Tender After Root Canal, How Long Is Too Long?

Updated on March 07, 2010
N.W. asks from Mechanicsburg, PA
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I had a root canal procedure on Tuesday. It is now Sunday. I plan on calling the dentist tomorrow, but was hoping to get some insight in the meantime... I thought a two or three days after the procedure I wouldn't even notice anything was done. But as of today, I still cannot chew using the tooth (top right side) - the pressure upwards is too much. The gum isn't sore, the way I feel tenderness is by pressing my tounge upwards against the tooth - there is no discomfort pressing on the sides of the tooth or along the gum... just upwards. I know it was 'major' damage, but I thought after being on the antibiotic for four days and having had this long to heal I would atleast be feeling less tenderness. Anyone feedback on this one? Thank you!!!

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answers from Augusta on

sounds like you may have whats called a High Bite, which means the filling he put it isn't low enough and it's messing with your bite. It can be some major pain. associated with pressure.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I had a root canal about 6 months ago and the only tenderness was the injection site. I had no issues with the pressure on the tooth. that being said everyone is different and some people discomfort can last 1-2 weeks. I would defiantly talk to the dentist and let him know you symptoms so he can rule anything out.

good luck and hope you feel better soon!

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answers from Portland on

Definitely call the dentist, and get his/her recommendations.

Just in case you end up with ongoing sensitivity, you might want to try using Siberian Ginseng, which is good for nerve damage. A number of years ago I had all my mercury fillings removed (there were a bunch) and replaced. All that work left my teeth in one whole quadrant tender and reactive.

I had a hard time eating for several months until an acupuncturist suggested Siberian ginseng (there are other types, so be sure to get Siberian). Within two weeks the nerves had settled down; no problems since then.



answers from York on

Generally a root canal procedure takes a few visits. The dentist usually won't put a permanent filling in a tooth until it stops hurting. They want to be sure things are ok. Depending on how bad the abcess was or how long the tooth has been in need of treatment the tooth could take weeks to calm down. Most likely you only have a temporary filling in now and it will only get as hard as chalk. This type of filling shouldn't bother your bite too much. If you have a permanent filling or a crown in the tooth already you may need a bite adjustment. Call your dentist tomorrow and I am sure they will address your concerns.



answers from San Francisco on

It maybe wasn't filed down enough affecting your bite which can cause pain. This happened to me and I couldn't eat on that side until I went back and had it smoothed down some more.

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