Thighs Going to Sleep/numb If I Stand for Long Periods of Time

Updated on August 09, 2010
L.U. asks from Kirkland, WA
7 answers

Hey moms. I am almost 18 weeks pregnant and experiencing something I never have before. This is my 3rd pregnancy, so maybe this has NOTHING to do with it at all...don't know. When I am going to my son's soccer practice or chit chatting with my neighbor ( I am standing), I notice that my thighs (both of them) see to go numb or fall asleep. They don't tingle, just feel kind of numb. If I walk around a bit they seem to wake back up. What's going on? Am I having some kind of circulation problem I should be worried about?

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answers from Seattle on

It could be a nerve thing... Baby pinching off a nerve? I had sciatica when I was pregnant and my butt would go to sleep sometimes - lol. It was accompanied with tingling and shooting pain, but only when I was REALLY pregnant. At the beginning it was only the numbness. However, I'd at least ask... You should have an appt. around 20 weeks, right? I'd think it would be fine to wait until then as long as things don't get any worse.

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answers from St. Cloud on

Oooh, I had that! A visit to the chiropractor was all I needed. Apparently it was nerve related.
I would have lost my ever lovin' mind if I didn't go to the chiropractor when I was pregnant!
Good luck and congrats on your growing family!

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answers from Las Vegas on

I agree, probably a nerve. I had a lot of problems with my back while pregnant. She was a large baby and the extra weight didn't help. I continue to have back problems and find my left leg goes numb often. As well, my muscles in the waist and hip area hurt a lot when I lie down. I see an OD for this and am slowly getting better. I get a lot of relief from stretching, but do so slowly and don't push. If moving around helps, I would move around. It probably takes the pressure off of the nerve where baby is sitting. Find a doctor that can treat you while pregnant, or ask around in your area. My doctor treated me sitting up while I was pregnant, because the obvious, I could lie down on my belly.

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answers from Clarksville on

Chiropractic adjustments are beneficial for women during pregnancy. They help to keep your body in line and get the baby in optimal position for delivery, not to mention the other health benefits. I suggest looking for a chiropractor in your area that has experience working with pregnant women.

Good luck,

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answers from Portland on

I had the same thing happen to me when I was pregnant. I called my doctor immediately, and he said it was perfectly normal. It has to do with where the baby sits on the sciatic nerve from the inside out. You're lucky that walking helps it. I remember being in the grocery store and my leg or legs would go numb and I had to have the cart or my husband to hold onto so that I didn't fall because it was all numb and didn't know what to do. If I were you I'd call my doc just to feel better for your peace of mind, but don't freak about it. I bet that's what it is. It's uncomfortable, but it does go away after the baby is born, but not right away, it lasted a month or two if I remember right. Congrats on the new arrival.



answers from Anchorage on

I am not pregnant currently, but also get this situation happening, feeling numb or tingling in the legs, really weird - when standing in a long line for instance. Once I move around or sit down it goes away. I have no idea what it could be ?


answers from Yakima on

I am on my 6th pregnancy and I have never had it before either until now. Except mine does it when I do a lot of walking. I plan on telling my doctor about it at my next appointment since I go in every two weeks. I would let your doctor know what is going on. If you have a long wait before going back to the doctor's again then I would call them. Even if it is minor at least it would be reassuring that you called in to check on it.
Good luck to you.