Things to Do with Young Children?

Updated on July 27, 2011
F.D. asks from Ridgefield, NJ
4 answers

Just wondering what other moms do with their kids. Need ideas of how to keep them entertained when at home and out and about, since my family (whom I'm currently living with) tends to criticize that I don't get my kids out of the house enough. I have a 3.7 year old boy and 18 month old girl. I'm a homebody and shy by nature, but am trying to be a bit more adventurous for my kids. Also, I don't have many friends and was out of the country for a bit so I don't know other moms in my area. Any thoughtful advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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answers from Wichita on

Ah, you sound like me. :)

Check out story time at the public library. See if you can sign up your 3 yr old for activities at a local recreation commision place. Sometimes they have preschool activities. Swimming lessons? Try to watch your newspaper...a lot of times they list things going on in the community that you might be able to take your children too. Plus, you will possibly meet more moms that way.


answers from Portland on

Nature walk, zoo, park, water park, neighborhood walk, playing ball in the yard (my daughter loves throwing the ball even at 18 months), museums, indoor bouncy house place, dollar theater (so if one doesn't last the whole time you won't feel cheated financially lol), bike riding (back attachment carrier for daughter, bike extension for son), swimming, amusement parks (they have sections for small kids or 3.5 yr old can go on stuff and 18 month old can go to the petting zoo portion, carousel, or infant section if she's not old enough for the kids section).... any of these like nature walk, zoo, museum can have a double stroller incorporated in them lol so you don't have both kids zooming in different directions if one or both are runners. Also, Mom groups in the city or mommy and me groups will help ya meet more moms and have fun with one or both kids :)



answers from Los Angeles on

Aww sorry they said that but maybe it's a good idea.
I do ALL kinds of things:
-go for walks
-picnic in the park
-story time at the library
-run a couple of errands to Target, Ross etc (I let him look at toys)
- I run an errand to the bank and let him put his $ in his bank acct
-we have an "old town area". fun to walk around
- meet up w/family once a week
- swim lessons
- local auction (not the yelling/bidding kind...people sell their junk like a garage sale
- local zoo
- street fairs
- water park
- the mall (esp during the winter). We walk around, ride the carousel, play a video game
- our local Wal-Mart has a video room w/a Garfield car to ride...sometimes I let him do that
-sometimes we go to Wal-mart where I have shopping to do but I tell hime he can LOOK at toys. Entertaining
-go out to eat someplace kid-friendly and CHEAP
- the local lake (just be careful) :)
- the bank to put their piggy bank $ into their account
- garage sales
-library "reading time"
- to a pool to swim
- swimming lessons
- grocery shopping (I let him look at toys there too, I get my groc shopping done, I pick up some cheap flowers for me, maybe get a coffee, look at their recipe cards for some new dish to try.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Local library for storytime? Nearby park? Have you looked into a MOPS group?

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