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Updated on January 20, 2007
A. asks from Plano, TX
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At the store yesterday, the woman in front of me seemed to get way more groceries for her money than seemed possible! I said I needed to learn from her cause she was obviously a professional, and she replied that it was the grocery game! So my question is does anyone else use this service? I buy predominantly organic produce and high end groceries so would it work for someone like me too? And how does it work? Do you print the coupons of the internet and they tell you where to use them or do you have to find them yourself? We could all use to cut our grocery budgets right?! Thanks! =)

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answers from Dallas on

I use (it is a local service that is just like Grocery Game and Coupon mom) - I am also one of those coupon ladies in the grocery store. I have a 3 inch binder full of coupons that I take with me everywhere. It does take work and organization (especially when i'm trying to power shop with the baby) but I am saving a TON of money. The IWFG girls have seminars ($15 I think?) where they teach you how to get started, how to cut organize and use coupons, the best places and ways to save money, etc. If you shop at places like Tom Thumb, Kroger and Albertsons that double/triple coupons, you can save so much when used WITH their advertised sales. The trick is getting to the point where you only buy things you use when it is on sale and you have a coupon for it (i.e. my DH has at least a year's worth of deoderant under the sink b/c it was FREE after my coupons).

I could go on and on about how it works and how much money I save (I recently walked out of Tom Thumb with 15 Hallmark cards and 5 12-packs of diet coke and they PAID ME $.35 after I used all my coupons!!), so feel free to send me a message if you need more info.

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answers from San Diego on

Hi A.,

I just did a search on yahoo and here's what I found...

What is The Grocery Game?
The Grocery Game is a fun, easy way to save hundreds of dollars on groceries each month. TERI'S LIST reveals the "rock bottom" prices on hundreds of products each week and matches them up with manufacturers' coupons for the best possible savings at your local supermarket. The Grocery Game has exclusive databases that track manufacturers' coupons along with weekly sales and specials, both advertised and UN-advertised. With TERI'S LIST, the days of time consuming work required for effective coupon-ing are over. The Grocery Game does all the hard work and research, presented in a quick reference format on the internet each week, as TERI'S LIST. Members log in, spend a few minutes with a pair of scissors, and they're off to win The Grocery Game!

We'll all have to try this! :-)


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answers from Dallas on

I use the Grocery Game and have found that I save more at Tom Thumb than at Kroger (we moved and I switched stores, but now I'm switching back). You probably won't save as much if you buy organic/high end but you will save some.

As far as clipping all coupons -- I don't. I save the whole coupon packet from the paper and write the date on the front page. The Grocery Game is set up so that it tells you which coupon packet a certain coupon is in. I don't clip it unless I need it. Saves a ton of time.

Also, there is a website ( that lists all active coupons and has a search feature. I use it to check if there are any coupons for things on 'my' list that are not on the Grocery Game list.

Good Luck!

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answers from Dallas on

I have heard about this before, but I think I am going to try it now. I tried to do the monthly cooking thing with menu-mailers on, but ended up spending way too much time on it. I am going to use a Super Suppers or Dinner Station now...I calculated it was cheaper than doing it on your own (and less chopping).

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answers from Dallas on

I tried this grocery game time ago and it is a GREAT way to save money if you are patient enough to get the sunday newspaper, cut the coupons, make the list of things you will buy in every store the grocery game gives you. I got too overwhelmed after a while but I think I might try it again because I know it really works. We all should triy it!!!



answers from Dallas on

I do not know anything about the grocery game, but it sounds very interesting. I know that Kroger does not accept online printed coupons so this would not work for them. What store were you at, do you know if Tom Thumb or Albertson's accepts printed coupons?



answers from Dallas on

I'm an avid Grocery Gamer and have been for about 1 1/2 years now. It does take a little bit of work, but then I was clipping coupons anyway & I'm much more organized now. People laugh at my pantry, as it's pretty full, but I've learned to stay away from the things that I don't really need (unless they're free - which there's usually something on the list that is - and if I don't use it, there are always food drives to contribute to!) I probably save an average of 35-45% on my grocery bill every week. You can try it for the 1st month for $1 - for any and all stores, which I'd recommend loading up on, just to get a feel for it - then after that, I believe it's $10 for the 1st store & $5 for every other store. I more than make up for the cost with my savings! I used to subscribe for 3 stores, but when Albertson's stopped doing the super triple coupon events, I dropped them and just go to Tom Thumb & Kroger. If anyone wants to know more, just drop me a private message...I'd be happy to give you my email & you can say I referred you (which I wouldn't mind, either, as I get 1 month free for every 3 referrals!) Now that I've been doing this for a while, I can't imagine living without my Grocery Game savings!



answers from Dallas on

I did it for about 10 weeks. Basically you tell them which store you go to and they have a weekly list of what is on sale, and what coupons to use to get the best deals. You clip the coupons and they say it takes about 12 weeks to get all the coupons that they reference.

I quit doing it because there were not that many items that were on our regular shopping list. I am trying to buy fewer processed foods and that is what coupons are typically for. I did get some great deals on cleaning items and toiletry items. They do tell you what produce is on sale as well.

There is a free two week trial where you can subscribe to all the stores. I would say try it and see if you use it. After that I think it is $10 for 8 weeks. Not a lot of money if you use it.



answers from Dallas on

My friend does the Grocery Game and she is saving a TON of money! You have to be flexible with your grocery list and be willing to go to different stores at times. I'm personally not organized enough right now to start this process but for all you Type A's out there you should give it a try! She said that it takes about 6-8 weeks to reap the benefits of this. I believe it's a minimal charge per month to recieve the rock bottom prices, coupon location and stores. When she tells me the amount of items purchased and what she spends it's sureal.
Good luck to you all and happy saving!!




answers from Dallas on

I tried the Grocery game- they had free 2 week trial- and it drove me crazy! It was too much coupon cutting and price tracking for me. I had to go to 3 different stores to get all of the rock bottom prices, and then I found that some of the info was out of date so I didn't save as much as I wanted to!
That being said, you may want to see if they still have the free trial and just try it! I don't think they had a lot of higher end/organic things- but that may vary from week to week.
I do better just picking the store that has the most things I need that week on sale. I buy household stuff from Walmart, and price match there quite a bit.


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