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Updated on September 14, 2007
J. asks from Arlington, TX
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Hello, I'm in the Arlington,Tx area(Mansfield, Dallas, Grand Prairie), Are there any Dog daycare in these areas? If so, any recommendations?
What type of dog would be best for child 9 years old? Any opinions? Thank you for any advice given.

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We got our "first baby" from the SPCA in Dallas (off of 30). Ours is a mixed breed (part Corgi, part German Shephard) and he's wonderful! what I like about the SPCA is that they had a checklist that came with our dog (he was about 3 when we got him). They let us know that he was housebroken, good with kids, other dogs, etc, etc. Of course, if a dog is not compatablie with children, etc., they will let you know in the checklist. Another idea, if you already have a breed in mind, is to look up rescues online by breed (ie German Shephard rescues, Lab rescues, etc.). They will typically also be able to tell you if the dog meets your criteria. As you can tell, I'm a fan of dog adoptions. Happy dog hunting!

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I don't know about the Dog daycares, but we adopted a dog three years ago from the Humane Society of North Texas (Fort Worth). I did a lot of research to find the right dog, and it certainly paid off. After a couple of months and LOTS of visits to local shelters, we found the PERFECT dog for our family!

One of the best pointers that I read was to watch the dog's reaction to other dogs. Ask to have a 1-on-1 with the dog, and when they're taken out of their cage or holding area, watch how they react to the other dogs' barking. --Ours was calm and happy; paid no attention to the others. I guess, he felt pretty lucky. We also visited him a few times to verify his reaction to the other dogs and interaction with us. He already knew some commands (sit, etc.) and was house-trained. He's been a GREAT dog to my kids, from 18 mos to 4 years.

Let me know if you want some more pointers. You can find some local animals at:, as well as articles and tips.

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Hi J.-

I'm a local pet-sitter and fellow dow are my thoughts. Personally I would not get a puppy. It's like having a newborn all over again!! I've had dogs that I've raised since puppyhood (they have now passed on)They were wonderful dogs but when they were puppies...A lot of work!!!! Last year we adopted a 2 year old Beagle from a rescue...She is the best dog we have ever had! I would highly suggest trying a rescue organization instead of purchasing a puppy. In regard to type/breed of dog I really think that depends on what you are looking for. We wanted a laid back dog that would tolerate a toddler. We didn't care what "breed" the dog was. We wound up with a Beagle (they are known for being good with kids) ours is excellent, very laid back, doesn't bark or destroy things. We searched for about three months before we found her and spent over an hour with her before we adopted her to make sure we got a good understanding of her temperment. Hope this info helped. Good luck!



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Dogs are so great! I'm going to go with the other ladies though & suggest that rather than a puppy you may want to get one a little older that's been housebroken. Unless you have plenty of time to devote to the puppy (who by nature will go to the bathroom whenever & wherever it pleases until taught better and chew on everything in site) one that is a little older is a much better bet.
As far as breed goes, I'm a huge fan of the mutt! Most of our animals are ones we've either rescued off the street or from a shelter. Also, there are rescue organizations for just about every breed out there, if you want a particular one. The only breeds I would stay away from are the super high energy ones, unless of course you know that you/the kids will have plenty of time to take it walking & play with it.

Side note: the Arlington Dog Park is opening on October 6th (woohoo). Dog parks are great places to socialize yourself & your animal & just have some great fun hanging out.
Good luck with your search & choice!! God Bless

One other thing: unless you want to become a breeder; PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get they puppy spayed or neutered. That is so very important!!!

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