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Updated on March 11, 2009
A.F. asks from Ogden, UT
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My husband has been quite the little darling lately. He's been coming home and doing dirty dishes, cleaning or vacuuming without being asked, taking the kids downstairs so I can have a "mommy break" (really just some quiet so I can cook dinner or clean or whatever without kids at my feet)... just being sweet. It's not really like him to be so voluntarily helpful. So I'm looking for some cute or creative ways to thank him without just saying "Thanks, baby!" I want him to know I appreciate what he's been doing and that it really helps me out. Any ideas? Also, he's not the most observant person, so whatever I do has to be easy to notice and understand the purpose of. Thanks mamas.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for the ideas. I think I'll plan a real date for us, and I love the whiteboard idea. We already have one on the fridge, so I'll just make it a point to write cute things on it more. Hopefully we can keep this "darling" being darling! Keep the ideas coming, though. I'd love to hear if you have something really unique I could do. Thanks!

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answers from Denver on

Hi A.,

When our partners pitch in, doesn't it go the longest way?! So glad to know he's helping out. I have two suggestions - a foot massage and/or a REALLY good car wash (I bet the car is dirthy with 4 kids and a puppy) and men love their cars! And who doesn't love to have their feet rubbed!

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answers from Denver on

I think it's great too. And I applaud you for appreciating it, instead of saying " it's about time!". I would have fun with it...honestly what I think most men would like (especially with a crazy busy household like you have) would be something creative, like a strip-tease for him, from you! Or tell him how much it turned you on to see him vacumming & you want to ravish him! I think doing something simple, fun & sexy like this would be enough to make him want to wash dishes every night!! Good have a great attitude!



answers from Pocatello on

How sweet! I love it when husbands do nice things for their wives! Maybe to thank him you could get him tickets to a game or a concert or something he would enjoy like that. Or just find a sitter and plan a date for just the two of you. If money is an issue ( I know it is sometimes for us!) Maybe just make his favorite meal, put the kids to bed early (or send them to Grandma's) and watch movie that you know he would like. You know, not a "chick flick." If it wouldn't embarass him too much you could send him something at work like balloons or a gift of some sort. Hope this helps!



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Acknowledging him is huge! It will go a long way. I say get a sitter, plan a dinner out, just you and him. Have it all planned out so he has to do nothing. Men crave one on one time where you are giving him your undivided attention and wooing over him. Or wait until kids are in bed, get your favorite lingerie and a nice body massage. Men just really need the praise and it encourages the behavior to continue! YEAH!



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I say take him to dinner, just you and him. I did this recently for my husband and he loved it. Check out the restaurants at . When you check out, put "exclusive" in the discount section. I ended up with a $25 gift certificate that I paid $4 for. It's a great saver, even after you buy desert and whatever else to meet the minimum purchase. I think when we went, our total dinner cost us about $14, and at a really nice steak place, too! Another option is an hour or so together at a spa for a Swedish message or something. Baseball tickets just went on sale recently, so if he likes that, you could get him tickets to go. A few options there, him and a friend, you and him, the family, etc. Have fun planning!



answers from Boise on

I agree that you should take him out on a date. He'd love that!
But beyond that, for a more long-term way to (hopefully) keep his "darling" behavior going, I have an idea for you that I got from a relationship seminar thingy I went to at church.
The speaker gave us an assignment to go buy a dry-erase board and put it up where you and your spouse will see it. Every day, write something specific about him. Like "thank you for loading the dishwasher!" and "You look good in that blue shirt" or anything happy and positive about him. Maybe he'll start writing things on it about you, too.

I am going to do this in our bathroom, where he'll see it every morning. I don't like the idea of a dry erase board because they're not exactly beautiful, so I am going to *try* framing some paper that coordinates with my bathroom decor and just writing on the glass. I already bought the dry-erase markers :)

Good luck. I think we'd all love to find ourselves in your situation!

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