The Cartoons on Gymboree TV

Updated on October 18, 2011
N.S. asks from Mays Landing, NJ
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Hi Moms!

When we shop at Gymboree my son is excited about the cartoons on "Gym TV"

I have no idea what the names of these shows are because we haven't been watching TV at home.

There is one cartoon that is adorable, it has a mouse and a rabbit who always have problems to solve.

Can anyone tell me the name of this cartoon? The Gymboree website has no information about "Gym TV"


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So What Happened?

Thanks, Ladies! I think it is "My Friend Rabbitt" and I totally forgot about the Nick Jr connection!

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answers from Tyler on

My Friend Rabbit, I think that's right!

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answers from Washington DC on

A lot of their shows are on NickJr, if I remember correctly. Yo Gabba Gabba and such.

Mouse and you know their names? There's a show called Max and Ruby, but that's two bunnies. Are you thinking of Wonder Pets with the Guinea Pig and occasionally a Rabbit?

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answers from Dayton on

If you really like that show I thought I'd let you know it was based on a Caldecott award winning book:
You might like it too! :)

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