Ten Month Old Biting During Nursing

Updated on March 07, 2011
L.L. asks from Austin, MN
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My ten month old daughter has just begun to bite me while nursing. It isn't often (although she did it three times tonight), but it's weird. She doesn't nip...she bites down, and won't let go, and then pulls away...and I am trying to break her grip while she's basically trying to yank my nipple off!!

A few side points...she does not have any teeth, although her first bottom teeth SEEM to be coming in (hard to tell...I though they were coming in several months ago, and they didn't.) I do take her away immediately, give her a forceful NO, and end the feeding...but this doesn't seem to make a difference at all.

Also, she only does it on the left side.

Any suggestions? Or reasons why she might be doing it? How to get her to stop? I've already tried what's recommended...and it hasn't worked!

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answers from Minneapolis on

This may seem a little weird but to let get her to let go when she clamps down smoosh your boob into her face so she has to open her mouth to breathe. It happens really quickly and then you don't lose a nipple trying to pry it out of her mouth!

If she bites say "all done" and put her down. No matter what you don't want to react (if you want to keep on nursing). If you react it could send the wrong message about nursing, like you don't like it, it hurts, etc. My son did this and I did the boob smoosh and then would say "no biting, we are all done" and he got the hint!

One other thing, does she bite at the beginning or is she bored and just playing? My son used to bite when he was done and bored. Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

My first son did this to me. it hurt like the dickens.

I told him NO! the first time he did it - as he giggled when i said "OUCH!!!"

The next time he did it - i flicked his lip (NOT HARD!) and took the boob away. he TRIED to do it again and i told him that I would give him a bottle if he did that again and he stopped.

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answers from Omaha on

As I'm currently nursing my 5th baby, I can tell you that she is likely teething. There are a few ways to stop this. The one that works best for me is to pull the baby into your breast so her nose is plugged, then she is forced to pull off. At the same time you need to give her a very stern "NO BITE". She will get it and learn. I would also give her tylenol if you notice it more. See if that makes her nursing experience better and then you'll know it's teething.


answers from Tampa on

1st time: Sternly say "No biting" and take her off the breast and keep her off for 15 minutes.

2nd time: Sternly say "No biting" and take her off the breast and keep her off for 45 minutes.

3rd time: Sternly say "I said No biting" and take her off the breast and keep her off for 3 hours.

She will quickly learn that if she wants to nurse, she cannot bite. Be consistent, stern (don't yelp or make squeaky voices), and within 2-3 days it should be over. From then on, you may just have to remind her if she's daydreaming while nursing.



answers from Cleveland on

I would not overreact, because she might get a kick out of that. "When I bite mommy, she makes the funniest sound!" Even babies can put cause-effect together.

When my kids would bite me, I'd make a stern face and calmly say "no," then take the breast away and set them down in their crib and walk away. Give them a little "silent treatment," just for a minute. This stopped the biting immediately.

Between losing the breast, and losing mommy's attention as well....the baby will quickly learn to never bite again!



answers from Chicago on

Is your left side slower to let down or faster than the other -- seem to give more milk or less? That could be a reason. Maybe she likes the other side better :) This happened with my now 2 year old son when he was 10.5 mos. My one side was always quicker to let down, more powerful spray and more milk -- he hated the slower, less milk side. He had tons of teeth before that but didn't start to bite a lot till 10.5 mos. I had a ton of milk in the freezer so after enduring his biting with none of the normal NO, and other suggestions working, I quit nursing and continued pumping only for the next month and a half and transitioned him to milk at 12.5 mos. I was planning on that timeframe anyway so it worked out OK for us. If it is only the one side that she bites, you can continue to nurse just on 1 side and stop the other altogether (though you will be a bit lopsy for a while) -- I did it and so did a friend of mine (though she did it for mos 10-18... a lot longer than me).

Best wishes!

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