Things to Do in Las Vegas

Updated on July 27, 2007
C.C. asks from Dallas, TX
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My husband, daughter and I are going to Las Vegas in November. She will be close to 20 months old then. Is there something to do that is appropriate for her age? Thanks.

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Thanks for the feedback. We aren't gamblers so I think the pool, the different animals and circus show might entertain her.

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You've already gotten great responses to what to do, but just wanted to add some encouragement. We went to Vegas on our way to Disneyland from Utah with our son who was almost 3. Yes, he was a little bigger, but still probably liked the same stuff. We are not shoppers or gamblers, so we just enjoyed watching people and seeing the lights and sights of Vegas. Yes, we were out late...we were at Denny's at midnight, but we weren't "dragging him around in his stroller". He was up and excited and enjoying it. He loved the fountains and seeing the tigers. M&M was a hit of course. I just wanted to say, regardless of what others may say, you can go and have fun as a family. We didn't even spend any money, except for breakfast at Denny's! Have fun!



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I have taken my kids to Vegas many of times. Luckily, I am a shopper not a gambler. So, we have usually just walked around the shopping places looking at the stuff we can't afford. I just took my kids walking around looking at all the beautiful hotels. The Venetian Gondola ride. The quirky museums they have there. (While we haven't been in 3 years I am not sure if it is still there)----There is M&M world, Coke Cola little tour. Circus Circus has a little indoor amusement park plus a Circus show. Also, the big
water show at that one hotel (Gosh, can't think of it but it is across from Paris), also you can go up in the Eiffel Tower at Paris. At 20 months she'll probably just be happy to splash in your hotel's pool water though. She'll enjoy the bright lights and water show. If you are feeling really adverturous, take a small side trip to The Grand Canyon, although she is a little young to understand that. Doesn't hurt to try. I have also taken my girls to Disney every year since they were born, and the oldest is 8 years old now, which means they even went as babies, even that young they had fun and smiled and played all day! Just remember, it's what you make of it. If you get excited about something you see, so will she. Have fun!



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Hi C.,
Unless you are visiting family or have business there, I would not take your daughter to Las Vegas...I am totally not trying to be rude, but we have been there twice and actually just got back this past weekend. I felt sorry for the children I saw...they were all asleep in their strollers (too late at night) or in smoky hotels/casinos. It really is a lot of fun for adults and we had a blast. There is a lion exhibit at MGM grand, tigers at Mirage, and an aquarium at Mandalay Bay. There really isn't much else for kids to do "on the strip". Either way, I hope you have fun!



answers from Dallas on can't judge how your children will be by watching other people's parenting skills (or lack thereof). We LOVE Las Vegas and there TRULY is something for everyone! For my wedding party we had our dinner/entertainment in Vegas and flew in helicopters to the service in the Grand Canyon, then flew back to Vegas for the reception and stuff. You MUST go to and just click on the headings they have like "family fun" or "free attractions". For children under 3 or 4, LOTS of stuff is free, anyway. The lights, people, music, etc are much like an amusement park atmosphere. In one night you can go to Venice, Egypt, medieval England, New York, Paris, Monaco, etc. Very fun if you think about it. There's no charge to go to these hotels and "explore" and some of them on the strip even have their own shuttles that take you to all of them so you don't have to walk far or take cabs constantly. If you like Star Trek there's a whole themed restaurant, museum, etc at the Hilton (I think? Starts with an H)You can check out Red Rock Canyon (beautiful), witness all kinds of free shows out on the street like light, fountain, Atlantis shows, my 2 year old sister got a kick out of watching the divers go in and feed the fish and sharks (free), there's LOTS of buffets and really really good food (no need to be at Dennys unless you want to). And for the list (much too long to write), just go to (but I have to say we LOVE Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitats at the Mirage: not only can you see like 5 different types of Tigers, black panthers, different types of leopards, etc but you know that these animals are well cared for in a preservation habitat, not a thrown together exhibit. (Money is no option for a lot of these places!) Circus Circus is the place to go for lots of fun shows and stuff to look at that are related to and for children. But like I said, there's TONS of stuff, fun for all. Just because you've heard of people not being good parents doesn't mean you have to be one. Vegas is a fun place for everyone if you plan ahead and have a loose "itinerary". My wedding party included grandparents, parents, in-between people, and very young children. The only not-fun time was going home and waiting in line at the airport (we went during a peak season: New Years day, lol). However, that's another bonus in your favor: a typically family holiday when people are home like Thanksgiving, EVERYTHING is SUPER cheap (we once stayed in a $350 room 4 days before Thanksgiving for $55/night!) and the weather is much much nicer (not so hot) in November. Have fun!!!



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Hi C.,

There is quite a bit to do in the outskirts of Las Vegas as well, so if yall are renting a car while you're there, take advantage of it!! Drive up to the mountains, I bet your daughter will enjoy any snow that is up there. The hotels all for the most part have kid-driven activities. The gondola rides will be fun for her at the Venetian, the lights at night will be fun, the fountain shows at the Bellagio, the dolphin and tiger habitat at the Mirage as well as the volcano, the pirate show outside of Treasure Island, and Circus Circus has the Midway complete with a circus show...lots to do, I'm sure your daughter will have a blast!!


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