Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Updated on January 27, 2009
L.W. asks from Cincinnati, OH
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My husband and I are going to celebrate our tenth anniversary this summer and we're trying to think of something special to do for it. We don't have a ton of money. He suggested having a renewing of our vows ceremony (I'm pretty sure he just suggested that because he thought I'd think it was romantic!), but I'm not sure I really want to do that. I'm afraid all of our friends would think it was totally cheesy! Anyway, do you have any suggestions for relatively inexpensive trips to take without kids or some sort of celebrations that aren't too silly?

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My husband and I celebrated our 10th last year and we drove to Niagra Falls. We stayed on the Canadian side. We went to a winery in the area and also a little town called Niagra on the Lake. Took a wine blending class at Hillenbrand (I think that was the name) Winery. We ended up being the only 2 in the class. It was fun tasting the different wines and we each got to blend our own bottle and put a special label on it. It was fun and romantic and not too expensive. There was also a heart shaped tub in our hotel room. :)

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I went to gatlinberg rather inexpensively a year ago. You can get a nice little cabin up in the Mountains and spend the week alone, or a cute hotel suite. Tons of little things to do that can up the price, or you can do fewer and spend less. Lots of hiking.
My parents went for their 20th, they needed something not too too far away with 4 kids back home.
I got my cabin through Vacation Rentals by Owners (www.vrbo.com) and my parents went through a travel agaency. Both places were very private, had hot tubs, king size beds and full kitches, living rooms, baths. You can eat out for every meal or eat in.
My inlaws spend a little more on their trips and do all inclusive destinations in Mexico, Hawaii, Vegas etc.



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If you both want to do a vow renewal, there's no rule saying that your friends have to know or be there.

Spiritually/emotionally my husband and I have been married for one year longer. We had a handfasting ceremony (think of it as a trial marriage ceremony) about a year before the big legal wedding. Only close friends and our parents were invited. Very few people caught onto the fact that we did this (even though we hinted at it all throughout wedding #2).

Also, see if anyone you know and trust has a travel package (like Travel Advantage Network). They might have a way to get lodging for you for cheap. For example, with my package if we grab one of the last-minute things we only have to pay $198 for the entire week at a resort, and we can extend this to family and friends as well.

Hope this helps!



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My husband and I are playing on going to a cabin in Houston woods with a hot tub for our tenth. We don't have a lot of money either. Three day rental, you bring your own food or could eat out in Oxford. We were going to go west or down to the smokeies and rent a cabin but things are too tight.


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