Thin Moms, PLEASE Come Here :)

Updated on February 07, 2012
L._. asks from Lakeside, CA
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Okay, here goes. I am NOT on a diet. I will NOT count calories again so long as I live. I am FINE with my size if I don't get bigger. My ONLY desire is to live for and please the Lord. When I do that, everything else will come into place.

However, that does not mean that I can not live and eat a little more healthful.

I want to know what thin moms are eating :) PLEASE.. I don't want to hear stories about losing weight. I am not going on a lifestyle change. I'm not taking pills, potions, vitamins, or giving up any particular food. I prefer to just pay attention to the people around me and be open and willing to try some foods I don't eat often or haven't ate at all.

I just ate a bowl full of little baby brussel sprouts sauteed in olive oil with baby bella mushrooms. A little salt on that and it was AWESOME.

I'd like to hear what your favorite foods are if you are thin :) Please & thank you!

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So What Happened?

Great idea bout avoiding processed. It's difficult for me to totally avoid them all. But I have weeded out as much as possible. I am partial to some of the rice dinners that have the spices into them. I tend to add them to soups where the vegetables are fresh and I've picked and cooked the meat myself. I do eat organic when I can get it at a reasonable price and I look for range grass fed meat that is not given antibiotics and other things. I avoid red meat because it gets down in my gums and teeth and I love fish. But I buy fish that is caught out in the middle of the ocean as much as possible because I don't want to get mercury poison.

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answers from Albany on

There is no trick. If you eat more calories then you use, you'll be overweight. That simple.

If it's NOT about 'losing weight' then why are you asking THIN moms only?

What are thin moms eating? Fewer calories than fat moms (including me).


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answers from Kansas City on

Guess cause I'm fat and trying to eat healthy means i can't answer...and boy to do I have some great ideas that I won't be sharing cause only skinny people need apply!

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answers from Augusta on

I eat everything. I have a high metabolism.
I eat everything I'm not supposed to lol.
I do wish I was in better shape so I am starting to do zumba but as far as food goes, I can't diet because I like food too much and I like the stuff that's bad for me. I don't like veggies and fruits, I eat meat like it's necessary to live like breathing.

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answers from St. Louis on

I can't diet, I love food too much. :) One thing people sometimes don't realize is diet foods can actually cause you to gain weight. The foods I am talking about are processed foods that are low in calories. People always seem to fixate on one thing or another when dieting. So say you are going for low fat, you don't realize it is high in calories. Low calorie, high in fat. Frankly your body doesn't like unnatural foods anyway so regardless it is going to punish you.

Everything I eat is 100% natural.

When I want to lose weight I kick up my activities and exercise.

Oh, not so much thin as healthy here. :)

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answers from Richmond on

'Diet' is a nasty, 4 letter word ;)

I don't diet, but you're wrong in thinking it's not a lifestyle change.

I eat what I want... but I pay attention to portion sizes and bad calories vs good calories. A short stack of pancakes (which I'm actually addicted to, but I digress) is horrible for you, but has the same amount of calories as a piece of grilled chicken the size of your fist, a cup of steamed veggies, 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes, a side salad, and a cup of vanilla ice cream.

You should check out the book 'Eat this; Not that' for easy substitutes.

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answers from Chicago on

So fat moms do not know or eat healthy foods ever?

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answers from Bismarck on

It's not necessarily about what you eat, but how much. I am naturally thin, as are all the women in my family. Genetically blessed, I suppose, to a large extent. Being aware of what a healthy diet consists of is obvious. Plenty of fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc., but, something I believe the women in my family do, without even thinking about it, is practice "everything in moderation". As far as I'm concerned, nothing is off limits, but I J. naturally don't choose to eat more than I need. For examle, only one brownie out of a pan, only one small slice of that cheesecake, ice cream as a treat, not a staple. I'm aware that I don't "need" more than that and I J. don't indulge in more than I need. I don't see it as self control so much as a lifestyle...and so, though you said a lifestyle change isn't what you're looking for, it will be necessary.

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answers from Dallas on

I've always been thin, 5-5" and about 115#, tiny waist, perky natural DD's chest, size 0-2 before and after pregnancy and hysterectomy.

I do not diet. I eat whatever I want in moderation. I am not a big sweets fan so you would not catch me having desserts, cookies, ice cream, etc very often at all. I'll occasionally have a bite of some dessert but never an entire piece of cake or pie. I've never enjoyed sweets that much.

I do have a craving occasionally for a greasy cheeseburger and I will eat one. Everyday, of course not.

I enjoy fresh salads and my favorite is caprese with the orange and red grape tomatoes. My salad dressing of choice is lemon juice...

We eat out a lot, especially lunch because we need to step away from our home office. We usually go to the local Market Street which has great soups, fresh salad bar and a hot bar. I love soups.

I love to cook and I do not use no-fat, non-fat items... I use real butter, real sour cream, real mayo, etc. I don't buy into the organic hype either.

I buy all our meats from the local butcher. Our beef comes from the same place the 5 star restaurants use. I pay more for it... upwards of $15 per steak but the quality is worth it. We do eat a lot of beef, grill steaks almost weekly.

Again, I believe it is all in moderation and exercise. I don't buy into the media hype and I walk a lot as well.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Not necessarily "thin" but I've been a healthy weight all my life and I am 50 now. I don't count calories or diet, but I will watch portion sizes and monitor how much I eat in a day. Very few foods are off limits, but I will very rarely drink a regular soda or eat potato chips. I eat cheeseburgers and hot fudge sundaes and pizza and cookies and I drink beer. I eat when I am hungry and don't eat when I'm not. That sounds simple, but I watch my friends eat and eat just because something tastes good, or it is there in front of them. Or drink several drinks in one night. I just can't, and don't chose, to do that. I exercise almost every day. I either run 3-4 miles or go to a karate class, or do a P90x workout video at home.

I eat vegetables when I have them and could do better with that. I don't eat much fruit. I eat a lot of carbs, though most are whole grain. I love my local bakery that makes most of their goodies with whole grains, though not low-calorie. I eat all meats, but in small quantities and also eat protein alternatives like beans.

Favorite meals are stir-frys with chicken or beef and several vegetables (whatever I have on hand) cooked in olive oil, then add a little of one or two bottled sauces. Serve over either brown rice, noodles, a tortilla, or just plain in a bowl. Soup is another favorite. I make a batch of homemade soup and eat if for lunch for several days. Omelets with vegetables and just a little meat are good.

I start each day with a protein shake because I wake up hungry, but don't like eggs or meat for breakfast, and I find that I need protein throughout the day or I eat more and feel worse.

I don't think our favorite foods determine if we are thin or not. My favorite foods include apple pie with ice cream, Doritos, and chocolate, but also fresh veggies and fruit out of the garden. It is a total, everyday, lifestyle that has an effect on our weight and health.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Bottom line: your body is designed to function on FOOD and the incredible natural nutrients therein. If you're eating processed foods, no matter how great the health claim behind them, you're subjecting your body to a chemical cocktail that it does not recognize as food. It cannot function optimally and you are then subject to a host of health issues, many of which people don't attribute to the "food" they take in their bodies. Why is this surprising? Everything from physical, mental, and emotional health issues, autoimmune, behavioral and learning issues, and chronic health challenges are all traced back to what we put into our bodies (through our mouths, skin, and bloodstream). When Matt and I first learned about all of this, we went more natural with our eating and that included regular butter and cheese (hormone-free) and other things that some swear off as being "fattening". We did not gain weight. When we fed our bodies properly, they used the food more efficiently. We are rarely ill - even our 2yo. Until people realize that most of the food in the center aisles of their grocery store are not fit for their consumption, our society will always have this collective eating disorder that is ruled by guidelines, false health claims, and gross imbalance. EAT REAL FOOD, America! (For more info, I highly suggest watching Food Inc, or reading anything by Michael Pollan). Read labels, avoid the chemicals / additives / artificial stuff and you WILL notice a difference in your weight and overall health. It would be really great if drs actually learned anything about this stuff instead of focusing only on the drugs to "help" you when the body is all screwed up. Since no one stands to profit from Americans learning and implementing these things, the food industry will stand squarely in the way of making them public knowledge.

End rant. =)

That said, though...we eat what we like, we just found better versions of it. Stores like Trader Joes have amazing food, even snacks and desserts, that don't contain ANY of those nasty chemical additives. We cook dinner using whole foods whenever possible. The basic math still applies when it comes to healthy weight: you need to use many or more calories than you take in in order to lose or maintain weight, so we try to keep active.

Other best practices:

1. EAT BREAKFAST! This is one of the number one most important things you can do for yourself to regulate your metabolism for the day.

2. Drink water. Don't drink soda - there's nothing in it that will help you be healthy.

3. Move every day!

Good luck!

PS: Your brussel sprout recipe sounds wonderful!

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answers from Columbia on

Roast chicken

We eat fast food religiously - one night per week.


red meat about once per week.

spaghetti about once a week

tons of water

ps (i also exercise most days)

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answers from Santa Barbara on

I am naturally very tall and thin but multiple spine surgeries prevented me from exercising like I should for years. Now back at it and it is amazing for the mind and body (we are about the same age). I'm thinking with the 24/7 daycare you don't make that time for yourself to exercise. With all the other good things you are doing, this would be a great addition.

I don't eat mammals either but I am concerned with your teeth and gums. I know you are not big on physicians but I hope you are taking care of your teeth.

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answers from Phoenix on

I would never have considered myself thin, but now at 131 lbs and 5 foot 4 inches, it's the thinnest I've ever been. Last Aug went on the anti-candida (yeast free) diet (google it, please) and lost 12 lbs. I was suffering from fatigue and colitis. The diet basically removes all processed (think anything in a box with a long shelf life) food and replaces it with healthy vegies, meat and grains. I've never been successful at any diet, but because after a couple weeks I felt so much better and energetic, I have stuck with it in a "modified sense". Yeah, I do enjoy pizza and dessert occasionally, but I don't crave sugar and chocolate like I used to. Hope you find success and a longer life to serve the Lord. That's really all that matters anyway, that our health is such that we can do what our Lord desires as He provides the strength and ability. Nurse Midwife Mama of 3

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answers from San Antonio on

I am 5'10" and many of my friends tell me I am too thin....

Okay first bad thing I do is I don't eat breakfast...I have never been able to without getting a stomach ache. So, a cup or two of coffee with real half and half in the morning.

Starting at lunch...well lunches I tend to eat out...but being on an budget I am just frugal...if we go fast food I order a sandwich and tea (or water). At home a peanut butter and honey sandwich and an apple or yogurt...other fruit, raspberries, blueberries, kiwi...

Dinner I cook from and chicken...tons of fresh veggies with a bowl of fresh fruit for dessert. Most veggies are steamed with a bit of butter and season salt on them. Brussels sprouts cooked in half olive oil half butter with minced garlic, awesome!!

After dinner I admit I love to snack...I will grab some cookies or a bowl of ice cream. Then later go back for an apple with some cheese slices. Or a yogurt and more fruit.

Looking at this I didn't really realize how much of my diet is made up of fruits, veggies and yogurt. I don't care for I don't eat many carbs. although I could eat my weight in mashed potatoes and gravy if given a chance.

I will tell you things I do not buy or keep in the house. I don't buy or drink soda...not because of sugar but because carbonation is so hard on your body. I do not buy chips or many processed foods at all.

I shop the perimeter of the store...linger in the produce department...find a store that sells good fresh fish...if you can buy it in a whole wheat form do so (bread, pasta, tortillas).

Favorite foods: apples (honeycrisp), all berries, cheese, yogurt (brands with no high fructose corn syrup)...lately soy (baked, in tacos, with homemade salsa) flavored hagindaz ice cream...oreos...oh currently I am drinking arnold palmers (half tea/half lemonade).

Hope this helps...

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answers from San Diego on

I love to eat the Healthy Choice meals, and Lean Cuisine. However, I am a grandma and I had a heart attack five years ago. I changed my eating to only the meals with low sodium, low calories, low cholesterol, and low fats (especially low saturated fat). These are the rules I have made for myself to keep my heart healthy. I love to eat salmon and salad. I also only eat at a very few restaurants and only if they have a "healthy" menu. Rubio's child's meal with taquitos and rice looks like it is not enough, but really it is just the right size and low on all of my numbers. Just remember to read how big a serving is and stick to that. That way, you can keep yourself healthy and still enjoy your meals. I also excercise and walk between 2-3 miles everyday, plus volunteer at my grandson's school and babysit my three year old granddaughter. I keep busy and my heart has actually improved.
Good luck.
K. K.

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answers from Kansas City on

I don't eat for 2 weeks and then, just when I'm about to pass out, I eat a cube of cheese............. Lol.... I'm just joking that's from a movie.

A couple of things... You shouldn't assume that some women are thin only because of what they eat. Everyone has a different metabolism. Heredity plays a part in size/weight as well. Just because someone is heavy doesn't mean they eat a lot or eat "bad" foods. Also, consider that in addition to careful eating many women have an exercise regime. You're doing yourself a a major disservice if you think that simply eating what thin women eat is what will keep you at your current weight, keep you from gaining weight or cause you to lose weight. There is no magic food. Best wishes to you!

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answers from Kansas City on

I am thin (5'2" 100lbs), but I think it is more my genes and metabolism than anything else. I am active, but I don't work out. I eat junk food, but in moderation (like one piece of pizza for dinner w/ a salad). I would say being healthy is the most important thing. I know a lot of people cut out soda to cut calories. Good Luck!

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answers from Dallas on

Avoiding anything refined. Meaning, white things. White bread, white sugars, white pastas. They are all refined. You want to stick with 100% whole wheat. (Oatmeal, is another really healthy grain.) Dark green veggies are the best, so you are on the right track with brussel sprouts ;) Eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies. Always have fruits and veggies (veggies, especially) outnumber protein size at every meal. Make sure you have a healthy gut by taking probiotics, or eating yogurt with love active culture strains. Get enough sleep!! Sleep is hugely tied to weight.

My favorite foods:
Dark green lettuce varieties
Brussel sprouts
Olive oil (not extra virgin. Regular olive oil should be used for cooking, extra virgin can't take the heat of cooking)
Greek yogurt (lower in calories and more protein)
Red potatoes
Homemade soup, w/ homemade stock
Homemade pizza w/ homemade sauce and lots of veggies
Tacos with lots of veggies
Black beans

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answers from Rochester on

Small sandwiches with lean meat on tapioca bread and TONS of veggies on these ( forest ham with just a tiny bit of mayo, but loaded with tomatoes, lettuce, etc.)

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answers from Houston on

99% of moms that are thin have had to work pretty hard on it, not just eat the right things. Calories have to be burned and if someone is not thin already they must burn much more.

Its really a loaded question.

...............For the record ive been both a thin and fat mom and now im pregnant and fit Ive always eaten the same healthy stuff since my teeage years. Vegetarian, largely raw and not overly processed. There's no cookie cutter answers here.

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answers from Boca Raton on

Breakfast- I normally eat: egg whites and an onion bagel with butter...(you can make an omelette, I'm just too lazy to cut up everything)

-Iced coffee with Stevia, no sugar.. French vanilla creamer..

Snack- a protein bar

Lunch- whole wheat wrap with turkey (cold cuts turkey), swiss cheese, avocado, spicy mustard, spinach (it's really good).... OR peanut butter and banana sandwich

snack- pretzels with cream cheese, goldfish, Fiber one 90 calorie bar, dried fruit

Dinner- whatever.... I can't cook raw meat and eat it (GROSSES ME OUT).. Soooooo, if my husband cooks- chicken with broccoli, Uncle Ben's whole grain brown rice (cooks in 90 seconds).
OR turkey burgers with sweet potato...I don't eat red meat or pork.. I dont like the taste of it.

Dessert- whatever.. I'm not on a diet at all... Frozen yogurt, apples with peanut butter, popcorn...

- I don't EVER drink soda, EVER!!! Don't even like it....

- I drink Crystal Light or water...

- I workout (pretty high impact if I'm feeling okay.. I have dizziness issues so sometimes have to be careful).. I do a circuit training workout...

- I'm 33, 5'10", 138 lbs.. Would like to get back to 134 lbs but oh well if I don't..


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answers from Erie on

IMO, just as important as what you eat is what you drink. Years ago, I cut out all soft drinks (I was told to avoid corn syrup due to an allergy and I don't like the taste of diet) and I know that has really helped me to stay thin. I don't really like drinking water, but I really work at getting as much as I can each day. I have reusable water bottles and I hit the water fountains for refills whenever I can.

As for my diet, I strive the freshest foods possible in moderation. We love marinated beef and pork, as well as seafood. We don't really eat a lot of chicken (for many reasons). Tacos and pizza are a staple of our menu, but we make them ourselves - shortcuts are seasoning mix from a packet, hard shell tacos from a box, and pizza sauce from a jar. We probably have pasta once a week, but we've been trying the healthier noodle choices that are available now. We try to eat a salad every day, but I think the hardest part of our diet is getting to the store often enough to have fresh fruits and veggies in the house.

Oh yeah, as for snacks... We avoid keeping sweets in the house as much as possible. Instead we have nuts, granola bars, and fruit on hand (hubby likes popcorn, another healthy option). My guilty pleasure is chocolate - 72% dark - which has some health benefits without all the sugars of milk chocolate. I have a square or two when I need a "pick me up" so I usually only go through one or two bars a week. I used to eat yogurt a lot, but I have to watch my sugar* so now I eat cottage cheese - if you like dill, mix some in with it, otherwise a couple tablespoons of fruit jam on top is delish.

Since our tastes are so personal, we all have different cravings. I hope you can find something here that helps...

* I have never been overweight, but I don't think I would be as thin as I am right now if I weren't limiting my carbs due to my recent diabetes diagnosis. I have an appointment coming up to see what my options are to ensure a healthy balanced diet (most likely, I'll go on some medication which I've been resisting).

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answers from Atlanta on

In addition to staying away from as many processed foods as possible, I stay away from "white" flours, wheat and sugar. I stay away from white carbs, bread, potatoes and the like. Sure, I enjoy some chips and salsa sometime or pizza, but not very often. I have no gluten allergies or celiacs or anything, but my body responds very well to leaving that stuff alone. I "puff up" very quickly when I eat it.

It took me a long time to quit yo-yoing and finally stay where I should be. I basically do what I state above and don't eat very much. I read that one time from a woman who said that honestly, when people asked her how she stayed so thin after 4 kids, she told them she didn't eat a whole lot -and it's true. I eat 4-6 times a day in small quantities and I exercise a lot!

Favorite "go-to" foods - baby carrots, strawberries/Kashi Go Lean/FF peach yogurt/Nut Thins or other gluten free crackers and a few pieces of cheese/arugula with almost anything/lots of fresh fruit/cucumbers/smoked chicken wings (no buttery sauce)/black beans with salsa and jalepenos/shrimp.

There are a number of "diets" -read eating plans -that work for different people depending on your makeup and your tastes. I lean toward the paleo/very low carb type of diet -although I do eat dairy. I will never give up cheese!

I also drink a ton of water -around a gallon a day -and a lot of herbal teas. I drink one or two large coffees a day which makes me feel like I've had a treat and fills me up a bit.

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answers from San Francisco on

Like you I am fine with my weight, but I am NOT fine with gaining more!
I was naturally thin up until about my mid thirties and then I guess my metabolism changed. It was hard for me to learn that I could no longer eat whatever I wanted :(
I gained 25 pounds over the course of about five years and then lost 10 pounds in 2010 (by calorie counting.) I have maintained my current weight for well over a year.
Here's my list of tips and tricks:
-if I have a craving for fast food I order a kid's meal
-I eat half the bread I used to (half sandwich, half a bagel, etc.)
-I eat less meat, especially beef
-I bulk up on veges as much as possible (LOVE to take some cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and toss them with a little garlic and olive oil and roast them in the oven...YUM!)
-I love beans! Bean soup, bean salad. Beans are a great, healthy way to get "full."
-I often order a vegetarian meal when I go out (there are so many good choices now and they are usually not only tasty but cheaper.)
-An egg white omelette full of sauteed peppers and onions with just a bit of cheese is delish (add garlic powder to the egg whites to boost the flavor.)
There's probably more but these are what's coming to mind now :)



answers from New York on

I am thin, largely because I am a grazer and don't have much of an appetite. I get very cranky if I get hungry, so I try not to find myself in that situation. I eat anything and everything, except okra (can't get over the texture), but not much of it. If you handed me an oversized portion of even my favorite food (lasagna), I'd feel daunted and overwhelmed because its just too much food.

If you can get yourself to a place where you can listen to your stomach, and be wary of the discomfort that comes with overindulgence, you'll find yourself in a thinner and more comfortable place.

I naturally love vegetables, fruit, and eater. Soda, and sugary treats, or salty treats don't sit well with me.

Also, I get agitated if I haven't gotten some exercise in. I need to move to get my head in the right place and to get some pent up energy out.

If you put some routines in place, and stick with them long enough, you might find your inclinations changing too, then when you find you don't just want to eat better, but you need to eat better, and when you need to get to the gym, the weight will shift. You will no longer be in diet and exercise more, you will just be eating better and exercising more, not with a sense of dread or obligation, but because they are pleasurable parts of the day.

An eating plan that can help you accomplish this is to "EAT MORE". Don't deviate from your normal diet at all. Assume you have a bacon egg and cheese and hashbrowns for breakfast, a tuna melt and fries for lunch, and steak and roast sprouts for dinner. You split the same foods into 6 meals, you add a portion of something healtful, and a cup of water with each.

i.e. half a grapefruit, and a cup of water, and half the bacon egg and cheese and half the hasbrowns for at 7. now a handful of almonds, a cup of water, and as much of the rest of breakfast as you can eat. at lunch, a cup of spinach with balsamic vinegar, hald the tuna melt and half the fries, and a cup of water. at two a mandarin orange, and as much of the rest of the tuna melt and fries as you can manage, and a cup of water. similar protocol for dinner.

No special diet, no special food, no sense of deprivation because you are actually eating more. All the while, you are training yourself to eat less. You don't get hungry because you are eating so often. You are getting used to getting more healthy foods in your life. At first, you will be desperate for that second half of the meal. If you stick with this, by the third week, with a positive attitude, you will be struggling to actually eat the second half of the meal, and eating less and less of it.

just remember, the "eat more" strategy doesn't give you carte blanche to supplement with junky snacks. Also, at teh end of the day a calorie is a calorie is a calorie. If you eat unreasonable amounts of even healthy foods, you'll see yourself putting on.

Good luck to you and yours.
F. B.



answers from Raleigh on

Ha, I have tons of friends who are thin but they eat junk and as much as they want to.



answers from Burlington on

Hi! I am a thin mom. I am more slender now than i was when i was younger, when i was a bit chunky. Here is what I believe works for me. I truely LOVE food so I eat a wide variety of foods reglarly. When I was bigger it was normal for me to eat three meals a day that left me very, very full. Now i eat smaller amounts every 2-4 hours. I don't know quite how this change came about but I really like it because I never get that "too full" feeling .I really hate that feeling. I usually stop eating when i am just satisfied not very full. That means that I literally never finish my meal at a restaurant. It is hard to "waste" the food bt the portions are unreasonably large and I just bring the leftovers home to snack on later. I have come to think that it's just as wastefull to eat everything if it leaves you feeling a bit sick. I also do not count calories. I eat whatever I feel like. Sometimes that is cake and sometimes that is broccoli! I think if you just listen to your body it will let you know what you need :) I really commend you for refusing to count calories or diet. i think those things just doom you to fail. Listening to your bodies needs instead of what you "should" eat (ie: finish your plate, or only eat salad) will almost certainly serve you well. Good luck and congrats on your already healthy attitude towards respecting your body enough to not torture it with diets!



answers from Redding on

I've always been thin. I'm tall, but very small framed like my mother. My wedding ring size is 4. Before my hysterectomy, there were times I was too thin and I just couldn't gain weight to save myself. However, after my hysterectomy 15 years ago, I gained 20 pounds and for the most part have managed to keep it on.
I'm on the go all the time. I tend to have jobs that are high stress and I never have time to sit down. I run my little legs off all day long.
Getting plenty of exercise to keep your metabolism going is good. Also, eating small portions of things throughout the day, every couple of hours or so, as opposed to having 3 meals a day is supposed to also help.

I eat everything, although I very VERY rarely have fast food. I love fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish.

You might want to see a nutritionist because they take your body type and everything into consideration. They can also let you know if you are the type of person that eating starches converts to sugar or what combinations of foods to avoid. The main thing is healthy nutrition and of course, getting plenty of exercise.

My sister and I grew up in the same house and had the same foods offered to us. Even as children we were built completely differently. Eating the same things someone else eats may not have any bearing on anything.
I'm 49 and still built like a stick. My sister is very curvy and large chested. We couldn't be built the same if we tried. Everyone's bodies work differently.

Best wishes.


answers from Williamsport on

Every day, I eat salads. BIG fulfilling yummy salads WITH some protein and carbs added in. Like, some pasta noodles, potatoes, nuts, mac n cheese, or a chopped up piece of pizza (better than eating four pieces of pizza or a whole bowl of mac n cheese) on top or whatever to give it some Oomph. If I get a big sandwich from a deli, I'll eat half, and have the rest chopped up on a salad at dinner rather than eating a mega sandwich for lunch AND a dinner later. I vary the veggies and greens in the salad always for extra nutrition and use olive oil and balsamic for dressing. That's lunch AND dinner when I'm home. Breakfast is some sort of multigrain cereal or bread with eggs or non fat milk. If I'm out and about and trapped without good food, I might eat some junk (and hate it), but I make up for it later in the day and at the gym. I do eat lots of other things too, but I make sure my salad is the biggest portion by far. If I splurge out to dinner at times I don't sweat it because that doesn't happen often, but if I have my choice, it's spicy Thai food with lots of veggies anyway. I only drink coffee, water, tea and wine. No sweet drinks. And I'm not into desserts at all, but I like a square or two of very dark chocolate almost every day!
Stay natural and organic as much as possible and avoid processed. I don't count calories, but I maintain my 10 pound yo yo just fine and never gain sizes.
If I do make something like instant organic mac and cheese, or instant natural Asian stuff, I add in tons of my own sauteed veggies to stretch it out and make it more healthy. I LOVE tons of broccoli and garlic added into mac n cheese ON TOP OF a big salad. YUM.



answers from Cleveland on

Hi, I am not thin but much thinner than I was. I initially counted carbs but now that I know the carb/glycemic index value of many foods, I can mentally balance this rather readily. Green vegetables have a low glycemic value, near zero. So, up the green veggies! You should also have protein with every meal/snack, and a protein snack is best. Fruit should NEVER be eaten alone, you need to eat protein with it to balance the sugar. You can eat a ton of veggies with every meal to fill you up, thus balancing the rest of your meal. Just to give you an idea, snacks are 15-20 carbs, breakfast 15-20, lunch 30 or 45, dinner 30 or 45 (that means that one should be 30, the other 45, at most). If you've had 8 oz of milk and a piece of fruit, that is 30+ right there. That can be balanced with a small piece of chicken, steak, fish plus veggies. Yummy meal. A serving of rice is 1/2 c. and about 15-20 carbs. I do avoid pasta and rice but will have it occasionally and yes, wild rice is the better option. I use olive oil and garlic in most of my cooking. Make your own salad dressing, you'll know what's in it.

Read up on insulin resistance and the glycemic index. Eating like this has been like a lightbulb explosion for me.



answers from Denver on

You've gotten good advice. I do all organic, no processed, etc as well. I'm not sure if anyone else said this, but absolutely avoid all high fructose corn syrup (also known as corn sugar) as it suppresses the hormone that tells your body you are full and you will eat more food. Avoid all hydrogenated oils and anything with MSG (goggle MSG to see a list of names that are MSG by a different name). Drink lots of water. When you "sigh" when you are eating it is your body's way of telling you that you are full---sometimes you sigh before you feel full. Give it a few minutes and you'll notice that you really are full. Don't eat everything on your plate just because it's there. Don't deny yourself because when you do you end up binging later. Have a small piece of cake now, rather than half the cake later :-) Oh, and make sure to get plenty of fiber and enough protein to feel full.
Good luck!


answers from Pocatello on

switch to whole grain wherever possible, fill up on salads beore dinner... try to limit your portion sizes on foods (a great trick is to use smaller plates (like 9 inces) and bowls.

Drink water, and the best advice- NO soda. There is nothing wrong with fizzy drinks... like I use my "soda stream" to fizz water and add o or low calorie sweeteners rather than drinking soda when I really want something sweet and fizzy... but if I am just thirsty, I drink water... a big glass 8 oz or more glass before your meals will also help curb your appetite so you can eat less to feel full. eat carbs paired with a protein as much as possible... it helps your body USE the energy from carbs rather than make new fat with it!

Lastly, eat till you feel 80% full- but not all the way! wait 15-20 minutes and you'll probably feel like you aren't hungry anymore... it gives your body time to "feel" your food.(If you truly are still hungry, then follow up with a small second helping) I also put half of how much I am "hungry for" on a plate - and most of the time... that is enough, I don't NEED as much as I think I do in most cases.

Good Luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

What do you consider to be thin/healthy? I'm 5' 6" and weigh about 140 (a little less on a good day). I generally wear an 8 or a 10. I consider myself to be a healthy weight - some call me thin. I'd prefer to weigh about 5 lb's less though...

I eat home made food. I don't buy processed stuff as a rule. I eat 3 meals a day plus a snack or two. I try to limit snacks, as I am pretty sure I eat enough calories during the day to not need them.

I get to the YMCA 3 times a week most weeks. I do cardio and yoga, and pilates if I can fit the class in.

Add proteins for breakfast. They keep you going. Your body needs carb's every 4 hours... I think the "no carb" diets are insane.

Tonight I made Pad Thai with rice noodles. One of my 3 kids ate it... hubby and I loved it.

Focus on "whole foods". Read the Ominvore's Dilemna by Michael Pollan.

Good luck!



answers from New York on

I munch on baby carrots all the time. I dip them in honey mustard--not the dressing. I eat tons of veggies. I love them. I also exercise a lot. It's my sanity. It's not about being thin, it's about being healthy. Genetics is at play here as is physical activity.


answers from New York on

My biggest tip is to use a program like to keep track of what you are eating every day. I found that by writing down everything I was able to look back over the course of a couple weeks and see where I could make some better choices. I really didn't eat a lot of processed food to begin with but now I've almost cut them out.

I find that if I plan my eating out for the entire day or two I can make better choices. So if I'm starving at 2 in the afternoon I know what I'll be having instead of wandering into the kitchen and grabbing anything I can get my hands on.

Also make small changes. Every 2 weeks I make one little change and stick with it. My first change was eat nothing after dinner unless it was a fruit or veggie. After 2 weeks that was a way of life and I was able to add the next change; no seconds at meals unless it's a veggie. My 3rd change starts Monday.



answers from Washington DC on

I'm naturally on the thin side, though lately I could use to drop 5-10. On my small frame, it's showing in ways that make me unhappy. While I get your point, I think all women should weigh in. Someone who's tried diets can tell you what probably won't work. People who burn everything easily can eat a lot of junk (not that everyone does, but I have a friend who spent his 20s eating fries and pizza).

I tend to not snack or snack lightly, don't often eat dessert and like to eat lots of veg. I like meals like stir fry or chili because I can pack them with veggies and not a lot of meat. I don't tend to add carbs to them (I don't eat a lot of rice or pasta). You can do things like make a bigger salad, drink more water, cut back on soda, take the stairs, park farther from the entrance. Eat baked vs fried. If you crave cookies, eat one cookie and put the rest away. Use smaller plates (may be especially helpful if you grew up with the clean your plate mentality). If you want to control your portions, pour the chips into a small bowl and then eat only that portion. Don't eat out of the bag. IKEA sells cute bowls in packs of 6 for kids. Those are good snack sizes.

Fewer calories. More moving. It's math. You have to change your thinking. Eat what you like, but change the calorie content, by switching ingredients or changing the quantity. Read labels. You'll be surprised.



answers from Cincinnati on

I've been avoiding processed foods. They taste terrible.
Buy lightly salted chips or baked on occasion. I try to replace chips with fresh veggies.
Use lean ground beef when on sale only. Otherwise ground turkey but it has to be the leanest or it isn't any better than ground beef, i think because of the dark and light meat added together.
Use no salt added tomatoes or tomato sauce etc.
Use Olive oil or Canola Oil
Use fresh vegetables instead of canned or frozen
Use Whole Grain or 100% whole wheat pasta. I prefer whole grain
Brown or wild rice instead of white.
whole greain bread instead of white
Make my own food instead of eating out.
NO SODA. I make a pitcher of water and cut up 2-3 pieces of lemon and lime. I did have to experiment a little bit to get the right combination for my taste. Put it in the fridge to chill. It tastes good and refreshing. I got this from another mama on here. i also like cranberry juice without the added sugar.
avoid high frutose corn syrup
eat fruit every day for breakfast or at least sometime everyday.



answers from Chicago on

I eat Cheerios with skim milk every morning (good for the heart and cholesterol) with a cup of hot tea. For lunch, I usually eat a half a whole wheat pita with hummus and cucumber. For dinner, I make a variety of things, but I have recently started making a salad every night and trying to cover half of my plate with the combination of salad and whatever vegetable I am serving that night, so I can only fill up half a plate with whatever yummy dinner I made. It keeps my portion size small of the yummy stuff yet I still get to eat it. Plus, I like adding more vegetables to my daily life. My salads are slightly different each night, but things I like to have on hand to add are raisins, shredded cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded carrots, apples, and croutons. In general, I like to eat healthy, but I also don't deprive myself of a good treat every now and then :)



answers from Spartanburg on

Not sure what it is considered thin here, but i am a size 4/6 so I thought I'd chime in. I don't diet and eat carbs BUT I naturally dislike any form of alcohol and sodas, so I think that helps a lot.


answers from San Diego on

I always eat breakfast. I often just grab an egg out of the coop, break it in a bowl with a bit of cheese and a variety of spices - cumin, basil, pepper, salt and then microwave it for a minute. If I'm trying to be real good, I'll eat it out of the bowl, otherwise I'll toast a thin bagel and put it on that for a little egg sandwich.

We don't allow anything with high fructose corn syrup (most non-diet sodas) or with partially hydrogenated oils in our house. If you love soda, you can buy the natural kinds like Hansens that have cane sugar, but mind, you will be taking in a lot of calories. On that note, we rarely have anything to drink in the house other than water and milk. If I get bored of water, I'll add a little lemon, lime, orange, or whatever fruit we have to sparkling water.

While I'm hypersensitive to the no high fructose corn syrup and no partially hydrogenated oils in the home, I'm not insane outside of the home. I mean, I avoid whenever we can, but if we're at a birthday party and they break out Capri Sun juice boxes (hfcs), I'll let my son have ONE.

Let's see, I am with you on not totally changing the way I eat so that I feel like I'm being deprived of some good stuff. I do still ocassionally eat Wienerschnitzel chili cheese dogs (my silly weakness), but I keep minimal and when I do, the rest of the day (and sometimes next) better be darn healthy.

We also buy local and organic as much as possible. I think one of the things to remember is when you're removing fat (say mayo) from a meal, you may feel like you're removing taste too, so to combat that you'll want to get real comfortable trying new spices. When I make tuna sandwiches now, I make my own Italian dressing with olive oil and spices and add that in place of the mayo. It tastes great! I also buy mayo that's made with olive oil for those times when I just don't want to substitute.

Ultimately, eating healthier isn't about going on 'diet' per se, but changing your mindset, so that you're always thinking, "is there a healthier option?" and then you will be eating a healthy diet.

Kudos to you for trying new foods and vegetables. I was just thinking of buying some brussel sprouts for olive oil and sea salt drizzling. My other weakness is cheese - I think I could put it on absolutely everything:)

So, I'm assuming I'm in the thin group, although I wouldn't necessarily call myself thin. I'm 41 years old, 5' 8" and 140 lbs. I don't work out other than running around pretending to be Spiderman with my son, so my diet is all I have to keep me looking thin'ish.




answers from Denver on

Here is a go to for me. I will cook up some shredded BBQ chicken and then put single servings in a ziploc bag and freeze them. When I am ready I warm up a serving and put it in a bowl with some spinach and maybe some crumbled blue cheese or something, or you could put some walnuts or dried cranberries in. Delicious! You can add dressing but just have to be mindful of how much you put in, or do some oil and vinnegar.

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