"Ten Rules for a Flat Stomach"???

Updated on July 31, 2008
T.J. asks from Frisco, TX
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I was reading the sponsor list at the bottom of today's Mamasource email and clicked on the link. Ok, so it sounds good but...really?? It talks about eating a certain combination of foods for a certain number of days and then mixing it up with a new combination to "confuse" your metabolism. Anyway, you have to pay for the plan on their website to get anymore info on it. Just wondering if anyone has done that and what they thought about it. I really only have 10 pounds to lose but it is so hard!! (And I know I'll hear from another Mamasource friend of mine who is immediately going to respond and tell me the Number 1 rule is to stay away from Marble Slab...and I am, really!!)

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answers from Dallas on

T.,I tried this "food plan" and lost 25lbs in a month-this is the same "food plan"that L.A.Looks use to use.I spent $300 going to this place.I was able to keep the motivation up for a month-after that it got very difficult.I put my teenage daughter on it and she lost between 25 and 30 lbs.I had a friend who wanted to lose some weight and I told him about it and he lost a little more than us but he found it very easy to stick to even going out to eat is easy IF you know what you are allowed to eat and not eat.The secret is you are always eating and eating real food and that keeps you full.Now is the time to [diet] I hate that word! Because there is such good food out there with all the fresh veggies and fruit.If I can help you,I'll be more than happy to.[And you feel good on this plan] Good luck S. B

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answers from Dallas on

I bought this diet a few years ago. From what I remember, it was eh. That's the best I can say. It generates a "menu" for you each week, but there's no actual meals, it's just lists of foods you can eat. No rhyme or reason to them. Definitely a joyless diet. You select what you would eat from lists of veggies, fruits, dairies, and meat, and then it creates a daily lineup of what to eat. It's really just a low-fat, low-calorie diet, but they do the calorie shifting where you'll eat a lot of carb-type calories for a few days and then switch to a lot of protein-type calories. I didn't think it helped me much...granted, I have about 20-25 lbs to lose, not 10, so it may work for you. Just know that there's absolutely no way you could eat out or make a meal that everyone could eat when on this diet. It's not expensive, and once you buy it you can go back and use it whenever, so those are some positives.

Good luck with the weight loss...I'm right there with ya...haven't had ice cream in 500 years or something like that. Booooo for baby weight. :)



answers from Abilene on

OK...I know that you were asking about something in particular here...I saw that link...i know that there are certain foods with used in conjunction with others will help you lose weight....not sure about giving you a flat stomach...that comes with excercise...anyhow...there is an awesome website that is FREE completly...sparkpeople.com...it gives you everything...nutrition tracker and calorie counter...strength excercises and cardio...as well as how many calories you burn with cardio...there are forums and other people you can talk to that are doing the same thing you are....kinda like a myspace for people who are wanting to become healthier....it is AWESOME that they offer this for free...there are other places much like this that cost....it has helped me lose 11 pounds ...let me know if anyone checks it out what they think!!



answers from Lubbock on

That's funny - I clicked on that ad, too, but didn't really check it out. Weight Watchers is fantastic if you can stick to it - they have a few different meal plans now and are relatively easy to follow. If you only have 10 pounds to lose, that might be an option, then you might want to work on some sort of ab exercises to tone the muscles underneath - if you still have a little tummy it may never fully go away unless you lose more weight (I don't know how thin you are) - and any expert will tell you you can't "spot reduce" by doing abwork. If you have the money and truly want a FLAT stomach, invest in a personal trainer - they can put you on the right track and you can go from there - they should also be able to tell you if the diet for the "Flat Stomach" plan is bogus or not. I would imagine most dieticians/nutritionists worth their salt will tell you a balanced diet is best. Walking and Yoga are good for strengthening all your muscles, too, including the tummy. The internet is a wealth of information, but I wouldn't follow the advice of some random site - go to someone reputable like Muscle and Fitness. Good luck! I wish you a flat stomach! :)



answers from Dallas on

I have not seen that particular one but the method they speak of works. The items are usually limited and a little strange.

The rule to a flat stomach is burning calories,which is cardio. YOu can walk fast for 30-45 min every day and cut back on your overall calorie intake, and you will lose weight.
If you want your stomach flat, wear one of the post pregnancy wraps while you do the cardio. Hold your stomach in a flexed position the entire time if possible.



answers from Tyler on

Again I'm here LOL , I have been on the Metabolic Research Diet Center , diet. It works. Yes you have to buy thier protein drinks. But it's worth it. You WILL see results. The first four days are the hardest and after that it begins to get easier. I have tried this diet before and successfully lost 5Olbs. I did gain 40 back but it was through my own laziness not the diet. I got into bad habbits and no exercise. I will tell you though the only way to keep the weight off that you loose is through smaller portion sizes ( drat those resturants!) and exercise. Bascially healthy lifestyle. I am on my last 10lbs and will start weight lifting soon to tone thsoe stomach muscels. I don't expect to have the flat stomach I had in my 20s ( I am now 51 :) but I WILL try for it. I am 5'8" and now weigh 145 and going down and am in a loose fitting size 10. There is a Metabolic Weight Loss Center in Tyler and in the DFW area. They will do long distance but I figure I do better if I can have face to face counseling. They never at anytime make you feel like you are not going to be successful and are always upbeat and positive and encouraging, I will say too that it is a Christian atmosphere. Good luck to all of you out there trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. You will feel better and your family will benefit from it also.



answers from Dallas on

if it's the diet for dummies thing, i can give you my password and login. I found it too hard to eat what they had on the list. Limited amount of items. But let me know if you want to try and I'll email you privately.




answers from Dallas on

I haven't tried this program but can tell you from personal experience (I successfully lost 40 pounds last year and have kept it off) that the key to weightloss is calories in vs. calories out. I used a free website for the first 6 months of my weightloss that helped me tremendously (and I still use it occasionally when I need a reminder). It's www.caloriecount.com. There are others out there that offer the same service, like calorieking, etc. Try looking at these and see if there's one you like more than the others. Calorie Count has free calculators and tools to help you determine how many calories you should eat per day to reach your goal. Keep in mind that it's harder to lose weight the closer you are to your goal and the losing will be slow (probably 1 pound every 10-14 days). Try not to weigh yourself more than once a week if you can. Good luck in your weightloss journey.



answers from Dallas on

not really sure about that diet I know if you eat 1200 calories a day but not less than 800 calories a day you will lose weight. I lost 40 puonds in 8 weeks just by counting calories after that I joined the gym and have lost 30 more pounds in the last 3 months. good luck that last 10 sucks! if it is abdomin where it is the roman chair and any gym is a great trick!

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