Thermometer Reads Different Every Time!

Updated on January 10, 2007
A.K. asks from Stony Point, NY
6 answers

Can anyone suggest a good thermometer? I have two brands, (Summer, and Especially for Baby) and both show different temps every time. And not just a little different, they range big time! Any suggestions are appreciated...Thanks!

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answers from Albany on

I have found that the ear thermometers really are inaccurate. I'm not sure what kind of thermometers you have but check the batteries in them. Actually, it's cheaper to buy a new one, they are so inexpensive. I'd say just go spend under $10 and get a new digital one. If you are taking a temp. under your child's arm you are supposed to give it 3-4 minutes to get an accurate reading. When my daughter, who is 5 years old, was sick just before Christmas I discovered that our digital no longer worked so I used our old "regular" one (but it's not mercury.) They are the most reliable and never need batteries!



answers from New York on

hi jeanmarie-
how are you taking the temp? ( rectal, armpit, forehead, ear)? all the doc keeps telling me is that rectal is the most accurate. but that is impossible to do for most...just curious which way you are taking the temp?



answers from Syracuse on

I have a rectal thermometer that came in a "Parenting" (magazine) bundle from Burlington. It works great.. takes a bit but works excellent.

Ear thermometers like people have said are not as accurate for younger children. Rectal is best.

That said, I have a general use thermometer for the adults... a Vicks digital thermometer and I've had it for years. (Very accurate, as I have used it as a BBT to conceive)



answers from New York on

well since you have an infant a rectum thermometer is more accurate and any other method.but yeah try investing in a new one or try some new batteries



answers from New York on

Ear thermometers don't work well in really small children. See they send out a laser type wave into the ear canal that bounces off the ear drum and reads the temp. Because small children have very small ear canals they don't read properly. And they have to be positioned properly to get the best reading. Which is nearly impossible in babies. You will also see a difference if you measure the temp from ear to ear. The best thing I can tell you is to get a rectal thermometer. Their the most accurate and really easy to use. I use a little vaseline when I use it on my son and I do it while I'm changing a diaper cuz he's already mostly naked.



answers from New York on

I love the bebe sounds 5 second rectal thermoter- i got it from Burlington Coat factory for about 10 dollars

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