Thinking About Moving to Batavia, IL or Geneva, IL from Naperville.

Updated on July 15, 2014
A.B. asks from Naperville, IL
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Hi There - I know I just posted recently about a possible move to Sugar Grove…but we are also looking into Batavia or Geneva. I know more about Geneva since I used to work there. But was wondering the difference in school districts between Batavia and Geneva. We have three little kiddos..9 months, 3 years and 5 years. Would also need to find preschool options too. Right now we go to a preschool through our Lutheran Church and would like to continue a church preschool. I can always count on Mamapedia mamas for good advice so please let me know if you have any information that can help us!


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First of all, no one hesitates to move to any of these 3 areas. All 3 are very nice areas. If I had my choice I would prefer Batavia or Geneva. Sugar Grove is a great area, just doesn't have a downtown area. Batavia and Geneva have great schools. Sugar Grove schools are a little better than average. Both will have great private preschools too. You will be very happy with either of the 3 but Batavia and Geneva are a smaller replicate of Naperville. Look up some of the summer events (swedish days) and go to them, this can give you a feel.

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I run a home-based business that provides school & child care info. Feel free to visit the business website,; is the main page for the Chicago area (I currently have about a dozen metro areas on the website). You can find basic info (name, address, phone) for schools & centers. As for public school info, I have school district overview and hyperlinks on my website and can provide additional information off-line.
Anyway, the website also has my contact info. and/or I can provide that to you privately if you're interested. Hope this helps

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I would choose Geneva as my number one choice but it is the same scale price wise as naperville. Batavia is a nice little town but nothing like geneva as far as the downtown district goes. Sugar Grove does not really have a down town district but there schools are nice. You get more of a country feel with sugar grove.

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