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Updated on August 08, 2007
S.G. asks from Wentzville, MO
5 answers

I have an almost 3 year old and another baby on the way. I have heard a lot about sit n stand strollers and am interested in purchasing one for our family. Does any one have any recommendations on which one to purchase or not to purchase? There are quite a few options and I want to make sure to get a good one that we like and feel comfortable using. Thanks for your help!

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answers from St. Louis on

HI.. I don't know about those strollers.. but i'm relocating to breese in 2 weeks..from Houston, texas...yes.. big change.... i also have an almost 3yr old daughter.. could you possibly recommend a daycare or mother's day out program... i would like just a couple days of week..i'm new to this website.. thanks... J. W



answers from Bloomington on

I had one and didn't like it. They are so big and it was very hard for me to push.



answers from St. Louis on

I have a Baby Trend Sit N Stand. I bought it in '04 for the same reason you are. I had and infant and a 5 year old that never wanted to walk. It was exactly what we needed. It was a little heavy as far as pushing it with both girls in it, but it was still worth it. It folded up very easy but takes up a little more space than your typical umbrella stroller. If you're interested in a used one I'm more than willing to part with it. It still looks brand new. It's a black plaid pattern and it has all the attachments with it. It's been sitting in my basement since last fall. If interested you can contact me during the day @ [email protected] or evenings @ [email protected]



answers from St. Louis on

We have one and I love it! It's not as big as a full double stroller and my toddler LOVED being able to stand up. We have the actual "Sit 'n Stand" brand by Babytrend. It's pretty light and folds up easily. It is a little heavy to push (I really only notice on hills) but I don't remember noticing it much when my little one was little. My kids are now 4 and almost 2, so they're obviously heavier than as an infant and 2 year old. I figure it's better exercise!! Still, though, I have no problem taking it for walks or around the mall... we bring it everywhere.
Another thing I like about our brand is that it seems there is more room without it being actually bigger. The way the second seat is situated, there's actually room for a child to sit forward with their legs in the storage basket so theoretically you could haul three kids around, with two sitting and one standing. Not that I ever want to push three kids around at once, but it would be nice for certain situations. We were at the zoo with some friends and they only brought a stroller for the baby. By the end of the trip the four year old friend was exhausted, so she hopped on with us for the ride back to the car.
We bought our sit 'n stand at Target for a very reasonable price.



answers from Peoria on

I have one and we just outgrew ours. I absolutely loved ours If you want to I am willing to Sell mine for $35.00. My children still want to use it but they are too big. email me @ [email protected]

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