Thick Hair: Fact or Fiction?

Updated on April 13, 2008
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
6 answers

Many people have told me to shave my 12 month old son's head so that his hair will be thicker. Is this true? His hair is currently in-between thin and thick and is very wavy.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the input, ladies! I'm glad that there is a source like this to quell fears and share thoughts! Regarding the hair, I've decided not to cut it. I think that it will look cute wispy and curly!

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answers from Dallas on

This is a fiction based on a fact. What it is is that babies are born, and continue to grow, very fine hair. When they're about a year old something changes and they generally start to grow a thicker hair strand. So if you buzz a one year olds head, it appears that it made them grow thicker hair. I buzz my kids hair at about a year, even my girls, to get rid of that baby hair because it tangles so easy and to even it out because the bald spot they get on the back of their head usually has started to fill in by then.



answers from Decatur on

I have never heard such a thing, but it sounds a little crazy to me.



answers from Chicago on

Hi, S.. I'm a hair stylist and IT IS NOT TRUE! It would appear to be thicker because all of the hair would be at the same length, but keeping it trimmed regularly will have the same effect with out having to shave it! I hope this helps!



answers from Chicago on

This is a cultural tradition but it isn't true. Hair grows from the root so cutting off the end won't make any difference- the root won't even know you shaved it. My mother-in-law is from Vietnam and they shave babies' head there- for the first year of my daughter's life I was scared I would come home to a bald baby!



answers from Chicago on

definitely fiction.

if this were true, bald men all over the world would be shaving their heads in an attempt to get more hair. :)

we do buzz my son, but only because we like it.



answers from Chicago on

Our son had very fine hair when he was a baby. He is now 17 year and his hair is so think it is hard for him to wear anything but a buzz. It is hereditary as far a I know.

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