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Updated on April 24, 2009
K.B. asks from Wyoming, MI
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Ok, this has got to be the simplest question ever asked :) What did you name your child/ren? And, what other names did you consider naming your child/ren? I have asked a similar question before and got some great responses, but still not what I'm looking for - I don't know what I'm having yet, but I cannot for the life of me come up with a girl name that I absolutely love (I even have a baby name book with 30,000 names in it and none of them are hitting me as "the one"). We have a boy name pretty well set in our minds, but are open to suggestions for a boy as well. I am hoping this question will generate a large response due to the simplicity of it :) Thank you, in advance, for your time!

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So What Happened?

Well, we found out that we are having a girl and we have decided to name her Makenna Taylor :) Thank you to everyone who responded - your time is greatly appreciated!!

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answers from Grand Rapids on


I have 5 boys-

Benjamin Henry--Benny

Thomas Christopher--Tommy

David Alexander--Davey

Samuel Joseph--Sammy

Michael Ryan--Mikey

For every baby I had the girl name Grace Elizabeth picked out in honor of my Grandmother--We would have called her Gracie, never got the chance to use it though! LOL

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answers from Grand Rapids on

Hi K.,

We have four girls: Jennifer Danae, Jillian Hope, Jaycie Elise and Jasmine Annika. Good Luck!



answers from Detroit on

For a boy I liked Brandon Adam. My daughters name is Brooke Autumn. Good luck!


answers from Detroit on

I love your question cause I have names that my hubby did not want to use but are so worthy of being used.

Boy: Grafton
I love that name! It is unique and very masculin sounding!

Girl: Avielle pronounced (Awe-vee-ell)
Means God is my father.
We actually named our daughter Avielle - we get lots of complments about how pretty and unique it is.

I also really liked Sadie for a girl. It is a derivitave of Sarah.



answers from Lansing on

I have three boys and 1 girl. I liked the name Jeremy Christian for a boys name but my sister was pregnant at the same time I was and her baby boy arrived before my baby boy and guess what, she used the name Jeremy for her baby boy. My children's names are: my boys Todd Christian, Torence Chase (nickname is Torey or TorTor), Tobin Chad (nickname Tobi or Tobs)and my girl Tonya Lynn.

My niece Amy, named her first boy Tre' Michael, and her second boy Dae' Monte (pronounced Da Mont).

Here's some other names of my family members: Peggy Ann, Carla Jean, V. Lynn, Charles Oscar, Wanda Mary, Richard Keith, Timothy Michael, Emily Clara-Inez, Stephen Gary. Hope these help.



answers from Detroit on

my daughter is julia paige...

we considered: claire, sarah, ava, ella, elsie, violet, elizabeth and rita...good luck:)

friends have named their girls: riley, madelyn, emma, gabrielle (gabby), avery, irene, ann marie, christine, and emily.

boys: dillon (or dylan), cody, evan, ethan, zachary, and jackson.



answers from Grand Rapids on

Hi K.
We were thinking of naming our girl (if we had one)
Aglaia~it is greek and means Brilliance.
Alexis~also greek
Those were a few of the names we were throwing in there. We have 2 boys Noah and Owen so we didn't have to decide on any.



answers from Detroit on

Your boys have cute names.

My kids are Ella and Ryan. We are expecting #3 as well, so I am anxious to get some ideas for myself.....

Girl names we've considered:


Boy names:



answers from Detroit on

I have two daughters - Lydia Louise and Allyson Priscilla. Both middle names come from a grandma on each side of the family. Priscilla is not my fav. but my husband's grandma passed away 3 months ago and we thought it would be nice to honor her.

My other girl names were:

I knew for sure I wanted Lydia Louise. But I had a hard time with Allyson. I really wanted Ella. But my husband didn't care for it. We both could agree on Allyson.

Good luck.



answers from Jackson on

My boy is Dakota James- Cody
My girl is Tatiana Isreal- Tot



answers from Saginaw on

My boys are Keaton and Ashton, but the girls names we considered were:

Allya, Aleah (Pronounced ah-lee-ah)
Lily (with Ann for a middle name)
Peiton (or Peyton, Payton)
Nevaeh (na-vay-ah, "heaven" spelled backwards)
Dakota (kote (cody) for short)

Good luck and let us know what you decide on!

***Oh, I almost forgot! A friend of ours has a daughter named Genesis and they call her Gena (Jenna) or Geni (Jenny) for short. I like that one too!


answers from Kalamazoo on

My daughter is Sierra Eve. I have a niece named Madelaine Claire. I love the name Claire as a first name too. My son is Grant Henri



answers from Detroit on

My son's name is Jordan S. (my name is S.), its plain but I like it...we also considered Joshua. I loved Aiden but my husband hated it. My girl name would have been Madison Joi...I liked Ava as well. Best wishes!



answers from Saginaw on

My daughter's name is Cassidi Raelynn. We also considered Kaelynn, Kaedyn and Camryn.



answers from Grand Rapids on

Well...for starters I love your two boys names that you already have!(hehe)What type of names do you tend to like? More Traditional, or more Modern, biblical or ethnic? I had a horrible time naming my first son. It took his dad and I many months to come up with it. We knew the middle name off the bat (Michael after my dad) but to get something original that sounded good with Michael and with his last name took some thinking. But we finally chose Seth. And I love it! He has totally grown into his name. But my next son's name was a little easier I said Cain and my husband said "Perfect" and with out really thinking it we gave our kids traditional biblical names. But I have no experince with picking out girl names but I can leave some that I enjoy.
Cadie (sounds like Katie)
I hope this helps you! Congrats and good luck!



answers from Detroit on

My kids are:

Christina Leslie
Isabella Sage
Logan Anthony
Brody Alexander

Other names that were options were:

Christopher Michael
Heather ?
Wade Matthew



answers from Detroit on

I have three girls: Riley Michelle, Rhianna Elizabeth and Remington (Remi) Anne. Can you tell I am Irish. Boys names I like are Declan, Gavin, Braydon. Have fun naming your little one...

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