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Updated on June 26, 2011
M.D. asks from Birmingham, AL
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I'm trying to transfer my 5 month old from co-sleeping to crib. Up until now she really only slept well in my arms, but as she has gotten bigger she is getting less and less comfortable. I'm wondering if the nap nanny infant positioner will make the transition easier for her? Anybody use it for this particular issue?


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answers from Chicago on

I think this was recalled late last year. They also issued a warning about all sleep positioners. The baby does not always stay in one position while sleeping and can end up with the face against the positioner, unable to breathe. My 3 yr old is one of those that is all over the place, always has been.

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answers from Phoenix on

The nap nanny was recalled back in summer last year. They may have made changes since then, or its unlikely they would be seeling it still. Our dr has always said not to put anything in the bed with your baby, this includes any positioning aides (even foam wedges to keep the baby from rolling over). Any of these things can increase chance of SIDS.

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answers from Los Angeles on

don't use it! it's very dangerous. at least one baby died b/c he somehow go wedged in between teh nanny and the crib side or something like that. for that age, you don't want anything in the crib except a tightly fitted sheet. no blankets, no pillows, no stuffed animals, and certainly no nap nanny. bumpers are also discouraged but if you want one (we needed one to keep his binkies from falling out), they sell an awesome mesh bumper that's breathable that i wish we had found out about sooner. good luck!

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answers from New York on

If your baby can roll over, then don't use anything. I know it's going to be difficult, but you are going to have to start letting her soothe herself!

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answers from New York on

I'm not sure but haven't some infant positioners been recalled? And I think the government has issued a warning on using them. You should look into it.

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answers from Phoenix on

No experience with the Nap Nanny myself, except to say don't put it in the crib. Babies have suffocated from rolling sideways on them and getting their heads stuck between the Nap Nanny and the side of the crib. They had a recall and made some adjustments, but they are only to be placed on a flat surface, floor level, with plenty of empty space around all sides.

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answers from Los Angeles on

The Nap Nanny was recalled in July 2010, if you find them for sale in a store contact the store manager.

There is a new version called the Nap Nanny Chill and as with the original Nap Nanny the manufacturer states on their site:
"Not for use in a crib - intended for floor use only"



answers from Tuscaloosa on

It is not safe to use these in a crib, but only on the floor and supervised. They were recalled, but I'm sure there are some for sale since many stores don't bother to check or might miss some. I have heard many people who like the Rock n Play sleeper by Fisher Price, but that's a stand-alone thing, kind of like a swing. Not sure how long you can use it. Around 5 months is a time of major sleep troubles for lots of babies. You might like the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Weissbluth. It's a wonderful sleep reference with lots of ideas and you can read only the parts of it that apply to you at that time.



answers from Philadelphia on

The Nap nanny is actually very safe, as long is it's used as intended, same as most other products. It can definitely be helpful in making the transition, and taking that first step out of the family bed. As long as the Nap Nanny is used on the floor it is a very safe and useful tool in helping the baby sleep, especially in the case of fussy or relux babies. I have one, as do many of my mom friends and they all swear by them. As for the Nap Nanny vs. the Rock n Play, the NN has no weight restriction so it can be used fror much longer and in my opinion, making it a more useful product.



answers from Salt Lake City on

When I started putting my co-sleeping babies in a crib, I would wait till they fell asleep and then put them in the crib. It was easier for everyone, and they got used to waking up in the crib.
I did let them co-sleep for up to 2 years. They weren't always in my arms, just next to me (and since I was nursing it was far easier anyway). But I did have a crib that I could lay them in once they were asleep when my husband and I wanted the bed to ourselves.



answers from Orlando on

I have a friend who used one, and swore by it. It was the only way baby would sleep without being on her. They actually put the nap nanny on the bed between mom and dad for the first few months and then transitioned to crib. Sorry I don't have any direct info, but, I do believe that babies are comfortable in it.


answers from Austin on

I bought a Nap Nanny back 6 months ago, last Dec/Jan. I got it from Babys R Us--I doubt they would sell anything that was recalled the previous summer. Perhaps the previous posters are referring to something else-?

I bought it because our nanny was having difficulty putting our newborn into her crib without waking her up. We kept the nap nanny downstairs and it worked great. However, I will mention we only used it for naps (not for sleeping the whole night) and only used it in the living room (never put it in our bed). No one (as in the baby's caregiver) was sleeping while the baby was in it; she was supervised while sleeping in it. When our daughter started sitting up and rolling over (when awake or asleep), we stopped using it. It is suppose to be placed on the floor, due to any risk that the child could get loose from the straps and fall out; you shouldn't use it on an elevated surface.

I think this product is great if used in a manner that is consistent with the manufacture's intention and for *newborns*. Once the infant is more mobile, its no longer appropriate. Our nanny's daughter had a baby and she then used it; her baby had reflux issues and the elevated positioned helped with that.

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