Things to Do with a 7 Month Old.

Updated on May 28, 2010
M.P. asks from Orem, UT
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I"M SOOOO BORED!!!!! I feel like I'm not doing enough with my son, but there isn't a lot that I can think of doing. We play with toys, feed, change bums, go for walks, play outside, tummy/roll on the floor time, cleaning time, cook/bake time, all of this is so repatiative and I'm going insane. It doesn't help that I don't have a car that I can take a baby in ( I have a sports car. . .not a good family car) All but 3 of my friends have moved away to start graduate schools or their husband is starting med school. I do have some friends that occasionally come over and hang out or we go places, but that's about once a week.
Are there other things and activities I can do? My son is a high needs baby and usually doesn't sit and play by himself for to long before needing to be held. Right now he also has an ear infection and a diaper rash from the antibiotics so he isn't being a happy baby. I'm about to go insane!

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So What Happened?

p.s. we are trying to get a better car for me, but the how much I can sell it for would not cover the cost of a better vehicle. And we are dirt poor. Maybe in a month we might be able to swing it.
Thanks everyone!!

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Get a bike trailer or bike seat on the back. I like the bike trailer the best. Then we take that everywhere it was a lifesaver for me last year. When my boys were a little younger now they are 3 and 2. This will help with excercise and boredom. Good luck !!

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I'm laughing inside because I could have written this when my baby was that age! Sorry, I know it's frustrating. I just want to offer to you that he's not going to be a baby forever and you are doing exactly what moms with babies do. I found that taking up jogging (never ran a step in my life before i turned 30) was a great thing because I spent that time running away from my baby, and after an hour of guilty "me" time, I was ready to run back to her. It saved my sanity, and I had a great figure. Added bonus.

I'm not a baby person. I like my kids better starting at age 2.5 or so. That's just me. The repitition, the hearing myself talk all the time, the pressure of having a baby was just not my strong point.

You are doing everything right, though. Hang in there. Soon he'll be walking and life will change.

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Hi MegandOllie-

This is a tough age for Mom's, the baby isn't really small enough to go anywhere & sleep anywhere, but not big enough to go to the park & really play.

It is a good time to start playing peek a boo and other concept games, like cause & effect. Jean Piaget studied cognitive development in little guys, so his research may be a great resource to help you create games to play with your child. There are also great books about games to play with babies at specific ages.

Good Luck!

R. Magby

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I feel your pain! I was there, too. I'm having much more fun now that they boys are 3 and almost 2. Here are a few things that kept me from going nuts:
- Get out of the house EVERY day - get rid of the sports car and get a mini-van or small SUV. Take up running or walking, buy a jogging stroller and go to different places.
-Join a MOPS group. Look online for a MeetUp group of other moms with babies.
- I did a "Baby and Me" class every week with a local non-profit. Loved it and am still friends with some of the other moms.
good luck!


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I know exactly how you feel I have a 7 month old baby boy also, hes the same way doesnt like to play by himself for very long...The mom classes as somebody else suggested are a good thing to check out we have one at our local YMCA and I have heard good things...also I am starting a class its once a week at the local library and im pretty excited about that :)


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Moms clubs are all over the US. Look online and they will set you up with playgroups, activities, moms day outs, moms night out. Right now, baby may not get a lot out of it, but you will. And as he grows.....he will have instant friends. :0) look online for National Moms Groups or Meet up groups with moms and infants. It saved my sanity and helped us get out and have things too do. I was on the board and got involved as a committy. It was great. And my child was 2 months old when I joined.



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I second Suzanne S. See if your local library has a weekly story time for babies! They are usually about 20 min. long.



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Walk to a library- they have board books he can look at while you get some much needed brain/adult time. You can find lots of books to take home with you then when you're ready just walk home. I see that you're from orem- take your son to one of the malls ((provo towne center or university mall)and walk around- window shop or really shop. All this walking will make you grateful for some down time :) You can even ask around to find out if there are mommy groups in your area that meet and do things- like Don't worry- the tummy-non-mobile-time doesn't last long- and when it does you'll be wanting the tummy time back ;) I miss the utah county area with young kids- there are SOOO many young moms in that area that you just need to look for them. Don't be shy to ask someone out on a mommy play date :)



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trade in your car - and try to get out each day - 7 month olds are not very good at playtime.
mops groups are great also.



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get a new car

look for mom groups on or a locam MOPS or MOMS Club groups. Check out storytime at the local library. Check out for the message boards for support.

I try to stay very busy with my 7 month old son, and I still feel like I'm losing my mind. It's normal to feel that way. So, make sure to stay busy by finding friends and getting out of the house as much as possible.



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Besides doing everything you said, make sure you're reading! I also support finding some sort of mom's group or at least a few moms to hang with. You can always go to the park and sort of "stalk" the other moms! It sounds creepy, I know, but you can find moms who have kids your age and start hanging out with them. My baby is 8 months (and I also have a 2.5 yr. old) but I forget how tiring it is to take care of this little one!!!! Hang in there and just do as much as you can! It's never too early to go out and about and explore and give your child experiences, but having a friend with you makes all the difference! Making mommy friends is the best decision you can make! ;) Good luck!



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Check out Music Together -
You can search for classes near you. My daughter and I started attending when she was just 6 weeks old and continued until she was 3. We both loved the parent/child music classes where we sang, danced and started exploring instruments. The music is fun, incorporating traditional childrens songs, international music and original songs as well. You'll get 2 CD's along with the class so you can listen in the car and at home and you'll meet other parents so you can hopefully open up your social circle. Good luck!



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Do you put on Baby Einstein tapes? My son was and is entranced by those Baby Bach where he loved the music, the images captivated him and it bought me some "me" time to be on the phone with a friend, check emails etc. He also loves when I sing to him and we'd have our own little music sesion, dancing and singing which I would love as he's so responsive, smiling and laughing. My son was much easier than yours it sounds like at that age since he also slept for hours and hours, still does at almost 12 months. At 7 months, he took a morning nap for 3 hours, when I also nap, then an afternoon nap for another 1-2 hours. Your son should be taking good naps during the day at that age - he may be overtired and overactive if not getting adequate sleep during the day. And during those nap times, it will give you a chance to relax and have a break. Mom's club or other playgroups in your area are also a good idea. Good luck!



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HI MeganandOllie,
Have you tried your local library? A lot of them have toddler time where they combine stories, puppets and songs. There are even some who have people come in that introduce music and dance.
As the weather gets nicer you can also walk to you local park. He can go on the swing, slide and explore the sand.
There are also music lessons, swim lessons and little gyms you can go to but they can be pricey.
Hope this Helps!
Suzy & her men (Malcolm 2 and Stanley 4.5)

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