Tens Unit in Pregnancy

Updated on October 08, 2010
K.S. asks from Los Altos, CA
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Hi Ladies,
Just wondering if you can use a tens unit while pregnant? I was pretty sure you could, seeing as they can be used in labor, but one website selling them said not to be used by pregnant women. Now I'm just abit pregnant brain confused!! What's right??

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answers from San Francisco on

I was told absolutely NOT by my dr. I use it for low back pain and spasms and they said no way could I use it, that it could effect the baby. I sure hope that I was told wrong and you are able to use yours as I had a miserable pregnancy without the use of mine. Good luck!



answers from Colorado Springs on

I just got mine in the mail today! I am 29 weeks, and my OB said I can use it as long as I am under the care of my Chiro with it. He knows all the points to use or avoid and as long as I don't put it directly over my uterus, it's a very small risk of pre-term labor. That is why the companys selling them have to put on there warnings, not to use while pregnant.

I have been told after 26 weeks there is virtually no risk. I have severe back pain (due to a bone tumor/old injury/bad dics's) and I do NOT want to take pain meds, I dont like how I feel on them, why would I do that to my baby?? But the weight hanging off my back it becomeing way to much for me to even try to handle. I stopped pain meds when I got pregnant and thought I would tough it out...not so much! So I'm going to try the TENS unit. I found mine on Amazon, they are pretty affordable. I have a appointment tommarow to get it started!

I would get cleared by your OB and make sure you have someone show you how to use it (even if you feel that you know, better to get them in the right spot then be sorry!). Some OB's may not be open to it, or if you are at risk for preterm labor anyways I doubt they will go for it, but mine had no problems with me using it, and I have had pre-term contractions already (they stopped but I have to carry around terbutaline). Better ask before you buy one, but I think it's usually a pretty open thing since it's not chemical or that dangerous.



answers from Sacramento on

what is a tens unit?



answers from San Francisco on

used mine all the time it should not effect your child any at all but not using it might cause you great strss and pain and that will.



answers from Dallas on

That is a definite OBGYN question. In labor, is it used for the contractions? I'm sure it also depends on where you use it. There are some massage therapists that know the dangerous pressure points for pregnant women. You don't want to stumble upon those. If the website says no, it's probably for good reason. Do you have muscle pains? Find someone who can do a pre-natal massage.

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