Things to Do in the Hospital

Updated on May 29, 2008
M.D. asks from Longview, TX
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My cousin has just been diagnosed with Leukimia for the second time in 10 months. She has 30 days in the hospital and is needing things she can do. She is a very active 27 year old, but is now forced to stay in her room and as she gets weaker from the chemo stay in the bed. Any ideas to relieve the boredom would be great. She is already going stir-crazy and has only been in 3 days. She remembers how boring it was last time.

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So What Happened?

I wanted to thank everyone for all of their input and prayers. In the next couple of months, she will be receiving a bone marrow transplant. This last round of hospital stays although was tiring and "old" she had more things to do.

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i know shes 27 but theres this great coloring book in Zgalleries in the domain that really works on being creative..its hard to explain but i remember looking at it thinking "this would be great to pass the time for anybody," also origami kits from barnes and noble are fun to do too

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How about getting her to make Christmas cards for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. See how many she can get made before it is time to send them out for the holidays. Or she can send them to injured soldiers at most military hospitals. They will not accept items addressed "to any soldier" but you can address it to the Chaplin of the hospital.
Good Luck and God Bless, your cousin will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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Books, magazines, SUDOKU!!, other brain puzzles (like a Mensa book), card games... have you tried something portable like a Gameboy? Is there something she's wanted to learn about that this down-time would be good for, like politics, history, cross-stitching, etc? What about scrapbooking? If you keep it simple, it wouldn't get too messy. Maybe even do something charitable, like writing letters to soldiers serving overseas? I can't remember the company that handles those, but I'm sure an internet search would turn something up.

I hope those ideas help a little! I've had friends on bed rest before, and it's not fun!



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Try some good books - some geared towards her interests. Also try getting her to learn a new craft - like knitting or something and she can learn something while she is there - or a foreign language - something challenging is always a wonderful idea. Puzzles (but make sure you have a puzzle board to work it in as well) - hand held video games to help keep her focused on something - maybe a small artist set and easle - she can sit on the bed and paint or draw?

I will keep your cousin in my prayers!


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My very best friend in the whole world just went through this. She spent a lot of time in the hospital and then just chemo appts....she was 25 when it happened. i'll ask her more what she did, but here is what I know off the top of my head.

movies, reading, started knitting, learned to sew, wrote cards/thank yous, artsy/crafty things, games, cards...loved visitors when she was allowed to have them!!!!! They set up a website for her where people could write...she loved reading that! I wish your cousin the best of luck. fyi - my friend is on a chemo pill (it has been 1.5yrs) and other meds, but it looks like she is cancer free! :) I'll be praying for your cousin!



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That's tough and I wish her a full recovery. When I had a relative who has to stay in bed we sent her a care package w/ her favorite magazines, a bunch of handheld games - Soduku (or however you spell it), Wheel of Fortune, etc., and also some movies if they have a DVD or VCR in her room - we sent mostly comedies so she could laugh and take her mind off things.

I'm sure other people may have more creative ideas but my cousin said these things really helped her get through it.



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I Enjoyed a latch-hook while down after back surgery. If she is into crafty things. I would go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and get some craft kits that don't make a mess. She could make some Christmas gifts early!!

Best Wishes,
B. M



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I would suggest maybe learning something new. A new language...or learn to play the guitar. Or she could start writing a story---like a children's book. Brainstorming ideas, characters, themes, pictures etc for the book will take time, and she'll be surprised at how fast it flies by!
Good luck and please pass my regards on to thoughts are with her.

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