it. You would be surprised how many there are in this area.
Grandmother in Dacula

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